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    I'm 19. Before I go on, nothing about me going to college, even if I took your advice (and I wouldn't) College won't start again till august, and I need advice for the now. So I still live with my folks because I can't get a job, I've applied and applied but in this rural area you gotta have connections and I didn't have many friends in high school and I don't have the connections needed. I have a car, and I smoke. My parents keep all this change under their bed. I've been sneaking and getting it for months now. Just enough for cigs, but if were out of pop I'll get some for that every now and then. I can't quit, tried that before. haha. I wouldnt even want to if I had the cash to buy em myself anyways. Thing is its started to add up how much I took from there. I get really really depressed being stuck here at home for so long (no I won't join the army, I don't plan on dying.) Anyhow I got REALLY depressed one day, and just Needed, literally needed to hang out with someone. All my friends have moved away, and my pal suggested I spend new years with him. So I called my mom on her cell, let her know I was staying with my cousin for a few days, and instead got 20$ in straight quarters and drove two hours to chill with my friend. I had some cash on a gift card at the time, and the walmart up there had a gas station (which is cool) so I ate food from walmart and filled up at walmart and came home on new years. either way. That was a bit of cash. and of Course this has been going on awhile, and I smoke a pack a day. Cheap cigs though, just about 2.30 a pack. Anyhow theres hardly any quarters left, and I knew after getting that $20 out that I'd hit the point where if They ever check that thing they'll know somes missing. They wrote down how much was in it somewhere. I dont know where. I had when I started taking from it, planned on having a job in a week or so, and I had planned on filling it back. The only thing is, I've come to realize just short of a mirical, I may not be able to get a job (I've tried everywhere in town, any further out, you dont make enough to afford the gas to get there, so people that have gotten jobs in those places wind up quitting, so they wont hire anyone from my town anyways. That's what a manager at a hotel the next town over told me anyhow.) So I'm at a loss. I dont think it matters wether I keep buying cigs with it now or not. I almost never get out any for gas. I just dont go anywheres, I hate getting money from there. My stepdad knows I dont have cash, and questions me everytime I go to the store, about how I paid for my smokes. I don't know what to do. Were having a lot of financial trouble and their gonna check the thing soon I suppose, as a last resort to pay off bills. They always do when they start getting low on cash (maybe if they didnt have to buy every sister brother niece nephew and cousin something for xmas they'd have a bit more) I dont know what to do. I'm in a bad enough shape mentally as it is. ( I know I have manic depression, and OCD, but they don't believe Depression is a disease, and I have no insurance and they can't afford doctor bills so I'm stuck with it on my own, dangerous as that is.) But yeah, I'd hate for them to take my car (they wont put it in my name until I can pay the insurance my self, which I cant do because I cant get a job, stupid economy) So I'm at a loss. Anything I should to be prepared for when they find out I've been taking money from there? Were talking probably more than a hundred bucks. But damn, I'm dying in this house. Ah any advise?

    Ah, I love how I always get the same things about getting a job, that I gotta go an apply apply apply, as if I don't already do that. I was planning to go Thursday but I was sick. You think theres odd jobs this time of year? Its freezing out, theres nothing people need doing. Even when it warms up I've tried the mowing grass route, no one around here wants a stranger mowing their grass, hell last summer I did mow a few yards, got $5 and was told not to come back (I'm god awful at mowing, and I've mowed my own yard since I was 10. ) I do Appriciate the answers though. But you that said I wasnt after a job as long as I knew where money was, your wrong. Back when I had money, I spent it all driving to different places looking for work. its pathetic. All my cash goes into job hunting.

    U answered a question of mine so i thought i would help you out too. first, try searching the couch cusions, there has to b some change in there and every cent counts lol, just start seaching for random pennies ro dimes or anything and wen u find it put it in the jar thing. if they ask you about it, just say that you have no idea. they may no that u did it and then blame u. just b ready for yelling. i would normally tell someone to stop smoking, but im not stupid and i know how hard it is, im 14 and dont smoke and dont plan to but lots of ppl ik do, and it can b really hard to quit. plus it sounds like you need somthing to keep u sane and as insane as i sound saying this smoking is probably just your way, mayb if you can, try cutting down to mayb 1 pack for 2 days, it will b hard and im not saying just do it in one day, work up to that. 2nd, its not nice to egg houses lol jk as for the money, u should try to find somewhere else to get the money (no i dont mean go out and rob some little kids lunch money) mayb ask a cousin or someone for a lown, tho the economy sucks so it may not happen. i say look around wen u go into parking lots (iv found $5 and $20's before on my way into stores) if u happen to find any dollars bill go cash it in for quarters or w.e and put half of the money back into your parents stash and half u keep to buy what you need. as for your depression, im going to say the same thing YOU said in my question :P try to find something that will keep your mind busy. try watching a movie, i get depressed to so i totally get what you are coming from and my parents refuse to believe that i have depression or stress so i get what you mean. but somtimes when i get super upset i will just grab a random movie and put it in try a comedy. also u can read a book it will keep your mind off of a lot. idk if you are big on reading (im not) but my friend got me this book called the Sea of Trolls, it was about $20 but the price has prob gone down since i got it like 2 years ago. it is like 400 pages and the beginning isnt the best, but the middle and end are like totally amazing, iv already read it twice bc it just takes me into a whole new world. and not to sound all nerdy (your words quote on quote) but playing games can help by learning a new skill, hand eye cordination. o and on my question you said that a kid got into your car bc he has some weird lock picing obsession, i sugest tell his fam. that he damaged your car or somthing and make a big deal and then they may have to pay fines, cha-ching $$ just saying im not like a thug or anything (some of my answers up above make me sound kinda bad) but yea. hope i helped somewhat

    Rough story, man. I don't really know what to tell you. I'm sure you've tried this before, but keep on trying to build connections; I'm sure your parents have to know at least a few people... even if they don't, there's got to be a few community events where you could advertise yourself. Its kinda your only option... As to the change, they might not notice, but if they do you don't really have much of a choice other than going clean. I'd emphasize how hard it is to get a job instead of your using the money to get cigs, though. Good luck

    Could it be because it's wrong? You need to get away from the mindset that whatever you do doesn't have consequences. Every single right and wrong thing you do has a consequence; God knows, the devil knows, and your conscience knows. It sounds like you have some sort of an addiction and needs counseling. Pay her back and make things right and vow to become a person you can respect. Good luck and life is worth living.

    You have a post full of excuses and none of them are very good ones. The fact is, (and you know it) as long as you know there is money available, your going to skip the job hunting and STEAL what you want from your parents savings. What if they need that for bills? There is always some where to make a few dollars. Look in the telephone book at the business and then come monday morning go apply at some of them if not all. Put an ad in the paper for work asking for odd jobs. Go to the lumber company's., WALMART and apply. When you pay them back, pay them double. If your cool with stealing from the people who are giving you a roof and food, your not worth much to yourself or them. You have lost their faith and trust in you and when they learn what you've done, they will also lose all respect. Stop being a baby about entertaining yourself. If this is your computer your using (which I doubt) sell it and pay them back. If you really are bothered about what you have done, you will find a way.

    Come clean, and forget the I.P. address threats. You couldn't track me or anyone else down if you tried. Come clean, and stop smoking pot until you can work to pay for it yourself. Consider growing it if you have to. (no i do not smoke pot, but I have nothing against it). You know what is right and what is not. Listen to yourself. When push comes to shove, 100 bucks isn't that much. Bill

    Well im 15 and what i do for money is. evry day i have work i walk 2 miles to my job ( and i live in cold @ss Talladega ) at price chopper ( a northern grocery store not sure if its in south ) so i work every like other day and walk home or every once in a while get a ride in the dark. so my point is just go out as far as u can go i guess and apply out there for a job.

    As far as the depression goes,check with your County health dept. you may qualify for counseling based on income. the stealing is probably a symptom of the depression. you know that you'll get caught,and the anxiety is driving you nuts. my advice? man up,tell your parents,face the consequences.

    You should come clean before they figure it out themselves. And explain everything you wrote here exactly to them. They should understand that you are going crazy in the house, etc.

    Don't get caught.

    Dude, finders keepers losers weepers, ur fine! but if ur caught.... and ther wer some cameras.... sucks for u lmao >.< try telin this 2 a counselor or someone helpful like them, call a hotline or something, dont wrry i think u'l do fine

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