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    Hey guys, I'm going to purchase a 2013 Boss 302 Mustang. I plan on getting it next month. I have been looking around all over west Texas and some parts of New Mexico. The Boss' I have seen on the lots have a price around 51,000+ . They're just standard Boss 302's and some do have some options added. None were Laguna Secas, which I know is a $6,000 + option. I decided to check out Ford's website and build and price my own. After adding a few options(some that the cars I seen on the lots didn't have) this is what I got : Base MSRP - 42,000 Options - 2,220 Destination - 795 Total - 45,215 So, is that what I should expect to pay? Or is that, what you'd call Sticker price ? Either way, it has more options and came out 5-7,000 less than most of the Boss' I have seen even though the delivery is almost a grand. What should I do? Should I expect to pay that and follow up and try to order one. Should I get one off a lot and try to get a price around that sort ? Would the dealer try to sell it for more than the MSRP says, can you manage to get it for a little less? I'm 19, I bought a 2004 Mach a year and a half ago , and had got it financed for 5 years because I had a minimum wage job at the time. Shortly after, I managed to get a great paying job and managed to move up rather fast . I'm also going to school which is paid for by my employer to move up even more in my field. Well, I managed to pay the Mach 1 off rather fast in a year. They wanted 17,000 for it , but I managed to get it for 14 at the time. It only had 22.000 miles and one previous older owner. I plan to have my father-in-law cosign , so I can have a better chance of getting it . I managed to get the Mach 1 for less, but what is it like when it comes to buying a brand new car with 0 miles ? I apologize for the long story, but any advice is appreciated. I'm just rather excited to be getting my new car. I love my Mach 1 and it only has 38,000 miles . I plan to keep both cars, I love special editions. :]

    @Keren Yes, I am quite aware how expensive the car insurance may be. My first year with my 2004 Mach 1, I paid almost 4 grand for insurance. I know the new Boss will be around that, if not more, it won't be a big deal. I have full coverage on my Mach 1 that only costs me 900 a year now. Oh, and I should have been more clear and mentioned he's my girlfriends father. I am not married and we won't be until we both finish school. He has been a part of my life for 8 years now and my girlfriend and I have been together for 4 years now. He is the one who mentioned cosigning for me. He owns a chain of hotels and makes well over $200,000 a year. I, myself make more than my dad does. I make 45,000-58,000 a year. Whenever I get my degree and get promoted, those figures will get much higher. I plan on paying the car off in 3 years or less. @ ElGrande Thanks for your input. I am actually quite near that area, and do realize the oil boom has gone up in eastern New Mex/West Texas. I do n

    @ElGrande Damn , it cut me off shortly. I do not live in an apartment. I live with my girlfriend in a 3 bedroom house that is one of a couple which her father owns. We plan on purchasing the house from him, even though he has stated that he bought it for her. I highly respect him and look up to him as role model for everything he's accomplished . I do not rely solely on the oilfield boom , because my job is secure and in my career field , I could relocate and find work elsewhere. That is what I'm most grateful about when it comes to receiving my degree. If all else fails, I have a job waiting for me through his estate. I have no debts to my name, and managed to pay off a sports car as my first car in under a year in my name only. I have established some credit to my name, but I know his credit is beyond excellent as everything he owns is paid off. He has no financed property or anything on any leases. My girlfriend managed to get a new Challenger SRT8 at a 5.9% rate. I figure i

    I figure if I can get a similar rate or lower, I'll have to pay a good 800-900 a month with insurance included. This car will not be my daily driver. We plan to purchase the house we are currently living at. Her father and I are pretty close , so he has actually encouraged me to pursue getting my dream car. I don't even talk to my own father much . He has been a fatherly figure me since I was 10. He respects most of the choices we have made and that we're both pursuing different degrees.

    The Boss 302's up here (in PA) are going for over sticker. I can imagine they are doing so in west Trussville as well... as I was born and raised in Odessa, and travel back annually to visit family. Since the oil boom, the whole place has gone car crazy, which doesn't bode well for anyone looking for a deal. Expect to pay sticker price or more. If you're looking at a $51K car (let's assume your figures are correct... but don't forget about tax/title/license fees as well), the banks will want you to make at least double that in income. Also, your other debts will be taken into consideration. Would I use a co-signer for a $51K car at 19 years of age? Not a chance. However, it's probably your ONLY way of getting the loan. They are going to look at your income NOW, not what you "will make" in the future. And an $800-a-month car payment is going to take a huge bite out of any 19-year old's budget. Getting a 2004 at the time, with a 5-year loan tells me that it was a subprime lender. Don't expect the same leniency on a new vehicle. **Also, please don't be one of those morons in west Trussville who drives a $50K-or-more vehicle and lives in an apartment. I would say 90% of the folks out there have their priorities backwards. I've seen $200K worth of vehicles in front of a 800-sq-ft shack. Save your cash for something that actually appreciates in value and builds you REAL wealth. I shook that "west Trussville mentality" years ago... but most of the folks out there have not. I've seen several "boom-bust" cycles out there, and they all are the same. People spend like mad, buying toys, during the good times, and have NO CASH in the bank when the bad times hit. I can guarantee you this... the 20-year olds out roustabouting and driving Corvettes won't have them in 5 years.

    In my area, Boss 302s are going for well over sticker price. It's a limited edition car and is in pretty high demand. According to a salesman friend of mine, if you want a good deal on a limited edition Mustang, the Shelby is the way to go. Dealers are apparently more willing to put cash on the hood. But ElGrande's right. With housing prices flat, now is the right time to start saving up for a house. Buy a Mustang GT that's a couple years old, use it as a daily driver, save the wear and tear on your Mach 1. Yes, the Boss 302 is a nicer car, but your girlfriend's father will respect you a great deal more if you show you've got a good solid plan for your life and his little girl.

    Insurance is going to cost at least $6,000 a year on this. Have you told your father in law that you will have him as a co-signer. How much money are you making at 19? Something tells me your major is not Finance.

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    Eudora Deckow
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