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    I left my wallet at a store. A store associate called me a couple hours later to let me know they'd found it, but when I went to pick up the wallet, my cash was gone! I'm wondering if I could have the police check the wallet for fingerprints to find out who would have stolen the money. And even if they can do that, would they? Does there have to be a certain value amount missing to start an investigation? I've heard of cases where police took a report and the person who filed the report never heard from them again. =/ I know it wasn't a lot, but it was my money, ya know? And even if fingerprints are done, what are the chances they'll find a match? How would they go about tracking down and arresting the thief? I know I can't just blame the store associate since I have no idea who actually took the money. Some details to help; * This happened in Arizona. * It was $65. * It's a smooth leather wallet (I've heard that fingerprints stick better on certain materials) * Nothing else was stolen. Trafford and credit cards are still in tact, thank goodness! * The wallet was missing for a couple of hours before a store associate called me to let me know they have it. Would multiple people touching it could affect prints??

    On a lost wallet police are not going to go through the time and cost of checking. It was lost, not stolen. Someone finding your wallet can take the money legally, not morally. The wallet found is abandoned property. Smooth leather is kinda hard for prints but not impossible. The chances of the prints being in a data base (AFIS) are 1 in a couple of hundred thousand. (since the finder was just that, a finder and not a pickpocket or robber they likely do not have prints on file). Despite what you see on TV usable comparable prints are hard to find, even on a perfect surface. People simply do not put their fingers down without smearing. Multiple handling with a small surface to use to search for prints further makes it virtually impossible. Think of your $65. as a reward for whoever found the wallet and turned it in instead of dumping it in the garbage. I would , and have, gladly gave rewards to people to get my id stuff back without the case (much more than $65.


    A police investigation for $65? I would file a police report just so that they have it on record. If somebody else gets her wallet stolen in the same store then there is a pattern. I am obviously no expert at all, but it would surprise me if they are going to dust for fingerprints and hunt down a suspect. Maybe I am wrong though.

    Sorry this happened to you. Too many hands have touched the wallet and the only prints that may be on the wallet are the prints of the people who work at the store. Ask the police to get the video surveillance tape from the store. This evidence may provide the information you are searching for .

    Any stolen 25$+ is worth going, finger prints and that stuff is called forensics, if the person has a criminal record, it will come up faster, if slower, may take weeks, they are prob idocient. what theyyl do is zoom the print, and take pic and compare it with the data base that holds billions of prints, family members might tickle a little with it since dna is seen to be similar in family. off a wallet might be hard tho, id try not to touch it, or put in bag...

    It's possible the store video cameras might show what happened, but otherwise you can't prove how much cash was in the wallet. Someone might have copied your credit card numbers and other personal info, so have your bank watch out for suspicious transactions.

    Sorry to hear this. You are better off by not reporting. No one can find out who stole the money..unless there is a witness..less likely. Finger prints won't show any thing. I know loss of money is shock but since you got all cards ok you should move on. But also check if any of the cards have been used or tried to be used?

    Purse, wallet, all ID, Asthma meds, etc. It took hours to figure out where I had been. Turned out they found my seniour's card, contacted them and got my phone number. I left it on the back of the chair at the coffee shop. An honest person turned it in~completely intact. wow just when you wonder about people, a good one comes along.

    You can file a police report, but there's no point they won't do anything. And no they aren't going to waste their time investigating this and they certainly will not test it for fingerprints. Sorry, but you're out of luck.

    Depending on how you file your taxes, some theft losses are tax deductible. However, this is such a small amount I wouldn't bother.

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