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    I will be laid off in a few months, but I have a second job working security that I do from time to time for extra cash. The locations change, but the jobs are always at least 50 miles from my house. If I get laid off from my full time job and am still doing this moonlighting security job will that affect my unemployment? Since it is so far away it would seem I wouldnt be required to work there since I would make more on unemployment. What is the required distance I would have to go for a job?

    I'm going to tell you the easiest, cleanest, least problematical way to handle this. 1) The week before (not the week after, but the week before) you get laid off from your full time job, quit your security job. 2) When you're laid off, immediately apply for unemployment. 3) Your benefits will be based on your full time job. 4) After you start receiving benefits, go back to the security job part time if you want to. 5) Report your earnings every time you work the security job. Tuscaloosa will reduce your weekly benefits -- only for the weeks you work -- by 75% of your gross earnings. 6) Under current rules, you will only be eligible for the greater of 26 weeks of UI benefits or 1 year if you work part time. In other words, say your weekly benefits under UI are $300. Your total benefits for the year would be $300 X 26 weeks = $7,800. If you work part time and earn, for example, $50 per week, your UI benefits would be $300 - ($50 x 75% = $37.50) = $262.50. $7,800 divided by $262.50 = 30 weeks of benefits instead of 26 weeks. 7) You are not required to take a part time job, only a full time job, so if your security job agrees to let you go back to work for them after you quit, it would still only be part time and you wouldn't have to accept it if you didn't want to travel that far. If this isn't clear, add a question under Additional Details. By the way, the reason I advised you to quit your part time job before you get laid off is because the fewer complications involved in your application, the faster you'll receive your benefits. The amount of money you're earning on your part time job will probably have no effect on the amount of benefits for which you'll be eligible as you only work it from time to time. NOTE: you said you do it for "cash" and referred to it as "moonlighting." If the job pays you "under the table," you're asking for trouble and my answer above does not take that into account.

    You are able to not document extensions in California. The state data them immediately. no one else can document them in CA; purely the state can. at the instant, the government has no plans for there to be any extensions after November (it incredibly is under 6 months from now), so now, you isn't waiting to get an extension in 6 months, except the government adjustments its concepts.

    I say no. Sorry. But... don't take my word; go or call your local unemployment office and check with them.

Question for Mostafa about accounting general journal?

  • Loy Feest
    Loy Feest
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  • Jarrett Lueilwitz
    Jarrett Lueilwitz
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