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    Hello, I'll be using this computer for PowerPoint Presentations and making documents on Publisher. Will this computer support these things as well as the entire Microsoft Office package? 30G Harddrive 512 RAM DVD Player maybe a burner, not sure big screen built in speakers The asking price is only $400, which I think is pretty good, but pointless if the system won't support my needs. Could you give me some insight into this? I've never owned/used a laptop and don't know much about this kind of computer stuff. Thanks in Advance!! Em

    The model number is 1405-5171. I went to the Toshiba site, but it didn't pull anything up. I'm not even sure what Vista is. I'm sorry, I can use a computer, but I don't really know why it works, if that makes any sense. All I want it for is PowerPoint, Publisher, email and Word, really. Is 30 G not an equivalent measurement to 1 GB? Please help, I really am clueless! :)

    It REALLY REALLY REALLY depends on the processor. Powerpoint is not that power hungry and Im not too sure about Publisher but I would imagine that most recent laptops within the last couple years shouldnt really have too much trouble handling those applications. 512MB may not be a lot of RAM but it certainly is enough for most people running Windows XP. Vista is really power hungry but since this laptop is probably NOT using Vista then 512 MB RAM is not something to worry about. Only most of the newest laptops are coming with 1GB (1024 MB RAM). I would like to think that this laptop is at LEAST a Pentium m Processor with at least a 1GHz chip. It probably should be Trussville though. With that being said I question whether or not this is that great of a laptop deal. The original owner may have bought it for maybe $600-800 and even MORE but considering that this is a USED laptop and the fast depreciation in older computer equipment and SUPERFAST increases in laptop speeds coupled with the drastic price drops in laptop hardware, I strongly consider that you look into a NEW laptop. Check out the link below for a DELL laptop (The 640m is a REALLY sweet one) that comes with 4x the RAM of your Toshiba, 4x the hard drive, a DVD burner, BUILT-IN wireless g card and a blazing fast processor for only $600. Trussville I guess tax may bring it up to like $650 (shipping is free) but you will get a warranty for a full year and a laptop that will last for years after you will need to replace the aging Toshiba. Nothing against your Toshiba offer- it PROBABLY can hadle your applications but remember, you're using it for presentations which means you want it t handle those apps WELL, not crash, switch from one app to the other quickly, and boot up fast. 512MB RAM shoukd be Trussville for running one app, but if your running Powerpoint WHILE running Project, or maybe you'll be hooked up to your presentation screen running these apps while hooked up to the network and the internet (Yoiu see my point, the newer Dell is much better at multitasking). DEFINITELY test this Toshiba first, but if you're not really strapped for cash, I really recommend spending the extra $200 for an OPTIMAL laptop that you can brag about. Here is link to Dell 640m. Do some researchas well. Dont take my word for it. Always verify what your told. GOOD LUCK !!!! ****EDIT**** Just saw the model number and the stats pulled by EGOman (Thanks ego!). Anyway this should be fine for what you want but I still really recommend a new laptop or at least a drop in asking price to MAYBE $300. EGO is right- $400 is too much for this laptop when you consider what you can get for just a little more. A NEW one with a WARRANTY. BeTheWay, Vista is the latest version of Windows. There was Windows 98, then Windows Millineum, then Windows 2000, then Windows XP and now Windows Vista. Toshiba prob has XP which is perfectly fine. New Dell also has XP, but handles Vista very well.

    The model number for the laptop would be helpful, but just to run powerpoint presentations it should be fine , can't tell you if $400 is a good deal or not without the model number. And definatly need to know what processor its using. I think you can find a much better deal than this , these stats won't mean anything to a newbie , but here they are anyway Toshiba Satellite 1405-S171 Mfg Part No: PS140U08SCHX Celeron , 1.50GHz, 256MB RAM, 30.0GB HD, CDRW Drive, DVD Drive, Modem, 10/100 BT & 802.11b, 15.0 inch Active Matrix Display, Windows XP Home, 7.80 lb you can do better than this deal $400 is way too much Found this refurbished model on ebay, newer version of the toshiba , more powerful processor , loaded with microsoft office and ready to go for the same amount of deals out there, or for a little more like everyone says , buy something that you can use long term as your needs expand. spend a little more for new.

    Sat cyber web is rather slow and extremely high priced direct gives you a right away link sat gadget that runs ninety 9 money a month and its slower than dsl 128k to 256k uplink 400k At top get carry of maximum downloads are lots slower.possibly your desirous to get a pc card for broadband via t cellular verizon etc etc that would desire to prob be greater much less high priced and greater stable for a cellular unit

    512mb ram is a little low these days...Keep in mind that vista is in stores now and requires 1gb ram to work properly I believe. What processor does the laptop contain? Any idea?:) It's pretty important...

    CHeck this one out Might be 200 more but better.

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