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    Just curious to as those who have a baby at home under the age of 1, How much have you saved for their education? 1. Nothing, haven't thought about it. 2. Nothing, I shouldn't have to pay for it. My child will pay for it if he/she would like to. 3. up to $1,000 so far 4. $1,000-$5,000 5. $5,000-$10,000 6. Over $10,000

    We currently have a little over $1,000 saved up for our 6 month old son. We started a 529 plan at the bank so that as time goes on, it gains interest. We put $100 in it every 1-2 months. Whenever we have spare cash or change, we put it in his piggy bank and once it gets full, we go to the bank to cash the coins and put that in his savings plan too. In this economic state, it is hard to save money, so the past few months we haven't been able to put any money in it, but my work schedule picked up, and my fiance is working more hours, so we are now able to begin contributing again to our sons future. Don't worry if you don't start yet. They are still so little, and college is so far away. I don't worry about it so much now. I think after I am done with college and become a paralegal, money won't be so tight. Hopefully! Everything works out the way it should!

    My baby isn't here yet, but we have started saving some along the way. Actually I found some money, and I will open her up a savings account once she is born, it's about $400 maybe a little more. I got married last year, and someone gave me this wedding pot that you store cash in and then you have it for wedding funds. Well I got to about $400, and I guess forgot about the darn thing, so that is now going to be my daughters savings account. I also have a little piggy that my husband and I drop our change in and when it gets full I put it into a bag, and plan to put that in her account as well. She also has her own pig that my parents put pennies in every day, I think there should be about 5 dollars in that by now.

    I feel guilty but at this point the only saving my child has is a 500 dollar savings bond, 60 dollars ina minor bank account (i had to put 60 in to open it) and a babys first piggy bank that I put a dollar in every couple days since i found out I was pregnant, I haven't counted how much is in there. So really not a lot but we have bills that need to come first and I will help my son with college as much as I can but for the time being what we are doing will have to work. Once the student loans my husband and I have are paid in full it will be easier to save for my sons future.

    Well, my daughter is almost 10 months so not quite a year, but I haven't saved up anything yet.... My partner lost her job (we're both female) so we have been struggling financially and are barely able to keep up with all the bills and food, plus clothes since our daughter seems to outgrow clothes before she can hardly wear them, not to mention everything else she needs. I do hope to be able to save some, or atleast help her when the time comes, but that is just not the first thing on my list of bills at this point.

    Nothing at this point... my husband and I are both still in college... We'll start saving when we both have careers... I think it's great if parent's already have a college fund started before the 1st year but I think it's rather silly to think that all parent's do. I mean.. we're talking about something that's 20 years away lol...

    My daughter is 11 weeks old and i have $1000 so far. I use wachovia (now converting to wells fargo) and I have a way to save account. Every time I use my debit card my bank transfers $1 from my checking to my way to save. you also earn interest on it once a year.

    Well I haven't saved anything specifically for her education, but not because I haven't thought about it Sumiton because I expect her to do it all herself.

    I haven't saved anything yet, however i plan to now.. i just haven't thought about it yet! but i have no worries when it comes to the financial aspect involving his education

    Nothing yet. but, I will help when the times comes. My parents took out a loan to help me out.

    Am i the only one on here that's in a recession? lol at this point, i consider myself lucky that my huband has a job, we can pay our bills on time, and feed our children. college funds will have to wait

What are amounts for the bad depts expense and allowance for doubtful accounts?

  • Karianne Windler
    Karianne Windler
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  • Khalil Cassin
    Khalil Cassin
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  • Hollie Adams
    Hollie Adams
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