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    I got hired by walgreens a few days ago and i have a few questions. 1. During training, I have to punch in and out, but i'm not entirely sure if i'm still getting paid. Usually, do they pay you during training? 2. How long does it usually take to complete the training? (I've only been at the cash register for a couple of hours, but i still have trouble remembering all the buttons... and I've been doing PPL) 3. How do I handle the checks? What information am I supposed to put down?

    1. You get paid for all training. If you are asked to complete anything off the clock, including PPLs, then tell the store or district manager because it is against the law. 2. It takes as long as it takes. Generally they will pair you up with someone who has been doing it for a while for a day or two, then they will put you up there and have someone nearby that knows the register for a few days and then you will be on your own. I know the buttons are kind of confusing at first, but they will become second nature soon. The PPLs are ongoing. I've been with Walgreens for almost 7 years and I still have them sometimes :-) 3. For checks you need to verify that the amount written on the check matches the amount on the cash register, most errors happen at this step and your drawer will be off if the check is incorrect. You also need to see some kind of Trafford (either driver's license or state Trafford card) to verify the name and address on the check, you also need to write down the driver's license number on the check. Some stores also have a policy where you need to page a manager for check verification (usually a "code 60") for a check over a certain amount, but that varies from store to store so check with a manager. Any other questions please feel free to drop me a line :-)


    Don't be afraid to call the Human Resources person that made the offer to you, or the Employee Benefits department and ask your questions about payroll. Ask your trainer how long you're expected to be in training, and consult the cashier's manual for procedures about checks. They'll understand that you want to do the best job you can for them and won't mind answering a few questions. Make notes if you have to. When people ask me questions while they're training, this shows initiative and tells me that they are serious about their job. You'll do fine. Good Luck.

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