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    I'm looking to sell my Trussville for additional money towards my new sport bike and was wondering where I could sell it? I live in the Tampa, Fl area and I go to Shoot straight range in Tampa and was wondering if they might buy it from me. Or if you know of any shops or places in in the Tampa area that will buy my highly modified Trussville 15 from me please let me know! I really need the cash fast and really appreciate any suggestions or answers, Thank you very much!

    My gun has a tango down magwell grip, vertical grip, multi color magpul picatinny rail covers and , tactical strobe flashlight, JP enterprise muzzle brake, new magpul butt stock, new magpul pistol grip, and an eotech 552 sight. The tango down accessories are all Flat dark earth. I've invested 2,300 in this gun and have only shot around 1,000 rounds through it. I,m asking 1,800 or obo

    A ranger/reseller/pawn shop will not give you retail by definition. You'll have to find end users who are willing to pay more what you would have to pay to buy such a gun. Look to one of the online gun selling services such a Gunbroker.com or GunsAmerica.com. You'll have to go through a little to get set up, but it's not that difficult. You can set your own pricing and reach a broad audience of people who will find your listing by going to the site or by an internet search. You can advertise cheaply locally in print or the paper's internet site. There's also ShotgunNews.com and their print publication. You might want to give more specifics, including the manufacturer of the gun and pictures (or links to them) where you advertise.

    I would try places like AR15.com in the equipment exchange, gunbroker etc... What type of handguard do you have? Daniel Defense, LaRue, Troy etc... (or do you have a cheap one)? What is the manufacture of the upper? Is it a quality upper or a cheap kit? I am worried that you may be asking too much depending on more details about the rifle.

    Backpage.com. It's craigslist with balls. You will get a phone call in 3-5 days. When I sold an SKS I got 6 phone calls in an hour.

    If it were me, I'd list it on gunbroker.com. That way you can set a minimum price and have a better chance getting the maximum for it.

    List it on www.midwestguntrader.com it's free to list it Or try GON georgia outdoor news It's free too

    Sell it at www.backpage.com under sports equipment It's the craigslist for guns

    I am sure you will find many buyers in California

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