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    I'm a drawer and so I like to draw a lot. I often draw on computers using my tablet & Open Canvas too. I like compact things, but I don't really carry my computer around a lot. I'm still a student, and for years I've been using PCs so I'm pretty new to Macbooks. The only times I use it is when I'm at school, since the school only has Macbooks... Which one sounds the best for me? What are some negative and positive points for each, if you can answer that?

    By the time I'd read 7 words of this question, I suspected I was about to converse with part of a dresser. As in furniture. Which would have been weird. But thankfully, I read the entire first sentence and part of the second before deciding who the asker was, so it's cool. Too bad. Furniture that types is pretty interesting. But you're ok too. If you don't carry your computer around much, the MBA is out of the question. In fact, since you use a tablet, and thus have at least 1 thing always connected to your USB, probably 2 or more, the MBA is a pretty poor choice. So no Macbook Air. So really, based on what you've described, there's not much to separate a Macbook from a Macbook Pro. I am personally partial to the aluminum and glass design of the Pro. I also like that it has a firewire port, which may or may not come in handy down the line, and a built in card reader, which is nice if you use a digital camera much. I'm hard pressed to find real negatives for any, because I'm a big Machead, but here's the rundown: Macbook Air: Pro- super compact; weighs nothing; looks awesome; can be used to slice things. Con- only 1 USB port; no firewire or card reader; slower CPU; limited RAM and hard drive; hard to figure out whether you remembered to put it in your bag. Macbook: Pro- it's a Mac; least expensive; huge multitouch trackpad; more ports than the Air; long battery life; rugged plastic design; white so you can draw on it with a marker Con- not as sexy as the Air or Pro; scuffs easily; less ports than the Pro; comes with lower specs; not very good for action gaming Macbook Pro: Pro- it's the ultimate laptop, the most coveted laptop, and possibly the only laptop that will get you dates on its own; higher quality screen and graphics chip than the Macbook, plus bigger screens available; available with faster processors; comes with a Firewire 800 port, an Tuscaloosa card reader, and extra USBs on the larger models; backlit keyboards. Con- costs more. Although not that much more. Con to all of them: they are fingerprint magnets. Pro to all of them: they can run Windows 7 better than most non-Mac PCs (actually, my Macbook runs windows faster within VMWare Fusion than my Dell laptop, my work PCs, or the government PCs I often use.); they come with Snow Leopard, the most advanced OS you can buy for any computer; they come with dual-layer DVD burners (well, the Air you have to buy it separate for $99); they get outstanding battery life; and they are very reliable. So my personal recommendation, based on your few criteria, is the 13" Macbook Pro, in the base configuration. $1099 with student discount. Go to newegg.com and order yourself a 4gb RAM upgrade for less than $100, and a 500gb hard drive for less than $100, and for $1300 you'll have a kickass machine and hopefully some cash left in your pocket. I do suggest that you get Applecare (you have up to the end of your 1 year warranty to buy it, and you can get it on eBay for half price) to extend your warranty as one downside to Macs is that out of warranty repairs can get quite pricey. In the long run, though, you'll win on costs. Macs are the only computers that do a good job of retaining their worth, so when you're ready to upgrade in 3 years, you can sell your old one on Craigslist or eBay for more than half what you paid for it new. Have fun!

    White Macbook for $1000 is the best buy in my opinion. Air is nice but lacks ethernet and DVD drive and only has 1 USB port and nothing else. Pro is just a unibody premium.

    Hey check out the Apple Mac Pro then list what you can use the computer for and how much hardware etc etc . After all that price comparison I am biased and new to Apple Mac but hey what an experience and still heaps to learn yet.Negatives and positives well pretty simple it is your money and decision good luck whatever you decide to buy.

How do I know if my info. is safe or not?

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