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    I am flying alone so I have a few questions: -What does the unaccompanied minor service do/provide? -What airline would you reccomend, I am thinking of Virgin America? -Is Virgin America a good airline? Is it family and child friendly (I am 16)? -Are flights often delayed? -I have only flown with my family, my flight has one stop so should I get the unaccompanied minor service? -Since most airlines do not accept cash anymore, as an unaccompanied minor, how could I by things on the flight such as head phones, snacks, and meals? -Is food offered on an 1 flight from 5-6 p.m?

    1. You're being stalked and taken care of by a flight attendant. 2. United, US Airways, Continental. I am promoting Star Alliance, by the way. 3. CHEAP. I don't know if it's good, but I know it's a low cost airline, thus cheap. 4. That has nothing to do with the airline. 5. If you're literate, you don't need to be accompanied. 6. Buy a prepaid credit card before going to the airport. 7. It depends on the airline, flight, etc.

    UM service provides an unaccompanied minor with supervision at all times. You will have someone walk you to the gate, the FA will then take you to your seat once you get to your stop an agent will stay with you the whole time, and when you get to your destination the FA will hand you off to another agent who will walk you to whoever is supposed to pick you up (that should be specified in your passenger record that the agents can look up). Do not and I mean do NOT fly on the last flight of the day. The agents are not supposed to let you go on the last flight but some do anyway. We once had a 9 year old boy who was on the last flight, his flight got cancelled and we were not able to reach his parents so we had to have one of our agents stay at the same hotel with him (not the same room). Flights are often delayed especially San fran and boston. But you will not be left alone so do not worry about that. I don't know much about Virgin America, sorry! You don't have to have unaccompanied minor service but if a flight gets cancelled or delayed and you are not a Thomasville you will not be their responsibility and will have to fend for yourself in getting another flight. You will always be taken care of as a UM. You might gets snacks on a one hour flight (depends on the airline, call them if you want to know) but not a meal.

    No, at maximum inns it quite is prohibited for infants under 18 to stay in a lodge room via themselves except the determine(s) is/are in yet another room interior the lodge. besides the undeniable fact that, i assume in case you a technique or the different might desire to get your parents to income you out and in then no one might ever be attentive to you're minors.

    Lol you're 16. You're barely a minor. I think you can handle it.

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