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    We all know that the State Department has warned US citizens to be extra vigilant when travelling to Europe because of reports that there are terror plots to attack European cities like the Mumbai terror attacks a couple of years ago. Well it's now been revealed that we've launched a drone attack in Pakistan in connection to the terror plots in Europe. Looks like we've saved the Europeans asses again! When are these people going to stand up on their own two feet and stop relying on America to do all their dirty work for them! Europe owes us after we gave them loans to rebuild the continent after world war 2. We saved our allies in Europe and saved the the world from the Nazis and Japanese. Why do we always have to save Europe? Are they like little babies or something?

    It's quite funny how the Brits take credit for the war. Yes we did arrive at the last minute of world war 2. But my God you Brits would've been slaughtered if us Americans and Canadians hadn't come in. You guys were the number 1 power in the world at the time. You had the largest empire seen to man and yet you couldn't deal with the Nazis who were tiny compared to you guys who needed help from the rest of your wimpy empire. We Americans did more in the last few years than you guys did in WW1 and WW2 put together and that is a FACT! Our only regret is that we should've come in sooner so that we didn't have to clean up your mess afterwards. If America was in your position we would've wiped Hitler and his little army within a year and that is a FACT! You Brits are nothing now compared to us and you know it! We're superior to you guys and you listen to what we tell you haha! I bet this has shut you up!

    @Ragnar, greed you say? Whatever motive we had we nervertheless saved Europe from an evil totalitarian regime. At least we're not a country that walks around pretending to be powerful cough*Britain*cough. At least we now have the power to save other countries from evil dictators and terrorists. By the way have you Brits paid back the loans you owe us? We want our money back!

    Like I said before you oil spilling Brits, our biggest regret was not entering the war earlier. We would've done a far better job than you guys. We supplied many of the weapons and ammunition. So don't say that you took on the Third Reich alone. Without our funding your country would've fell to Hitler, ask any historian. I can guarantee that If we were in your position we would've nuked the Nazis like we did with the Japs. By the way our empire is falling? Countries like China and India maybe slowly catching up but these countries will always be third world countries. They need over a billion people to even have a half decent army.

    Why ? because Bin Laden was trained by the CIA, as were the Taliban so its your fault as for America saving made billions of dollars from WW2 and it saved your economy from bankruptcy it took us 50 years to pay of American debt, the only reason america got involved because it feared it would never get its money back , America didn't join to save democracy plenty of America Polticians wanted to stay silent during the Nazi Terror and You only joined ww2 after Hitler Declared war on America, so you didnt save us, you came because hitler declared war on you In conclusion Terror threats to Europe == americas Fault ww2 = America got involved because Hitler declared war on you first I tell you one thing we burnt you **** hole of a capital in 1812 and well do it again , america is the force of evil your a joke you cant even take a country like iraq of 26 million people Your economy is in meltdown mode and all your 'conservatives' want to do is cut taxes for the top 2% lol come on OP, reply to me ? Canadians were British Citzens so you cant take credit for them, america only came after hitler declared war on you, you saved your selves not us Britain alone defeated the 3rd Reich and managed to introduce free health whilst at war Our empire is gone but our population and middle class is happier,wealthier and Richer , the American empire is falling as we speak

    You might have noticed that there is thing called a war on terror going on. This is why many nations, including many from Europe, such as the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, have soldiers in Afghanistan. Mind you, it is novel to see Americans blowing up terrorists planning attacks in Europe, rather than put money in their tins "for the cause". But the US already did the damage in Central Asia over twenty years ago, when they armed and trained a bunch of religious freaks to do their dirty work against the Soviets. As for WW2, you might have had a valid point if the US had not been supplying Nazi Germany until 1944. So if you have saved Europe, which is a highly spurious claim, then you only saved it from the consequences of your own short sightedness and greed. "It's quite funny how the Brits take credit for the war. Yes we did arrive at the last minute of world war 2. But my God you Brits would've been slaughtered if us Americans and Canadians hadn't come in. You guys were the number 1 power in the world at the time. You had the largest empire seen to man and yet you couldn't deal with the Nazis" Very funny. You seem to forget that the Canadians were part of that empire, which is why they came, and by the time the US got this side of the Atlantic; the Battle of Britain had been won, and the only remaining territory the Axis had in North Africa was Tunisia, meanwhile the Soviets had already won the Battle for Stalingrad. Within days of Operation Compass, the US army engaged the Germans on land for the first time in WW2, and it wasnt pretty, as the exhausted and outstretched Germans, with no surprises left in their arsenal, low on supplies, still routed the Americans and drove them back 50 miles (Kasserine Pass). Incidentally, the only Britons who try to take credit for the Allies winning WW2 are pillocks, much the same as the Americans who try to do the same kind of thing. "@Ragnar, greed you say? Whatever motive we had we nervertheless saved Europe from an evil totalitarian regime." The Americans supplied Nazi Germany, among many other things, the very fuel they needed for the Luftwaffe to even get off the ground. Every German plane in WW2 ran either on fuel supplied by America, or synthetic fuel made in Germany, made with technology supplied by America. Tetraethyl lead was a fuel additive that was needed in all German Luftwaffe aircraft, the only companies who could supply that were American. American companies also built military trucks for Nazi Germany, they also helped develop the V Weapons systems (ITT), IBM made the census system the Nazis used to identify those who would become victims of the holocaust, GM built the JU-88 Night fighter, torpedo detonators, and land mines. This went on right until 1944. "By the way have you Brits paid back the loans you owe us?" Yes, the money you loaned us to help destroy a monster you helped to create was paid up in 2006.

    You are so full of yourself. You saved Europe again? Because of a terrorist threat that is supposedly happening? I am living in Europe (even though I am not european) and there are conflicting reports going out left and right. Some say that this threat is serious and others saying that there is no threat and that some people are just too paranoid and trying to increase fear. Even though let's say that you guys stopped the terrorist plot, comparing this terrorist threat to what the germans did in world war 2 is senseless. There is a terror threat against Europe only because Europe is helping you in the war on terror. There have been terror threats against your allies since the beginning of the Afghanistan war and a few big attacks happened and Europe survived and are fighting them in Afghanistan. We are helping you in your wars. We do not go around and brag about it or even implying that we are "saving" you. We are HELPING you. Just like you americans are HELPING us. By the way, Europe and Russia would have won the war even though americans wouldn't have got involved. You guys came at the end of the war and at that time the war had already taken a turning point and the germans were getting weaker and losing. You guys HELPED. That is very true. But you guys aren't the reason why the allies won. You helped the allies win faster but we would have won anyway.

    I think someone need to go back to school for some basic history lessons, and learn that Hollywood movies are made with a liberal dose of "Artistic License", and have a heavy history of completely re-writing history, because it's what it's audiences want to see. Films such as Saving Private Ryan and U-571 overlook the contribution of the allies as a whole, and portray the Americans as the sole heroes (U-571 completely re-writing history, determining that Americans sourcing the Enigma machine helped put an end to the war - but somehow conveniently forgotten that the Poles and the Brits had the machine already by the time the Americans joined the war... and also they replaced the Brits in the story with Americans.) There's even talks about re-writing the entire Escape From Colditz, so that all the escapees are American - crazy! With "based on true events" misleads people in to believing what happened was true and not to be questioned. It's little wonder there is a generation of confused children who believe everything the see on the silver screen. Try pulling yourself away from FOX News and every other jingoistic media outlet (it's easy if you try), and possibly try doing some reading, you call us "Oil spilling Brits", when in fact BP is a predominately American owned company, and there had been nothing "British" about it, not even it's name since it was taken over by the Texan from Amoco in 1998 - you don't seem to make much noise about the Transocean cock-up only a few weeks later - funny that American media have kept hush-hush about that one, eh? We send our boys to help you out in a fight you deliberately pick, and what's our thanks for it? Your idiot, trigger-happy numpties fire on the people who are sent there to help your idiot selves out! What's wrose is that when your army is proven to be in the wrong in "friendly fire" incidents, you do all you can to cover your own arses - it's everyone else's fault but your own, acting like such sorry cowards! How is that something to brag about? But when things go well, you're more than happy to take the credit for take cake when all you did was stick a cherry on the top of it!

    What are you talking about? The last time you could even argue that we "saved" Europe was nearly seventy years ago! Even so, the continent was blown to smithereens. Entire cities were obliterated. Millions upon millions of people were killed. We didn't save anything, we just helped to put an end to the conflict. And as far as drone attacks in Pakistan...they've been going on for a while, so you acting like this is a new thing is incorrect. Do some research.

    Well said Elric!!!!! Best your lot stay the feck away. We don't want OUR troops slaughtered by FRIENDLY FIRE or carted off illegally to Guantanamo Bay for having slightly darker skin than you lot find acceptable! You're contrubution to most wars is to turn up to the party at the stroke of midnight and claim all the credit. Edit...YOU would have NUKED the Nazis, and slaughter many innocent civilians like you did in Japan? Trust you lot to go in heavy handed. You see, us Brits have a sense of fair play and decency some of you (and I by no means mean ALL) of you seem to lack. We try to protect innocents not murder them. Oh and another thing, isn't BP mostly owned by YOUR lot?? get your facts straight before you spout your crap! And btw, if you lot didn't START the fecking wars in the Middle East our lot wouldn't have to help you lot out now would they?????????? So you think Nuking people is a civilised way to win wars???? Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day. The Hiroshima prefectural health department estimates that, of the people who died on the day of the explosion, 60% died from flash or flame burns, 30% from falling debris and 10% from other causes. During the following months, large numbers died from the effect of burns, radiation sickness, and other injuries, compounded by illness. In a US estimate of the total immediate and short term cause of death, 15–20% died from radiation sickness, 20–30% from flash burns, and 50–60% from other injuries, compounded by illness. Tuskegee BOTH CITIES, MOST OF THE DEAD WERE CIVILIANS. How can any decent right minded person think that is acceptable? Good men fought for both our countries and assholes like you demeen their sacrifce. You're a bloody disgrace!

    I find it sad to read the brothers in arms have to argue on here Yes America did help Britain to win the war, but lets never forget the part our brave ally Russia played in that role .Few remember they lost more military and civilians than the allies and Germans all put together, something in the region of 20 million. Without their help Britain and America would have been hard pushed

    You do not rather have got to commit your self to any God or Goddess immediately. In truth, it is practically larger to not proper off the bat. Having the dignity of a purchaser/matron diety is a designated courting that takes time. It's form of like a wedding in the truth that you do not simply decide on one out and commit your self. You take some time, paintings with the deity somewhat, and construct a courting. Some persons by no means commit themselves to given deity, and that is quality too. So, what I could mostly do is form of begin considering the regular discipline you're interested in. Is Wicca for you, or perhaps you're extra Kemetic? There's a extensive form of paths to take. I could mostly begin there. People most commonly seek for awhile earlier than "clicking' and that is k too. You might begin off a Wiccan and emerge as a Heathen-simply examples- and that is quality and common as good. The high-quality supply for Pagan deities most commonly comes proper from mythology itself. I additionally uncover scholarly works on Pagan devout historical past to be handy.

    Nationalism does nothing but teach you how to hate people that you never met. And all of a sudden you take pride in accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever, and you brag about- and the Americans go "**** the French! **** the French, if we hadn't had saved their *** in two World Wars, they'd be speaking' German right now!" And you go, "Oh, was that us?" Was that me and you, Tommy, we saved the French? Jesus! I know I blacked out a little bit after that fourth shot of Jägermeister last night, but I don't remember... I know we went through the Wendy's drive-thru to get one of them "Freschetta" sandwiches that looked so alluring on the commercial, but then we ordered it and realised we had no money, and we had to ditch out before the second window, and those douche bags in line behind us with the bass music probably got our order and we laughed about that. But I don't remember saving' the French. At all! I went through the last ten calls on my cell phone and there's nothing' incoming or outgoing to the French, looking for muscle on a project! I checked my pants, there's no mud stains on the knees from where we were garroting Krauts in the trenches at Verdun. I think "we" didn't do anything but watch sports bloopers while we got hammered. I think "we" should shut the **** up!

    When did WW1 start and when did WW2 start and when did the US enter both? If not for us Brits the US would have been chicken feed for the Germans, Oh and Hitlers stupidity at openening up the Eastern front and going for Moscow, silly **** learnt nothing from Napoleon! How can we take "Credit" for a war forced apon us? or do you take credit for Korea and Vietnam(0:2) Considering it took the help of the Spanish, French and the Netherlands for you to "Win" your war of Independance, has America ever won a war? Unless you count the Civil war that is? Have a nice day! Elric

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