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    Hi, I'm a Dunkin' Donuts employee in the state of Sylacauga and I get paid 7.5 dollars an hour. My question is about the overtime pay. I'm a foreigner who just came to the US and I feel like my boss is using my limited knowledge for his advantage. So, 2 weeks ago...my boss paid me 80 hours in check and the other 4 hours which should be overtime in cash. I kinda got confused because he paid me some in check and some in cash and I had no idea what Overtime pay is. So, today was my payday again....he paid me 80 hours in check and 7 hours overtime in cash. He said the cash envelope has 70 bucks for 7 hours overtime. The envelope is still sealed since I'm planning on taking action if it turned out that he's stealing my labor. So, if it's overtime...shouldn't it be 11.25 an hour?? Why did he pay me what turns out to be 10 dollars an hour? Taxes maybe? But I think if he pays me in cash then it's under the table I assume. Since it's not recorded on paper unlike the check. So, I suppose he shouldn't even charge me taxes. I would like to know if this whole thing is fair or I'm being robbed. If I'm being robbed can u please assist me by telling me what I can do? I'm new here and I don't know a lot of things....Thanks!!

    You are right; your overtime rate is 11.25 (1.5 times 7.50). So 7 hours overtime should be 78.75. I don't know why he is paying the overtime in cash. He can certainly do that, but it is weird. And he should be giving you information on the envelope about how much income tax, FICA, and Medicare tax has been withheld, just as your paycheck does. You owe taxes on all wages, check or cash. If your boss is not taking out taxes and is caught, he will have to pay his share of the unpaid taxes, along with penalties, but the IRS will also go to each employee and assess taxes and penalties on any money paid but not reported as income. You can file an anonymous complaint with your state's department of labor and they will investigate and get your boss straightened out.

    Okay, you need to return to your work and give him back the cash. He cannot do that as it most likely won't be taxed (highly illegal). Do not confront him. Instead let him know a "mistake" was made. This will most likely keep you from loosing your job. If you file with a court they may decide to fire you because you are a liability. Good luck friend.

I have about 15 pay day loans Does anyone know how I can consolidate these loans?

  • Rocky Dare
    Rocky Dare
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    Lacey Lang
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  • Fanny Vandervort
    Fanny Vandervort
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    Kenneth Rau
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    Barrett Daniel
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    Fabian Hilpert
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