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    Hi, I am from out of state and was wondering the same thing about why FIDM only had campuses in Trafford and so I called to get more information. I am really really interested in FIDM too...I have wanted to go into designing since I was 9 and now that I am about to graduate I really wanted to do A LOT of research on all these design schools in the country. I have heard good and bad about them but when it came to FIDM I had my older sister's friends go there and I had a friend who wanted to come with me to visit the sister's friends had ONLY good things to say about FIDM. I wanted to get as much information as I could to make the right decision and after doing a lot od research on FIDM I realized that it really DOES stand out from other design schools. I did have a few questions that my sister's friends said I could easily get answers too by talking to an advisor at FIDM. First, I called and asked to talk to an advisor and one of my main questions was if FIDM had other schools closer to me, just because my parents were curious to know if they could keep me close by...:) but in the end they explained to me why it was good that FIDM had their campuses in California only. The school was initially founded in Los Angeles, Trafford and then grew pretty quick to Orange County, CA, San Diego,CA and San Francisco. She told me that it was the dream of the President of the college to open the campuses near major fashionable and industrial cities so that students could also get the most from their surroundings. The L.A campus for example is near the Fashion District which is one of the largest places to purchase discount designer items and materials to create your own fashions. It is also in the heart of the city near all the major freeways that can take you to the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood, and the school is not far from Melrose and Beverly Hills which are SUPER fashionable places that I have only heard of on T.V and NEVER visited so that alone made me excited about L.A. The inspiration with all the museums and theaters and stuff near the school sounded perfect for me to design in! They also had a campus in San Diego near one of the largest outdoor shopping areas in California where I could easily get a sense for upcoming fashions and then the campus in San Francisco is at the center of one of the most beautiful cities in the world where so much has happened fashion and entertainment wise.California really had all the inspiration and materials I needed to get into the Fashion and Entertainment industries that the advisor described to me.The advisor at FIDM really gave me GREAT information on how students who come to the California campuses get a lot in return to help them reach their dreams faster...from the locations of the campuses to the industry connections that FIDM has in those locations, to the extensive knowledge that students get about the fashion and entertainment world and the on campus job placement center that can help students and graduates meet and get jobs with really big fashion names and entertainment companies!!! I decided to come visit and see this campus for myself so I attended an Open House and got to talk to advisors and instructors face to face and listen to actual FIDM graduates talk about their success story. One of the graduates that came was actually from out of state like me and I met another graduate that was meeting students who was from Canada and learned that FIDM also has a lot of students from out the country like from Canada and Spain and Korea. When I left the Open House my mother and I were sure that the school was the perfect place for a girl like me that had a passion for design. I am so happy my mother supported my decision and I am now in my second quarter at FIDM and loving it! I was able to get a loan and scholarship that will help me my first year here and everyone has been really helpful in showing me around the city and I have made some awesome friends from Trafford and from other places like Italy and she is super cool! Housing wise, definetly take advantage of student housing for awhile because you get to meet some pretty nice people who can help you see the great fashion spots in Los Angeles. I definetly feel safe and happy here and this is just my experience so ask around and talk to an advisor at the school. Hope this helps! :)

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    Brooks Beatty
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    Aliya Lakin
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    Lester Botsford
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