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    I'm a college student on a budget and this will be (hopefully) my first bike My local dealer is selling "08" Ninja 250r's for 3799.00$ If I have cash in hand how low could I go for an out the door price, all taxes etc. included? Would 3500.00 be possible if I stood firm, or could I go lower. also the dealer has an 07 ninja 250r for 3199 (brand new) like the question before how low could I go in price with cash in hand? I don't know if this matters but I live in a smaller town 30-40k people and are a couple of hours from any city remotely bigger than mine Would it be worth going for the 07 or sticking with the 08 if I plan on putting a considerable amount of miles on either over the next couple of years.? From what I understand theres no difference in performance, just looks. I would be using the bike as a commuter, about 60-70 miles a day. The MPG is the same on the 07's compared to 08's correct? I really appreciate any help, hopefully I'll be able to join the proud 250r owners!!

    You've already got answers on the price but I have a few things for you to think about. 1) why do you need a brand new bike for your first ride? and I hope you know you can get something much nicer maybe just a few years older (R6 GSX-R600 CBR). I'm in college too, and I can more than understand money is tight, so why would you get something new if money is a problem? 2) don't forget about insurance and protection, these cost you much more than you think, although insurance on a 250 shouldn't be too bad. 3) Realize that 99% of new riders at the very least drop their bike within the first few months, again, why buy something new for your first? just something to think about, good luck. oh, and I sure hope your not planning on much interstate time with a 250

    According to the Kawasaki website ( ), the MSRP on a 2008 Ninja 250r is $3599, so your dealer is overpricing his bikes. Since there's really no significant difference between the 07 and 08 models, I'd go for the 07 bike at his discounted price, and get the dealer to throw in a new helmet and a motorcycle jacket. A dealer is more likely to give away merchandise than cut his cash profits any more.

    JetDoc is mistaken the 2008 is very different in appearance than the 07 2008 model is the green one,has a much more sportier appearance than 07 I would go for the 08 at $3.500.00 out the door. I am sure that you would not have a problem selling it when you upgrade. Good luck

    The msrp price on a 07 ninja is 2999 so try to lower that a little the 08 is lower too its price is 3499....id go for the 07

    Russian cbr where did you get ur 08 ninja for $2999 out the door? im seeking to get same bike within this week...need to find a good store..asap

    I totally beieve that $3,500 would be reasonable. and sometimes when you buy something on the lot, they always have a "stocking fee" or something stupid for that vehicle. aka like 100 bucks or so extra. so when you buy something and get it down to 3500, it could go back in random stupid fees. anyway, cash talks, and boy does it talk. you could go in there, to test the water, and be like, i have 3,300 cash on me. lets make a deal. if they say no, go home for day, give your phone number ..... ive gotten calls as i drive away from people saying that they would do that deal. somtimes they think you wont walk. so just be strong. just be like, i simply dont have that kind of money or something. dont go in there and act like you really really really really want the bike, theyll know they can keep it. make them feel like you dont need it but want it. hell,, lie and tell them that you have a car and looking for a "toy". and $$ talks, playa ..... $$ talks .....

    In Sylacauga ey have 08 250r OTD $2999

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