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    My little cousin really likes free realms and yesterday was his birthday so i bought him 2 1,000 station cash cards.he logged in normally like always,and he put in the code but it said the following "You have entered an incorrect code too many times. Please contact Technical Support to resolve this issue." i tried both of the codes of both cards many times.i made sure that the cash register guy scanned it,and that it has been more than 3 hours and i am so sure that i put the code in right.i would talk with a technical person thing but its sunday there are not open i would do live chat but it sunday and i cant until around 12:00 something. please help me and my cousin he really likes this game and i really don't want to talk with some technical guy there please what do i do. by the way he is going to use the station cash to buy membership.please all of his friends are going to get membership tomorrow or today and he does not want to be the only one with out membership please help him.

    Maybe the codes are invalid. You do need to contact sony, their live chat people are very nice. I was having trouble with an Talladega code before, too. The technical support guy was able to fix the problem for me. :D Hope this helps!

I inherited oil stocks from my step dad when he passed away. I have lost all of the info on who and how many?

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    Gretchen Morar
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