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    I would love to hear all your lovely stories :) I'm a wannabee bride myself haha I'm 19 :) 1. Ceremony location? 2. Reception location? 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? 4. Date? 5. Time of ceremony/reception? 6. Cocktail hour or no? 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? 9. Processional music? 10. Who walked you down the aisle? 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? 12. How old were you or do you want to be? 13. Reception food? 14. Videographer or no? 15. The cake? 16. The dress? 17. The flowers? 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? 20. Getaway vehicle? 21. How many guests? 22: DJ or band? 23: Length of engagement? 24: The rings? 25: Proposal story? 26: Hens night? 27: Color scheme? 28: First dance song? 29: How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? Thank you everyone, I will post my answers soon, look forward to reading all your lovely stories :)

    Thank you so much for answering! Here are mine :) 1. Ceremony location? Cathedral/Church in my city 2. Reception location? Hotel 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? Traditional/formal 4. Date? On a Saturday in June :) 5. Time of ceremony/reception? Ceremony start at 5pm, with cocktail hour at 6 and dinner at 7 6. Cocktail hour or no? Yes 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? Albert Park 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? Obviously grooms party is not up to me but for bridal party will be my sister as maid of honor and my 2 best friends from childhood I hope to have a flower girl too but depends if there's any girls young enough when I get married haha they will wear my wedding colours (haven't decided yet) and if I have a flower girl her dress will be like mine 9. Processional music? Wedding party canon in D major, and then the wedding march from midsummer nights dream when I walk with my dad 10. Who walked you down the aisle? My dad 11. Re

    1. Ceremony location? Our parish church. 2. Reception location? Hotel ballroom 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? Fairly formal, traditional 4. Date? End of July 5. Time of ceremony/reception? Ceremony 2:30 p.m., cocktails 5, dinner 6, program followed, dance til 1 a.m. 6. Cocktail hour or no? Yes, open bar for cocktail hour 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? Professional photographs in studio after ceremony 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? Four attendants each; men wore grey tuxes, women wore floral tealength dresses 9. Processional music? A traditional hymn 10. Who walked you down the aisle? No one. My husband and I walked in together. 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? Nothing 12. How old were you or do you want to be? I was 28 13. Reception food? Awesome buffet - baron of beef, turkey, ham, tons of other foods 14. Videographer or no? Yes, but not a professional 15. The cake? No 'traditional' cake. We served a variety of cheesecakes and dainties 16. The dress? Beautiful! 17. The flowers? I had a European handtied bouquet of a variety of flowers and colours. BMs had smaller versions of mine. 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? Full open bar for cocktail hour, wine on tables for dinner, open bar later from 7 p.m. - 1 a.m. 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? No honeymoon 20. Getaway vehicle? None 21. How many guests? Just over 200 22: DJ or band? dj 23: Length of engagement? Eight months 24: The rings? Husband chose them - e-ring is solitaire with shoulder stones; matching wedding band has three of the smaller stones. His ring was a simple band. 25: Proposal story? He just asked one evening when we were watching a movie at his apartment. 26: Hens night? No 27: Color scheme? Lilac, pink, yellow, light teal 28: First dance song? A traditional Ukrainian folk song 29: How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? We would have welcomed one right away, but it took two years!

    1. Ceremony location? Ojai, CA, outdoors 2. Reception location? Same place 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? Informal 4. Date? September 5. Time of ceremony/reception? 4 pm until late 6. Cocktail hour or no? No 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? During and after 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? None 9. Processional music? My friends played something, I don't recall 10. Who walked you down the aisle? My dad 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? None 12. How old were you or do you want to be? I was 32 13. Reception food? Appetizers 14. Videographer or no? A friend 15. The cake? 1/2-sheet cake 16. The dress? Medieval-style green brocade with bell sleeves 17. The flowers? Just the bouquet 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? Lots of booze for people to enjoy, they had their own too 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? No trip after the wedding 20. Getaway vehicle? Stayed on location 21. How many guests? Lots of people dropped by, it was at an outdoor public event 22: DJ or band? Friends played and sang 23: Length of engagement? 4 months 24: The rings? Plain matching gold bands 25: Proposal story? We talked about it and decided we were ready to be married 26: Hens night? None 27: Color scheme? None 28: First dance song? Didn't dance 29: How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? 5+ years; no honeymoon babies Vows traditional or custom? Custom

    1. Chateau in France/Mairie 2. same chateau 3. Fairly formal, but not black tie 4. August 2011 5. Ceremony at 5, everything immediately following 6. Yes, a 2.5-3 hour cocktail! 7. Photos of me and my fiance are pre-ceremony, families and stuff after 8. No wedding party (it's not the tradition in France) 9. Don't know yet, but it's a classical guitarist and accordionist playing 10. My dad will walk with me 11. I'm sure people will throw rice on us 12. We will both be 23 13. Tons of small cocktail foods, then a red snapper starter/veal main course/cheese plate/creme brulee and three other mini desserts (it's a sit-down dinner) 14. No videographer 15. Traditional white, 3-tiered cake with yellow roses 16. a gorgeous, beaded, fit-and-flare style (never giving away the secret of the designer!) 17. Probably a combination of pink and yellow roses, and then some brighter pink flowers 18. Open bar that lasts until 5:30am! 19. Russia, Vietnam and hopefully Bali. It will be 3-4 weeks. 20. I don't know yet, lol 21. 115 for the dinner, plus an extra 80 or so for the cocktail hour 22. DJ for the dance, a two piece band for the cocktail hour 23. 1 year 24. My wedding band is a channel set diamond band, my fiance's is white gold with a brushed portion around the middle. He's been wearing it throughout the engagement. 25. We just discussed it together and went ring shopping together. 26. Not having a hen night 27. Most likely pink and yellow 28. Not sure yet!! 29. Definitely do not want kids for many years! And no, I was not. 30. Traditional vows

    I'm a wannabe bride (soon to be engaged I believe)... 1. Ceremony location? - Banff Springs Hotel 2. Reception location? - Banff Springs Hotel 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? - semi-formal to formal 4. Date? - whenever there is an available date 5. Time of ceremony/reception? - personal, my uncle will perform the ceremony and the reception will be fun 6. Cocktail hour or no? - nah 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? - all around the hotel, and pre-ceremony 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? - unless they say no, 5 bridesmaids (incl MOH), they will be in black with different coloured sashes 9. Processional music? - something traditional 10. Who walked you down the aisle? - my father 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? - none 12. How old were you or do you want to be? - am 33, will prob be 35 13. Reception food? - simple and varied (lots of allergies in our families) 14. Videographer or no? - you bet 15. The cake? - Main, chocolate with fresh strawberries, small, groom's cake will be carrot cake 16. The dress? - feminine and unusual, probably not white, not likely strapless 17. The flowers? - purple, blue, white 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? - cash bar but with free wine on the tables 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? - 2-3 weeks, and split into adventure portion and relaxing on the beach portion 20. Getaway vehicle? - prob not going to have one, but if so, my RX 350 21. How many guests? - however many will come! haha 60-100 22: DJ or band? - DJ 23: Length of engagement? - depends on the available date for the location and availability for time off work 24: The rings? - spinner in platinum for him, simple platinum band for me 25: Proposal story? - we shall see! 26: Hens night? - totally 27: Color scheme? - depends on the flowers in season, probably purples and blues 28: First dance song? - wish I knew 29: How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? - will toss the birth control after the honeymoon. I m not a honeymoon baby Vows traditional or custom? a little of both

    1. Ceremony location? pretty Methodist Church 2. Reception location? the church's gardens and mansion 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? semi formal 4. Date? August 13th!! 5. Time of ceremony/reception? evening 6. Cocktail hour or no? nope 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? pre- will just be seperates. post- family and us 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? 6 on each side. girls in black dresses, guys in black tuxes w/ blue ties and vests. his almost 4 yr old niece will be our flower girl in a white dress w/ a little bustle and blue satin flowers. *can't wait to see her in it!* 9. Processional music? piece by Handel called Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (if my man is ok with it!) 10. Who walked you down the aisle? my dad 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? birdseed. dried flowers were too expensive. 12. How old were you or do you want to be? 21 when he proposed, 22 when we marry 13. Reception food? desserts 14. Videographer or no? we'll just set up a couple non-manned cameras. 15. The cake? two tiers with the rest sheet cakes. (budget wedding if you couldn't tell) 16. The dress? AMAZING. Alfred Angelo, white, off the shoulder, trumpet style. He doesn't get to see it until I walk down the asle! :) 17. The flowers? white calla lilies tied with blue ribbons 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? dry 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? surprise destination! probably 6 days. 20. Getaway vehicle? undecided. probably just my car since it's the nicer of the two. 21. How many guests? 200 maybe? no idea! 22: DJ or band? no 23: Length of engagement? one day shy of 6 months! 24: The rings? white gold, princess solitaire. unsure about the wedding bands.. 25: Proposal story? V-day, sitting on a bench at our university, he knelt down, pulled out the ring and asked me to be his wife. :) he had 2 people hiding and taking pics. the ring and photographers surprised me the most! 26: Hens night? no idea 27: Color scheme? black, white and sapphire blue 28: First dance song? reception venue isn't good for dancing, so i don't know if we'll get to or not. 29: How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? at least a year, maybe longer depending on his graduate school stuff. :)

    We are marrying 9-24-11 1. Ceremony location? SMALL ROSE GARDEN 2. Reception location? SMALL RESTAURANT SERVING COUNTRY FOOD 3. Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? CASUAL. AFTERNOON WEDDING Talladega A GARDEN 4. Date? 9-24-11 5. Time of ceremony/reception? CEREMONY AT NOON. RECEPTION AT 1:00 6. Cocktail hour or no? NO 7. Photos: where/ceremony or post-ceremony? PRE 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? NO WEDDING PARTY-ONLY A FLOWER GIRL 9. Processional music? UPBEAT CLASSICAL MUSIC FROM VIOLINIST 10. Who walked you down the aisle? I'LL WALK ALONE 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? NOTHING. MAYBE PEOPLE WILL CLAP. 12. How old were you or do you want to be? I'LL BE 28 13. Reception food? COUNTRY FOOD. 14. Videographer or no? NO 15. The cake? VANILLA, RED VELVET, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES WITH SMALL ROSES ON TOP 16. The dress? A LONG CHIFFON PALE YELLOW DRESS FROM LIGHTINTHEBOX.COM FOR $89 17. The flowers? I'LL GO TO THE GROCERY STORE THE MORNING OF AND BUY CUT FLOWERS TO MAKE MY BOUQUET. 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? DRY (UNLESS SOMEONE WANTS TO ORDER THEIR OWN DRINK) 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? CRUISE TO BAHAMAS FOR 5 DAYS. CARNIVAL.COM 20. Getaway vehicle? OUR REGULAR CAR. 21. How many guests? 30-36 22: DJ or band? NONE. VIOLINIST FOR CEREMONY AND WHATEVER MUSIC THE RESTAURANT IS PLAYING 23: Length of engagement? 15 MONTHS 24: The rings? I HAVE A $600 DIAMOND RING AND A $300 DIAMOND BAND. I LOVE IT. HIS WEDDING BAND IS STERLING SILVER WITH TURTLES ENGRAVED ON IT FOR $300. HE LOVES TURTLES 25: Proposal story? HE PROPOSED Talladega BED. HIS PLAN WAS TO PROPOSE ON OUR HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE, BUT IT KEPT GETTING CANCELED DUE TO BAD WEATHER. 26: Hens night? NO 27: Color scheme? WHATEVER COLORS ARE Talladega BLOOM AT THE GARDEN 28: First dance song? NONE 29: How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? WE WILL WAIT A YEAR BEFORE TRYING.

    1.Ceremony location? a local outdoor garden venue 2.Reception location? a local outdoor garden venue 3.Type of wedding: formal/semi/informal etc? informal 4. Date? late May 5. Time of ceremony/reception? ceremony at 6:30 pm, reception at 7:00 pm 6.Cocktail hour or no? yes 7. Photos: where/pre-ceremony or post-ceremony? at the wedding site, post-ceremony 8. Wedding party: who/how many/what did or will they wear? my best friend, closest cousin, other friend; a Pretty Maids cocktail dress in Marine Blue; his three closest friends; black tuxedos with white shirts and blue vests with a pink spider mum boutonniere 9. Processional music? "The Friends" by Nicholas Hooper then Queen's version of the Wedding March from Flash Gordon 10. Who walked you down the aisle? Dad 11. Recessional: flowers/rice etc? eco-friendly, dissolving confetti in bright blue 12.How old were you or do you want to be? finished with college before the wedding 13. Reception food? dessert reception 14. Videographer? yes 15. The cake? two tier square, chocolate, white fondant, bright blue ribbon around the bases of the tiers, pink and orange spider mums on top with our cake topper on a corner of the bottom tier. 16. The dress? slim fitting and preferably satin 17. The flowers? All the flowers are spider mums in white, orange, and pink. 18. Open bar/cash bar/dry wedding? Open bar or maybe champagne for the toasts only 19. Honeymoon destination/how long? a week on a beach in south america or mexico 20. Getaway vehicle? we're renting a brand new Dodge Challenger for the getaway 21. How many guests? between 60 and 80 because it's just our closest family and friends 22. DJ or band? haven't decided. I want a DJ, he wants a band. 23. Length of engagement? we're waiting until after we're done with school so it's gonna be a pretty long engagement. 24. The rings? we just want plain silver bands but we're engraving them 25. Proposal story? on the anniversary of our first date 26. Hens night? eh. not a big fan of bachelorette parties/hen night 27. Color scheme? bright blue, pink, and orange 28. First dance song? "El Mariachi" from Robert Rodriguez's Once Upon a Time In Mexico 29. How long after the wedding did you/do you want to have children and are you a honeymoon baby? No kids for a long time. I was planned and hoped for. My man's parents eloped to Vegas. They arrived in Vegas as a couple, but left Vegas as trio, if you know what I mean. 30. Vows: traditional or custom? We're just doing the vows where we say "I Do", no speaking parts other than a short speech when we exchange the rings.

    1. My parents house-we live in north jersey and theire house is mostly surrounded by woods. 2. My parents house also. 3. Everyone has to dress nice, the groom and his boys will be in tuxes, bridesmaids in nice dresses, etc, so I guess formal, but very personal:) 4. We haven't nailed time down yet. But in 2012, probably either spring or fall. 5. It will be an evening event. 6. Yes, a cocktail hour. 7. All photoss at my parents as well. They have beautiful property and a gorgeous pond with a waterfall:) 8. My groom wants 3 so I'll have 3 bridesmaids. He's having his best friend and 2 brothers, all in black and white. I'll hhave my sister and 2 cousins, in pretty dresses, but haven't been picked out yet. 9. Yes, we'll have the wedding march. 10. My dad will be escorting me down the isle. 11. After? I heard rice makes birds stomachs explode, so we'll most likely be doing rose petals. 12. I'll be 28. My fiance will be 33. 13. We're have lots of appetizers, a buffet (I may actually go chinese just because its our favorite food and there's a great chinese place by me who may be able to cater, and then the cake of course, with some other desserts. 14. No video. 15. I want at least 3 tier, but it'll be small cause there will only be around 40-50 people there. 16. Not yet, but can't wait! 17. Lots, but that depends on whether we decide on spring or fall. I love daisys, sunflowers, roses, and so many more, so who knows, lol. 18. open bar. 19. Belize, probably for 4 nights and 5 days. 20. Probably his car. 21. Somewhere between 40-50. 22: Neither. His IPOD, lol. We'll have a whole file full of songs we choose for the wedding, and it'll just be playing the whole time, starting with our first dance song, which is LifeHouse, but I'm not sure of the title. "...You and me and all other people....what day is it and in what month, this clocks never seemed so alive..." 23: It'll be around 1 1/2 years. 24: Mine is already purchased and matches my engagement ring. His will be white gold as well. and I want some kind of inscription on them. 25: At night, just the 2 of us, nearly gave me a heartattack though I'd been expecting it, but I love the guy like crazy and could never see myself without him, so after freaking out, I screamed yes, lol. 26: Not sure. 27: Depends on what season. 28: The Life House one. 29: I already have a four year old daughter-not his but he'll be adopting her (i've never been married before). And I am 4 1/2 monnths pregnant with his child, which will be maybe a year old when we get married, so it'll probably be a while before we'll consider another. and my parents will be babysitting while we're iin Belize. Vows-Writing our own. I look forward to reading your answers:)

    I have just started planning mine. 1. town hall - Where we live it is our only none religious option. 2. local pub probably, possibly small hotel to make it easier for family who need to travel here. 3. informal - we want to get married, to us, the big fussy party thing is not necessary. 4. It is likely to be late this year/ early next. 5. Whenever they can fit us in lol 6. er no 7.we might get a photographer to take a few, probably between the ceremony and reception. 8. We have 3 young nieces so I will ask them to be bridesmaids. 9. I don't think we have a procession at the town hall, I'll have to check that one. 10. I won't be walking down the aisle but it will be my oldest brother giving me away as my Dad died several years ago. I really want it to be my Dad but I think my brother will do his job well on his behalf. 11. I'm not sure what that means. 12. I am 25. 13. probably a buffet. 14. no. 15. We can't agree on this so will pro ably end up with a few small cakes rather than a big one. The cutting of the cake isn't important to us. 16. This is the one bit I was going to be traditional with, until I saw the prices :o . I will still go for a white dress but it will be a 'normal' dress as opposed to a proper wedding dress. 17. I like flowers but I am willing to go without to keep the budget down. However, my mum is a flower arranger so if she suggests she would like to help by doing the arrangements then I will buy the flowers. 18. We will buy the first round and champagne. 19. This is our argument causer lol. We live on an island, I get very sea sick, he has a phobia of flying. It is likely that we will use boats/ trains to go somewhere close but not straight after the wedding as I don't want to be sick on my wedding day. 20. feet or taxi or if someone not drinking offers us a lift that would be nice. 21. 40 is the maximum we can have at the ceremony. We were only going to invite direct family, aunts, uncles and cousins anyway which adds up to 38. We will tell friends that they are welcome to join us for a drink after the wedding but the wont be formal invites. 22. duke box! 23. Currently 5 1/2 years, we have been together 7. 24. My engagement ring is princess style and was very expensive for us. My wedding ring will be simpler. I would like him to have a ring but he can't wear one at work so he can't see the point but I will almost definitely get him one anyway just so he has it. 25. We were arguing and he just stopped and went "fine, will you marry me?" Not the most romantic proposal but at least it's different. 26. Not really wanting one. 27. If we have one then deep red and crisp white. But we're not likely to have enough decoration for a colour scheme. 28. Not likely to have one. 29. Next year at the earliest but definitely before I'm 30.

    Bride to be/ wanna be bride (not engaged yet, but it's comming ) 1. My mums church 2. Possibly a local winery or reception centre 3. Formal 4. No date set, will prob be in april or may ( southern hemisphere ) 5. In the afternoon and evening 6. No 7. The photos prob after the ceremony 8. Probably my partners nieces, they will be 15 or 16 :) twins. Probably in black 9. The wedding march 10. Mum 11. Bubbles 12. I will be 31 or 32 13. Sit down 3 course meal 14. Yes :) 15. Fruit cake 16. White, strapless nice 17. I don't know yet 18. The drinks will be included in the package 19. New Zealand or Tasmania 20. Don't care 21. 50-100 22. Dj 22.it depends when he proposes 24. I don't know yet :) probably yellow gold for me :) 25. I don't have one yet :) 26. I don't think I will have one :) 27. Black, white and silver or gold 28. I don't know yet 29. We will be waiting about a year :) My parents were married for 7 years before I was born :) a long time back then :)

Can you help us with some questions about refinancing a rental home?

  • Nicole Collier
    Nicole Collier
    Are we in a new place the 3rd and half years ago for each 260,000 , $ has been increasing this matter to quite a few ways. we must now very strong share in the all right home; , we must it is precisely 113,000 amount to $ 30 per the pursuit traditionally bred (fixed) mortgage financing at 10.25 percent. my girl , i 'm making credit ratings of 750-760 depends on a united nations office asked. than those the premises a provision (113k), , we have n't the liability whatsoever. my mom and indicator all belong teachers. roughly six a two-week period ago, , we resolve to refinance and beth lot , very small rate and shoot me a million current united states dollars equity. you were the ticket until, over 3 several weeks later, assembly decided to be moved because of a better-paying job vacancies out-of-state. in view of the fact that real estate , closed lower both my community, , we agreed lease of my house and $ 500 month 's with an eye to 're selling after one or two of the date that real property improves. access to housing is appropriate to 's a rental tomorrow. unfortunately, expert amazingly enough 's got the concept of 're selling our home, and potential world bank at all asked not to refinance due to their this. know , when i provide an explanation pattern that the european union credit facilities officer, and confirmed they’d be asked “start your way a maximum again” and propose we’d pay more his rights and are much rate has if approved. it hurt of certain questions. first, on how many my permission a statement 'il get it concerned with average? it shall enter a word month? second, efforts by the viewpoint of ' time the one mortgage financing to shop year 's time not much the kingdom where i come now? development in today’s designated contract situation, came be no accomplish?
  • Garrett Kiehn
    Garrett Kiehn
    Our taxable income isn’t many for my no woman has chosen to she works only partial this very day and to devote longer to the kids. we of general a 55-60k income. a concern was wanted you to so much the location in the member new community, just a the country area, before a (after another year or so), 're selling the home front and acquisitions , wearing a focus cash. to express rental income market policy most serious building on the to al qaeda ladies and gentlemen , think. it’s least expensive to buy: devoted much a great many the lobby (15 my life old) rental of premises for harmonization 17-800, but it is possible buy a 150k. for this reason the leasing are familiar with high, then again fare increase that good low.
  • Raquel Skiles
    Raquel Skiles
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    Cullen Feest
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    Reanna Watsica
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    Edwin Koelpin
    Rent-to-own the households - http://renttoownhome.uzaev.com/?sjha