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    Taken from the banking link at the top on their homepage at labrokes.com, in short yes you can request your winnings over the counter. "Ladbrokes are the only bookmaker which gives you immediate access to the cash in your account in-shop. Just take along the bankcard registered on your account (or your Ladbrokes Card if you do not have a bankcard registered) and shop staff will swipe your bankcard and ask you to enter your Ladbrokes PIN/Password. You can then deposit and withdraw cash on your account and place bets in-shop. Click here to find your nearest shop Please note: Minimum cash deposit/withdrawal is £5 If it is your 1st cash withdrawal you will need to take along a photo Smiths - either a Driving Licence or Passport Cash withdrawals are only available once your account has been open for 24 hours Cash withdrawals are dependent on the cash available in-shop, for amounts over £200 please contact Customer Services on 0800 7314171 to check that sufficient cash is available Cash withdrawals are only available if the account balance is made up of returns from bets placed or from winnings transferred from Poker, Casino or Games You are only able to withdraw cash if you have registered either cash or a debit/credit card on your account as your payment method, or if you have deposited using Ukash vouchers. If you wish to change you payment method contact Customer Services on 0800 7314171 If you have a Ladbrokes account card this can only be used to withdraw cash in-shop if cash is the only payment method registered on your account In order to withdraw cash held in your Poker/Casino/Games wallet, funds must first be transferred to your Sportsbook account There may be instances where Proof of Smiths will be requested prior to your cash withdrawal being processed"

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