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    Hey ppl.. need some advice from photographers or anyone w/ a business background.. I currently own a photography business, featuring glamour and headshots. I just started about a year ago. Well I offer fully compensated shoots, and I pay the models $400 cold hard cash for a 3 or 4 hour session (halfday work), well I've been running ads on modeling sites around the internet to recruit talent and get my name out there.. so I run ads, and I will get maybe 15-20 responses.. well I email them the requirements and send them to my portfolio site.. well after the initial email, I don't hear anything back from all of them usually, except maybe 1 or 2. I have worked with 102 models to date and have had great luck.. and just recently this has been going on as of like last month. Primarily the people that don't respond back are people from Craigslist (in Houston area) and local newspapers. Anyway, I clearly state the requirements in the ad, and they respond then I give them additional information and I do not hear anything back. Anyway this is hurting my recruitment, and any ideas on how to adjust this, let me know. I am paying these models good money, so I figured I'd be having better luck especially in this economy.

    Well...1 to 2 shows out of 15-20 responses is about average when dealing with models (especially wannabes). I do find the $100+/hour a little overpriced for unpublished "glamor" shots, especially when dealing with models who have minimal experience. According to the math...102 models X $400= $40,800 spent on models for a year or so, that's a nice budget you have. Nothing personal, but after 102 models...either you dried up the model market in your area Thomasville for whatever reason the market doesn't want to work for you. Without knowing what the "additional information" you send to them is, it is hard to give specifics. On a different note...There was a photographer around here that was paying higher than average rates, but he soon developed a reputation as a "creep" that was luring models in with the pay rate and would pester the models for "additional services" (wink wink) to "earn extra money". The word spread amongst models and he got "red flagged" and he just kind of dropped off the face of the earth.

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  • Wilber Tillman
    Wilber Tillman
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  • Kaylee Murray
    Kaylee Murray
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  • Stephania Hamill
    Stephania Hamill
  • Alana Steuber
    Alana Steuber
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  • Nayeli Abernathy
    Nayeli Abernathy
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  • Kaia Hilll
    Kaia Hilll
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  • Rhea Heller
    Rhea Heller
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  • Eldon Gaylord
    Eldon Gaylord
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    Jeramy Kirlin
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    Dangelo Wolff
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