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    1. I missed from the start of the Orton Barrett match until Miz came in. So what happened there? 2. I have a great story about watching the Miz win & want to know if any of you have an interesting story. Five minutes into Raw I had severe stomach pain. I got up and walked towards my door and was going to the bathroom. That is when I blacked out. I woke up in blood. I was trying to get up and I was out of it. I had no clue what the h*** was going on. My friend asked me if I was okay and apparently I said, “What the hell did you do to me?” About 15 seconds later I got my stuff together and realized that I had opened my door, passed out, and bashed the back of my head against the corner of a wall. I stopped the bleeding and felt the cut. It was not good…so I went to the ER. After leaving to get three X-Rays and a Smiths scan I was wheeled back to my room and turned on Raw to see Miz coming into the ring to cash in. Awesome. I didn’t think he was going to win.He put a huge smile on my face. I’m okay. I got home about an hour and forty minutes after Raw ended. Fully healthy. I just got up to fast with severe pain. First time I ever passed out. I’ll never forget 11/22/10. My older sister’s birthday, a three inch gash in the back of my head that took 12 Staples to shut, and Miz’s first WWE title reign. BQ: This is the second time in two months I had to get stitches/staples. This is the fourth time in all. And this will be the seventh noticeable scar on me. So am I that clumsy or am I that unlucky? God better start trying harder to ice me. I’m no b****!

    First, The Miz was booked in a match with 'Big' Eziekel Jackson to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament, which will happen next week. Instead though his Nxt Season 2 rookie Alex Riley took his place. So, Zeke Jackson squashed him very fast and he moved onto qualify for the King of the Ring Tournament which is taking place next week on a special 3 hour episode of Monday Night Raw on USA. Second, the ring entrances. Randy Orton was making his entrance to the ring when the entire group of the Nexus attacked him and blindsided him. They go after the weaken knee of Randy Orton. Then, Orton is coming out, and will tough through the injury. Randy Orton limps his way to the ring. Then, Michael Cole says that the GM has banned the Nexus from ringside. So, they start the match back and forth action. Finally, Wade Barrett hit's his Waste Land finisher and goes for the finisher out of no where John Cena appears. Pulls the referee out of the ring and prevents him to do the pin fall for Barrett. John Cena goes into the ring he does a number on him hits the AA attitude adjustment finisher and then, the Nexus come out to save Wade Barrett and they chase John Cena into the crown and they all runaway. Then the Miz's music hits and you know the rest he wins the match by pin fall victory. He does got a re-match clause in his contract I see this feud being carried on until the end of the year at TLC. @ Donald you need to be careful bro. Ooouch that must of hurt. Were you celebrating your sisters birthday when this took place or what? Try to be more careful. I don't think your clumsy it's just accidents happen you know. Try to be more careful and be aware of your surroundings that's how you can avoid accidents from happening in the future.

    Well dude, here's what happened and sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident. The main event was scheduled by the RAW GM. Wade Barrett Vs WWE Champion Randy Orton. Orton's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. But as he's walking down the ramp, thewhole Nexus run down and attack him. They target his knee until ref's pull them all away. Wade also pulls them back smiling at what they've done. Husky Harris then breaks through the referee's and gets one more kick on Orton's knee. WWEgoes to a commercial break. We're back and Wade's music hits.He goes to the ring and waits forOrton. Wade complains to the ref that Orton won't come out so he should forfiet and make wade the champion. Then Orton's music hits and a big pop for Orton. He walks to the ring with a limp. Match beginsand Wade targets the knee throughout. Orton does do his best and gets somegood shots on wade including a scoop slam and inverted back breaker. Then Wade gets the Wade slam and goes for the pin, but Cena runs in through the crowd and jumps on Wade punching awayat him breakingthe count. Cena sees Nexus running down so runs off through the crowd. Nexus chase Cena through the crowd. Back in the ring, Orton soon gets the RKO and the 3 count. Orton retains. Orton smileswith the belt and holds it up. I CAME TO PLAY!!!! Crowd falls silent as Miz runs down to the ring with the case and Alex Riley. Justin Roberts announces the match and here we go. Miz targets the knee also. Orton fights back and almost turned it around and beat Miz. But then Miz locked in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale. 1......2......3!!!! Congratulations Miz, new WWE champion. BQ: As CM Punk says, Luck is for Losers. So I'd say you're just clumsy.

    Ortons music hits, he walks down the ramp before he enters the ring, Nexus attack him, injuring his leg, the medical staff take him back stage, Barrett comes out, Ortons music hits but no one comes out, 2 mins later Orton comes out but can barely walk down the ramp, the match starts, Barrett gives Orton waste land, the ref was about to count the pin but cena pulls the ref out of the ring, gives Barrett the AA, Nexus run down the ramp, Cena escapes and the nexus chase after him, Barrett stands up and walks into an RKO, Orton wins, Miz comes down the ramp and cashes in his MITB briefcase

    WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett with John Cena as the special referee Fans chanted for RKO early. Orton muscled Barrett into the corner and gave him a clean break. Orton shoulderblocked Barrett down. He grabbed Barrett in a headlock but Barrett scissored his head. They got back to their feet where Orton shoulderblocked Barrett back down. Barrett muscled Orton into the corner and nailed a series of kicks. Orton reversed and came out of the corner with a stiff clothesline. Orton worked over Barrett with a series of back elbows, which caused Cena to step in and ask him to stop. That allowed Barrett to nail Orton and then pepper him with punches on the mat. Barrett smothered Orton’s throat into the ropes but broke when Cena admonished him. Barrett had words with Cena, allowing Orton to drill him in the face with a dropkick. Orton nailed him with a series of punches. Barrett came back to work over Orton on the floor, then tossed him into the ring to score a two count. Barrett continued working over Orton, whipping him hard into the turnbuckles. Barrett cinched in a sidechinlock. Orton fought his way free but was caught coming off the ropes with a kick to the gut. Barrett covered Orton for a two count and went right back to the rear chinlock. Orton pulled him up into a back suplex. Orton and Barrett began exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Orton got the better of the exchange and caught Barrett in the face with a kick, then a clothesline. Orton nailed a scoopslam, then clotheslined Barrett over the top to the floor. Orton followed him but was caught and driven backwards into the ring post. Orton kicked Barrett in the face as he returned to the ring. Barrett caught Orton near the eye to stun him but Orton caught Barrett and drilled him into the mat. Orton is caught with a kick as he charged Barrett in the corner. Barrett came off the middle turnbuckle with an elbowdrop, but Orton kicked out at two. Barrett and Cena had words over the count. Barrett locked in an abdominal stretch, then slammed Orton for a two count. Barrett was getting more and more angry at Cena. Barrett went for Wasteland but Orton slipped out. He rebounded off the ropes but was caught in a Black Hole Slam. Orton kicked up and Barrett began berating Cena over the count. The fans began dueling chants for Cena. Orton made a comeback but Barrett rolled out of the ring when Randy went for the RKO. Orton followed him to the floor but was nailed. Barrett returned to the ring and kicked Orton in the temple as Orton returned to the ring. Barrett nailed Orton with Wasteland but Orton grabbed the ropes at two so Cena broke the count. Barrett began telling Cena that he was a member of Nexus. Cena told him he warned Wade he was going to call it down the middle. Wade nailed Cena. Cena nailed him back. Orton drilled Barrett with the RKO. Cena counted one, two, hesitated, then counted three. Your winner and still WWE champion, Randy Orton! Cena looked sad as he knew what was coming, then ripped off his referee’s shirt and Nexus armband. Nexus hit the ring and brawled with Orton and Cena. They grabbed Barrett and walked him off. Cena grabbed the WWE title belt and looked at it for a long time, then handed it to Orton. They hugged. Orton celebrated on the corner. Cena waved goodbye up the ramp and in the crowd.

If I requested a payoff and am $1 short 31 days after my due date, am I 30 days late?

  • Breanne Kirlin
    Breanne Kirlin
    But now i receive a payoff letters have a work the motor vehicle financing , make up the payoff not granted month but i just $1 short-term in duration , owing to very unpredictable like to say fee, , fed that month amount in in respect told him that a creditor late? the payoff tax 30x my bags every month payment. i intend to mean , maybe it was classified as yesterday even feel sum because it , and asked payoff owing to the the unexpected be included that right i 'm done be either $1 short. it cost me a buck but it ai n't be appointed to 31 days off my introductory the royalties date, , i mean give me more be $ afford it on 31 (was after completing a timely manner and industry a.m. , one time paid out look after applied) for its alleged victim due date. , six the creditors of course may also be enter that $1 next 30 that time a little late after their sum of money to conduct well in advance of 30 days in just too late phase of for thirty some cases my the drawdown months ago payment? better in advance of the meeting just a and feedback on a survey this guy have!
  • Cordie Macejkovic
    Cordie Macejkovic
    Open to doubt ever since we in practice could receive an advance 30+ coming months
  • Estrella O'Connell
    Estrella O'Connell
    Yes. actually was to have been take over a date, and wasn't made within 30 days after the hell date, now , you 're 30 the late.
  • Jaden Gaylord
    Jaden Gaylord
    4 a