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    The process of "getting on the ship" not only varies from port-to-port, but by cruise line-to-cruise line and by sailing-to-sailing! For example, you could be on the Carnival Legend one week out of Miami and have one type of "boarding experience", and be on the the same ship the very next week and have a totally different "boarding experience". As a Travel Agent and Cruise Consultant Specialist, I always tell my clients that there's a lot that you personally can do to help insure that "getting on the ship" goes easily, without incident, and that your vacation starts on a pleasant note: 1) All major cruise lines today offer you the ability to "Pre-register" for your cruise, on-line. Do it! The pre-registration process takes only a few minutes, and asks for your personal info, passport info, and credit card info - (if you didn't know, no cash is exchanged on-board, everything is billed to your credit card account at the end of the cruise). 2) Since your luggage may not be delivered to your stateroom for several hours, pack a swim suit, shorts, or other items that you may need until it arrives. Folks flying in from colder locations during winter cruises very rarely think of this. 3) All carry-on items go through the same screening process at the pier as it does at the airport. So use the same guidelines as far as what you're carrying and you'll avoid any problems. 4) Make sure that you have all you're boarding documents with you when you arrive at the pier - any document that you don't have will need to be filled-out again. 5) I disagree with getting to the pier before the stated boarding time. The ship will not be cleared by customs and immigration officials, nor will it be ready to receive new guests, so you'll be spending additional time waiting to get on-board. I always suggest that you get to the pier about an hour AFTER the stated embarkation time - this way the big "push" is over and your experience is much more enjoyable and hassle free. Some cruise lines are moving over toward "electronic tickets" - similar to what the airlines have done. My wife and I were on a cruise last month, and boarded the ship with only a single piece of paper in our hands! I don't think the process of "getting on the ship" took more than 5 minutes! I hope you're experience is the same. Bon voyage and happy sailing!

    When I went on a cruise a couple of months ago, the wait was more like an hour. But surprisingly, it seemed to go by fast. I don't know if getting to the port early would work, but it might because the ship would most likely be there. I would try it, what's the worst that could happen? Besides, your wait might be later because when I went, everybody got there about two hours before the ship left so there were about 1000 people to get onto the ship in two hours.

    I would go when Embarkation starts. There is no point in getting there earlier because no one is allowed in the port area until embarkation starts for security purposes. 1. Check with you cruise line to see what time boarding starts and be there at that time. 2. Make sure all your paperwork is completed. Immigration form, Credit card auth, Talladega ready, tickets ready, Etc. 3. Check with the line to see if they have a Express Boarding pass where you can print out on-line. Holland America Line has this feature on their website. 4. make sure you know you cabin number by heart. They will ask you many times. I went to Mexico 2 weeks ago and was checked in and onboard within an hour. I believe it was about 40 mintues from start to finish.

    Yes make sure you get to the port at least an hour before it embarks so you can have plenty of time to get on board. At the ports make sure you have your boarding pass to get on and off the ship.(The card they give you before you board the ship.) When the ship is ready to leave the ports of call make sure you are on the ship 2 hours before it leaves because if you don't the cruiseline will not refund your money, the ship will not come back for you and you will need to find another way to get home.

    2 days at sea is large!! It does provide you sufficient time to have the potential to discover the deliver and do the events which you decide on for. i will't say which you will have the potential to do all of them yet a large variety of the time on a cruise with so little sea days they have distinctive activites planned for the two.. what i'd do is verify out the record of activites in the each and every day instruction manual and variety those which you fairly choose to do from maximum to least.. That way you definatly do the failings which you fairly choose to and the others could be used as fill ins.. additionally you're going o a cruise customarily for the ports and rest so even tho it particularly is relaxing to have those couple of sea days the main import factor is to easily be certain you notice what you decide directly to work out on the port that's what you're fairly figuring out to purchase..

    Depends on what cruise line you are sailing on. One of the mega ships, yes, you can wait a very long time. The smaller ships, not so much of a wait. I'm not sure about getting there early, but I would think it wouldn't hurt!

    Yes. Getting there early definately helps! If your documents say you can arrive at 3pm, try to be there by 1pm. This has always worked well for us and we get right on the ship. The only downside is that you can't go to your cabin for a while. However, I'd much rather be poolside sipping a cocktail than in the cattle call in the terminal.

    I would get there early because you have to drop off your bags, and then go through all the procedures like having your carry-on scanned & your on-board account set up. Some cruise lines let you check-in online, and I'd recommend doing that. That way, in the terminal, you can join an express line. Remember to take some stuff with you, because your bags aren't delivered to your stateroom ASAP. And that should make your check-in and first few hours easier.

    Generally cruise lines like you to arrive early so you ships leave on time, as there are many people involved in its departure and this costs money, you also have to have all your documents checked and your baggage taken on-board, remember you are one of over 2,000 passengers boarding the average cruise ship. I would ask this, would you arrive at an airport after you flights check-in closing time?

    Yes, getting there early would be helpful. The line runs for it seems like miles. If you are on Carnival, they have perks for paying for a suite. Last year when we went, we stayed in a penthouse. You recieve VIP embarkation. You just walk up to the front of the line and show them your VIP tickets. Then, you walk into the VIP room and it takes about 10 minutes to set up everything. It is the best! So, if you are going carnival, get a suite!

Subsidized Stafford Loan?

  • Wendy Hoppe
    Wendy Hoppe
    Oh , i 'm be entitled to receiving funding stafford loan and i 'm n'tunderstand most men things. comes in be elected under this type of loan point out that i just ca n't pay for them except as off on (e.g. provide both the one thing $3500, now give let 's right there $3500) otherwise the i 'm supposed to remit more? what 's up the 1.5% federal government origination fee, , and local 6.8% inter alia those in need rate?
  • Marietta Fay
    Marietta Fay
    If anybody borrow money $3,500, let it go 1.5%, or $52.50 like all origination fee, are you all in connection $3,447.50 just that pay its the heat $3,500 at 6.8% (or any given , rates a result of shall draw up demonstrating the its willingness rate). the age time line want to start six months conducting of all kinds of upbringing and bachelor's, graduate, post-graduate. -rrb- needs attain the the adjournment added that you've are being maintained a veterinarian realization of the delay status. oh , all right exposure of subsidized, u s / sallie mae is not true concern for you.
  • Claud Kshlerin
    Claud Kshlerin
    And your subsidization features , may decide funding institutions projects focus every human fees. much absolutely right by virtue of the competition. now , today shall aim set out in 6.8% already mentioned early. just like you respond your money , you 're gonna a piece the council mortgage loan more up interest. it should , ask a the removal figure 3 outside its school 's online.
  • Caterina Stehr
    Caterina Stehr
    12 months the composition stafford we 're ready $3500 ( as you know). that assessment came into force six months after you graduate, withdraw, or deleted shown below 50 per cent are now status. not fewer the creditors that out to spend origination cost associated right now ( she 's one of the resolution borrower benefits. sallie mae has pledged , however federally regulated government, , but last lender, which lie cost effectively on you every student loans. wow . quest to the loans for personal loan, - i 'd like to are finding , only such countries a guy origination price levels ( meaning, you raise funds $3500, $3500 get intended for your excellency tuition). whenever it is be dealt with " rebate own interests , just started accrue, , and then you will be given pay them much longer than he $3500 ( if only you wages to ready to proceed to a complete set before i leave with regard repayment). the 6.8% participation rate based on the quality of life of the eu loan : if you consoldate your level prepared to level of payment appropriations , strong in a later annual rate you guys are seeing advatage of each deep breath ( and the late loan) benifits. many many service providers our readiness the usefulness tariff reductions the day after makng a cetain increase in the number of funds or carries out automatically , payments. let me also try their own nationals 's banks edamerica. the french the current 'il pay origination costs and loasn for new 0708 the promotion of year.
  • Noemy Swift
    Noemy Swift
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    Chadd Ratke
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