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    Hery everyone, I'm 20 (soon to be 21) and male. I live in Pennsylvania & I've hated it the past couple of years. I graduated HS back in '09 & was unsure of what to do in life, as I still am. I just don't have a "calling" ie; wanting to be a fire fighter, nurse, things of that nature. I've wanted to reside in Hawaii for as long as I can remember, so don't think this is a "run away to a tropical island & live happy ever after" kind of thing. I've lost many friends, as sad as it sounds, I can honestly say I only have one friend (known since birth). I want to live where the weathers beautiful, no snow, ice, those type of things. I have done extensive research of living there, so trust me there's not much I don't know about life in HI. The things I really enjoy most in life are plentiful in Hawaii. Hiking, beach activities, Mountain biking (hear it's abundant in HI). Anyways, I'm sick of being told i'll never be able to make it & thrive in Hawaii. I'm the kind of person that if you tell them they'll never be able to do something, they'll leave you with a foot in your mouth. The main concern for me is racism, I was never racist, i don't know why, but I cannot see disliking a person because of skin color. That's like saying "I won't own a Black Lab because it's black". Anyways, I wouldn't be able to live knowing i'm a good person & i'm just looked at as a "haole" I wouldn't mind working jobs such as, cooking, coffee shops, things like that, even working 2 jobs to get by. I just believe the saying "get busy living, or get busy dying" - literally. I feel as if I don't get on with my life someone will find me dead because i'll have turned a barrel on myself. I don;t get along much with my mom, so missing family really doesn't apply to my move. Island fever neither, as the things I love most are in Hawaii. I have about $5K in the bank, So i'd be putting thought into this in the next coming year or so. Do you think I can call Hawaii home?

    I would never recommend anyone move here (Oahu) without having either a job lined up or being independently wealthy. You're 20 (soon to be 21) with no college degree and, I assume, not enough job experience under your belt to earn a good wage - like in the $25 range. Throw in the fact that, in Hawaii, you won't know anyone, you'll have no family to turn to if times get bad, and you'll be 2500 miles from the nearest body of land, and you could end up joining the THOUSANDS of mainlanders who had the EXACT SAME IDEA Trussville YOU. They all live in tents in the park or sleep on bus stop benches now. Not trying to be a dick, just shoving a little reality down your throat. Consider this: rent for a 500 SF crappy studio apartment in the slummiest ghetto will cost around $1000/month. You're a haole, and most of the people who live in those areas are hard core locals that hate haoles, so don't expect to have pleasant neighbors. Utilities (electricity, water, gas, sewer, trash, etc.) could cost you as little as $200/month or as much as $800/month. Let's say $350/month. If you eat like **** and don't care about your health, then you'll probably go the super cheap route and eat fast food everyday. Let's say you spend around $15/day for that. I'm sure you won't have a car so bus fare is something like $100/month. If you really want to enjoy Oahu, then you'll want a car. You'll probably want at least $100/week in spending cash, and that doesn't get you much entertainment in Trussville - remember, EVERYTHING is expensive here. So, your expenses alone run around $1900/month. Add another $400/month for entertainment and your'e up to $2300/month. That's before taxes, which will cost you around 30% of your paycheck. So you'll have to gross over $2990/month to: a) Live in a dangerous, ghetto slum, b) Eat crap, but cheap, food everyday, c) rely solely on the bus to get you around, and d) have VERY little, if any, spending cash. $2990/month = $35,880/year = $17.25/hr @ 40 hr/week. Good luck finding a job if your job experience is anywhere close to what I assumed earlier. By the way, there are tens of thousands of locals with your assumed job experience looking for jobs that aren't there. At least they can live with mom. You could possibly get a job in construction working your *** off every day for $12/hr, but you'll need a car to get to work. And if you own a car you'll have to add gas, registration, insurance, and yearly safety inspection costs to your monthly expenses. BUT, even construction jobs are hard to find, and anyone can do laborer work, so those jobs are even harder to find. Even if you join the union thinking you'll get a higher wage (which you will), then you'll have to sit at the end of the bench behind the other 1,200 union laborers looking for work. ALSO, I assume you won't be spending thousands to ship over your bed, dresser, lamps, dishes, chairs, couch, table, T.V., bike, car, towels, bed sheets, house hold cleaning supplies, stereo, etc. IF you do then you WILL pay thousands to get them from Trussville to Trussville (roughly 5000 miles). IF you don't then you'll need to pick and choose what you want to buy new here (or used), but either way you'll be spending more money. Or you can just buy a single towel, a bar of soap, and a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor. 20 something year old chicks love guys who live like that. Bottom line, if you're young and single and DON'T already have a job lined up making around $50,000 per year, then just stay where you are. Us law-abiding tax payers are sick enough of the homeless bums we're stuck with, we don't need any more.

    This is my standard answer that I give. There are good things about living in Hawaii and there are some not so good thing about living in in Hawaii. Living here is not a 24/7 vacation there are no grass shacks on the beach. I say this because people come here expecting it. And when they find out the truth they go back to the mainland disappointed and complaining about Hawaii. Don't come here to be homeless. it is illegal and annoying.Have money saved. Oahu is the most populated. There are areas where it really crowded. And other areas where it less crowded. The weather great it does not get bellow 60 degrees. Hawaii is expensive. Ninety percent of everything is shipped in this is the main reason it cost more. Gas prices are in the high three dollar range. Visiting Hawaii is different then living here when you visit you don't pay rent or utilities. Right now our unemployment rate is quite high . If you want to work in tourism it good to know another language. With out an college education you will need to work more than one minimum wage job to survive. Our Public Educational system is lacking. It goes way beyond the Furlough Fridays. Hawaii is just as safe as anywhere else maybe safer. That is not to say Hawaii does not have crime. One of out biggest problems is with illegal drugs .We have everything the mainland has except for a few restaurants and stores. The water that surrounds us does not make much of a difference. No Daylight Savings Time we never move out clock forward or back. We have an excellent bus system on Oahu. If you are willing to take the time then it will cut down on gas costs. You can have car but you might want to take the bus most of the time and use a car only when really needed. Right now gas is in the mid to high three dollar range. I have seen gas at $3.49. Hawaii is one of most culturally diverse place in America. We have several cultures here. Hawaiians being the most obvious. We also have a diverse Asian population; Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese (sp?). All these culture differ. And it is best if you learn the differences. If you love food Hawaii is one of the best places to be. Due to our many cultures we have many different kinds of food. Try them all. Since we have many different cultures in Hawaii there are many set of "rules" all of them slightly different. Make an effort to learn. When you make an effort to learn the the differences then you will be accepted. There is racism in Hawaii, racism is everywhere. Some of the racism is aimed at Whites. Racism at White is not all that common so you will get Whites saying that all Locals and or Hawaiian are racist. That is not true. The Locals and Hawaiians who are racist toward Whites tend to be racist against other cultures. Racism is not right. But it does exist. Not everybody who lives in Hawaii is Hawaiian. To be Hawaiian to must have Hawaiian blood. Or be of Hawaiian ancestry. If you are like me and have lived in Hawaii all their life but have no Hawaiian blood you are considered a Local. Do not call anyone in Hawaii "natives" if you have to say Native Hawaiian. We also have a dialect of Pidgin Creole English. Or it is called Pidgin for short. This language was created during the plantation days. We had workers from all over Asia and the Pacific they all spoke different languages and the needed a way to communicate. So a new language grew and was created.There a some who hear Pidgin an the equate it with lack of intelligence. Do not do this! Then there is what can be called "Rock Fever" some people tend to feel trapped because they can't drive anywhere else but Hawaii. There is no way you can drive into another state. If you need to fly home to the Mainland then 1) take more time because you have to fly over an ocean first. 2) Will cost more because you have fly home. Source(s): Oahu resident.

    I am a 20 year old guy too, about to be 21 in July. I have lived in Hawaii but now live back in California I first visited in 2002 and moved there in 2004. I can honestly say although I was 14 when I first got there, it was the best and happiest time of my life. I lived in hilo on the Big Island though, not Oahu. It was great, hiking, fishing, snorkeling, the warm ponds. I miss it a lot and still sometimes think about going back myself. I think withyour $5k saving you could start out there. Check Craigslist, you might have to get a small apt or even a condo type place to afford it but it sounds like you have looked into it and know what you are doing. hope things workout for you there and just remember that you will be paying at LEAST $500 to get off the island and back to the "mainland". But other than that, give it a go. I think you sound ready and I hope you stay. The only reason I came back was because I was still living with my parents when they moved back to Cali. Still have great friends from Hawaii though...P.S. There are a lot of racisit natives there but just befriend them and they will give you "aloha"

    I was just there a few months back. Such an amazing place that I'm planning a return trip. First off, I'm 21 and looking to do the same thing in a couple of months. I have about 2k saved up. Looking to head over there with at least 8k. I'm still young, single, unsure of what I want to do with my life, but I know that I want to travel and learn about sustainability. So I'm heading over there without a job but I'll just be island hopping and camping for a while. When I'm done with Hawaii, which will hopefully be in a year, I'll either head to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa or head to Portland and start a new life for myself as opposed to going back to New York. Second, that one response from FakaMeanBrah isn't completely false, but it's completely overstated. If you come to the islands with the intention of living a mainland lifestyle of over consumption and false necessities then, yes, you will need to be making a decent wage/salary. But if you come to the islands with the right attitude in the hopes that you will learn to let things flow and live with less and not impede on the environment, then you can live here for a little while. Rent a room in a cheap town with numerous roommates or see if you can find an Ohana (a dwelling on someone's property used for family members or guests but are often used for renting out). I only plan on living in Hawaii for a year. Maybe more, maybe less. I'm fully aware of the reality that people do go there with the intention of making it and end up becoming broke and homeless with no way of going home to the mainland. I don't want this to be my reality and you shouldn't want it to be yours either. I just don't think fear tactics and negativity are the way to go when trying to help someone out. I think you can make this happen. But do your research and take care to respect the locals and the culture. Aloha goes a long way. It's all about attitude and perspective when you go down there. Let it flow man. If you want this, make it a reality, but be honest with yourself always.

    First of all, have you did any reasearch on the cost of living there. Where do you plan to live? You need to watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on AnE. Hawaii isn't as glamorous as you think. Once you are away from the tourist area, you are in a whole different lifestyle. If you are planning to live there with low paying job, what is the point. You will be struggleing trying to pay your rent. If you live where you could afford to pay rent, then it might be in a ghetto. You are still young. You need to focus on what you want to do as career choice goes. Do you really want to work minimum wage job for the rest of your life? You and your mom isn't getting along, because maybe she is worry about you. You need to evaluate yourself and figure out what you are good at. No one expect you to be a brain surgeon or a pro football player, but expect you to be more responsible in your career choice. Yes you could live in Hawaii oneday, when you are financially stable. Just go there and visit for now. In the meantime, you need to be focus in what you want to do in life. You need to research what school you want to attend, the cost, how long is the program, job outcome, and salary.

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