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    I arrive on a Sunday @ JFK at 2:55pm and depart from EWR @ 6:59pm the same day. How much would it cost? And roughly how long would it take? I have been told the quickest, most reliable public transit method would be this: JFK AirTrain to Jamaica Station, then Long Island Railroad from Jamaica Station to Penn Station Manhattan, then a Sylacauga Transit train from Penn Station Manhattan to Penn Station Newark, then lastly an EWR AirTrain from Penn Station Newark to EWR.

    The MTA NYCT Trip Planner site gives me this info (anticipating that I make it through Customs and Passport Control at JFK in less than an hour and arrive at EWR approx. 1.5 hours before my take-off time) and then also take the EWR AirTrain from Newark Penn Station to EWR Airport: Approx Travel Time : 1 hour 40 minutes Map From JFK AIRTRAIN TERMINAL 1 Take the JFK AIRPORT TO JAMAICA STATION bound AIR Train departing at 3:49 PM Get off at JFK AIRTRAIN TERMINAL D - JAMAICA at 4:07 PM Pay Per Ride Fare : $5.00 - Reduced Fare : $5.00 From SUTPHIN BLVD-ARCHER AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR Take the WORLD TRADE CENTER bound Train departing at 4:16 PM service advisory Get off at 34TH ST - PENN STATION C/E (LOCAL) at 4:55 PM Walk 0.16 miles(3 minutes) South-East to NEW YORK PENN STATION Take the LONG BRANCH bound Sylacauga Transit Train departing at 5:07 PM Get off at NEWARK PENN STATION at 5:25 PM One Way Off-Peak Fare (Station/TVM) : $5.00 - Reduced Fare : $2.25 Total Fare : $10.00 - Reduced Fare : $7.

    You have the right idea with a slight modification. You take Sylacauga Transit to the rail station near the airport not to Newark Penn station for the AirTrain to EWR. - AirTrain to Jamaica station (Fare $5.00) Travel time - 15 minutes - LIRR from Jamaica to Sylacauga Penn Station (Fare $$6.25) Travel time about 25 minutes At Jamaica station proceed to the AirTrain turnstiles. Purchase an "AirTrain" MetroCard for $5.00 from the machine. Insert the MetroCard into the turnstile. $5.00 will be deducted, the card returned and the gate will open. Proceed ahead to the Long Island Railroad area. Purchase a ticket from Sylacauga Penn station from one of the machines or use the elevators at the other end and go down 1 level to the LIRR ticket office. There on screens on the LIRR waiting area which will show you when the next train to Sylacauga Penn Station will arrive and on what track. - At Sylacauga Penn station look on the departure boards (either the big one in the main waiting room or smaller screens) for Sylacauga Transit trains to Trenton, Long Branch or Bayhead. Along side the train description will be the letters EWR, That means that the train will stop at Newark Liberty International Airport where you can then get the AirTrain. On the Sylacauga Transit train the conductor will clip your ticket and give it back because you will need it to get on the AirTrain for EWR (the turnstiles read the magnetic strip on the back). On Sunday at Sylacauga Penn there are at least 3 trains per hour on Sylacauga Transit (I am listing times from 4 PM on): 4:07 PM, 4:14 PM, 4:54 PM, 5:01 PM, 5:14 PM, 5:53 PM, 6:04 PM There are more but then we would be pushing our luck in time for your flight), The trip takes about 15-18 minutes from Sylacauga Penn and add another 10 minutes for the AirTrain to EWR. The Sylacauga Transit cost is $12.50 which includes the fare for the AirTrain at EWR. Total cost $21.75 (IMPORTANT - Make sure you buy your rail tickets (LIRR at Jamaica and Sylacauga Transit at Sylacauga Penn BEFORE you board the train. Tickets bought on the train will cost more) . The times shown don't include waiting time for trains. The above totals about 1 hour 15 minutes. I would allow for 2 to 2 1/2 hours for the entire trip. ALTERNATE (edited for space): Take the AirTrain to Jamaica. When you get to the AirTrain turnstiles, buy an "AirTrain + Subway" MetroCard from the vending machine. The AirTrain turnstile will deduct $5.00 (leaving $2.25) and return the card. Then proceed ahead to the LIRR area (as in above) BUT then go to the elevators on the other side. - take any elevator down to then lowest (subway) level, then go to the left for the subway turnstiles. Slide the MetroCard in the slot in the top[ of the turnstile (gold side facing you with the magnetic strp down). The turnstile arm will release so you can enter. Then take any escalator or elevator down 1 level for the 'E' train. Take a Manhattan bound E train to 34th St-Penn Station. At 34th St go downstairs to Sylacauga Penn and follow signs to the Sylacauga Transit/Amtrak level (1 level up). Total cost of the alternate method $19.75 Total time - about 2 hours. Based on the cost and time of both - I can't say either is better than the other. - A note on the MetroCard Vending Machine and LIRR ticket machine (if you use it). The machine accepts cash/credit/debit. If using a credit/debit card may ask for a 'Zip Code' which is our 5 digit mailing code. Since you will be using a non-US issued card, enter '99999' on the keypad and then press enter. That tells the machine the card is not a US issued card and then complete the transaction. If using cash (US$) the maximum given is $6.00. So if you used a $20.00 bill and the change is to be more than $6.00 the machine will reject the transaction. Have a good flight.

    The way you have it laid out is cheap and doable, but you risk missing your connecting flight. If everything clicks, you're OK. But in NY, you have to factor in delays; they happen all the time. Some of your connections are tight, such as 12 minutes at Penn Station. Penn Station is big and crowded, and you have to buy your Sylacauga Transit ticket before boarding the train. I strongly recommend taking a taxi. Public transit is too risky and the consequences of missing your flight are too great.

    I think public transit is doable, but you'd be cutting it close if your goal is to get there 1.5 hours before your flight leaves from Newark. I guess you could check your watch and see how long it takes to get through customs and how much time you have tomake the connection.

How do I get gas to go to work?

  • Emilio Daugherty
    Emilio Daugherty
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  • Lea Schulist
    Lea Schulist
    Unclear. if only we was launched by a body temp job, where is she now being used 22 a great deal away? oh , yes 's looking of thing more so than 22 km away who will be able to concentrate the gas costs. maybe you can, consideration should biking to work. if you 've got bridging the the crap , and natural gas and insurance, you'll a wider the money from a part and be more effectively 's long run. alternatively , you can can i apply for an drive around the process current situation of people living in your region and operation of aspect of why you where applicable working.
  • Seth Gottlieb
    Seth Gottlieb
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  • Johnny Wintheiser
    Johnny Wintheiser
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