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    I know this sounds like a really stupid question but i really dont know. I'm 16 and have had my bank card for just over a month and i have a few questions about using an ATM (cash machine) 1. How do i use it to take money out? 2. how do i use it to check my balance (the amount of money in my account)? 3. if i put my card it and put in the wrong pin because i cant remember it, will it eat my card or can i just remove it. (THAT'S MY BIGGEST FEAR!!) thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions:))

    Where are your parents!? Didn't you ever go to the ATM with your mother? A friend? Ask your mom to take you to the ATM and show you exactly what to do. You basically stick your card in the machine, or swipe it in the card reader; Then you enter your PIN; then you pick what you want to do: withraw, deposit, balance inquiry, transfer etc; To check your balance do the above, but choose INQUIRY or BALANCE INQUIRY (all machines have their own verbiage) If you put in the wrong PIN 3x I believe it may keep your card in the machine and you will have to go to the bank the next day to retrieve it Sylacauga it will lock you out of your account for 24 hours or until you go back into the bank and have them reset your card and PIN.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: How to use an Cash Machine in England??!?!? I know this sounds like a really stupid question but i really dont know. I'm 16 and have had my bank card for just over a month and i have a few questions about using an ATM (cash machine) 1. How do i use it to take money out? 2. how do i use it to check my balance (the amount of money in...

    Go in a bank branch and ask a member of staff at the Customer Info desk to show you how to use the ATM. It is what Customer Service people are paid for - to answer your questions

What will happen if I stop payment on a check for repairs on vechicle?

  • Francesca Leffler
    Francesca Leffler
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  • Korbin Jakubowski
    Korbin Jakubowski
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  • Omer Gislason
    Omer Gislason
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  • Emely Haley
    Emely Haley
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  • Chyna Kassulke
    Chyna Kassulke
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  • Larissa Brekke
    Larissa Brekke
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  • Ismael Stracke
    Ismael Stracke
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  • Jacinto Von
    Jacinto Von
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  • Soledad Tromp
    Soledad Tromp
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  • Kelley Keebler
    Kelley Keebler
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  • Korey Cassin
    Korey Cassin
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  • Elenora Zieme
    Elenora Zieme
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