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    So, I work at Dairy Queen, it's my 1st job. I'm a junior in high school. I have been working at DQ sense early March, but things aren't going so swell!! I flat out hate my job. I never work over 15 hours a week; this job is barely getting me by because I pay for my own insurance & gas. I am no longer in training yet I do not know how our cash register works. I have asked my manager to teach me several times & he kept putting it off. About two weeks ago he was b*tching at me for not knowing how it works... Which isn't my fault? I have been trying hard to maintain this job until i get another but I just don't know if can take this much longer!! They are only working me on weekends & I have a life too ya know, I shouldn't have to work every single weekend. Should I quit NOW? Or try to hold on as long as possible? I am worried if I quit, I wont get another job right away. What should I do? I live in western WA, there is quit a bit of work here. There is always job openings, so I feel a better job will come eventually.

    I think it's cool you have a job because most people your age don't and don't even want a job. I live in western Sumiton also, we might live close. Lol I live in Puyallup and I just got a job at Lowes a week ago and it's pretty cool, I'm still learning everything and we(the new hires) are getting 40 hours every week. I think that's really good because most retail jobs don't hire you at 40 hours a week, right now we are all seasonal full time but after August we can get hired on most likely permanent part time and a pay raise. When you turn 18 you should apply to Lowes although right now they are done hiring so you would have to apply this October when it gets busy again. You know you should keep your job because at least you know you are getting a paycheck every week or every two weeks however you get paid over there and that's a good thing. Also you have only been there for 2 months so give it some time before expecting to get more hours. My first job was at Fred Meyer in downtown Puyallup when I was 18 and I was only getting 12-25 hours a week, the average being 15-20 hours and it was mostly because I was still in high school and they legally can't work you over 20 hours a week when you are in school but as soon as summer hit I was getting a lot more hours so that most likely will happen with you. Just let them know you are out of school and would like to pick up some more hours and after some time you should get more hours and maybe start to like your job. Also they should have showed you how to use the cash register by now but even when I started at Fred Meyer they didn't show me until I got hired on which was 3 months later so maybe they are doing the same for you. If you really hate it that much though you should quit but only after you get another job because jobs are really hard to get in this economy and a lot of people are looking for work. You should apply to grocery stores and any other retail stores in your area, it beats any fast food restaurant including Dairy Queen. Also retail tends to give more hours and better pay so apply everywhere and make sure to call back after 1 week of filling out your application to check on the status and to see if the position is filled. I've been working in retail off and on since I was 18, I'm now 23 and retail isn't too bad as long as you have fun co-workers but sometimes there are people you just won't get along with but always be friendly and professional with those people because you do have to see them at work every day so you wouldn't want to make it weird. Anyway I wish you luck and keep at it, everyone has a hard time at their first job, I know it took me awhile to get used to working at Fred Meyer, there were many times I wanted to quit but I stuck with it and ended up working there for 2 years, it was a great place to work.

    Sweetie, just remember that everyone starts somewhere. It may be tough, but having a job and paying for bills is something that everyone has to do and it takes sacrifices. As far as 15 hours goes your still in high school and legally very many more hours. If I were you, when not working or in school, I would faithfully be looking for another job. Take a few breaths at Dairy Queen and keep reminding yourself this job is temporarily. You should only quit when you have found another one. Like you said you may not get a job right away if you quit. Good luck!

    You can go without it if you feel that way. File a two week notice with them. Just explain how you feel about not getting enough and not getting support and not getting enough hours. Maybe they'll listen to you and finally help out.

    Before you quit..you should have started your training at another place of work. that way, you dont get stuck with no job at all.

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