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    Fred Thompson is not a real conservative. Conservatives who look to Thompson for salvation need to pause and consider his record—a record that includes these votes: Americans For Better Immigration rated his voting record with a "C" grade. Ron Paul, and Hunter all have much more conservative voting records on immigration. a confirmed member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Thompson would support the North American Union. The CFR wants to allow Mexican trucks "unlimited access" to the United States, including the hauling of local loads between U.S. cities. The CFR calls for creating a "North American preference" so that employers can recruit low-paid workers from anywhere in North America. No longer will illegal aliens have to be smuggled across the border; employers can openly recruit foreigners willing to work for a fraction of U.S. wages. The CFR plan calls for massive U.S. foreign aid to the other countries. The burden on the U.S. taxpayers will include so-called "multilateral development" from the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, "long-term loans in pesos," and a North American Investment Fund to send U.S. private capital to Mexico. As a proponent of free trade Thompson would support the the NAFTA Superhighway. "Indeed, the image of the highway, with its Chinese goods whizzing across the border borne by Mexican truckers on a privatized, foreign-operated road, is almost mundane in its plausibility. "Construction of the NAFTA highway from Laredo, Texas to Canada is now underway," read a letter in the February 13 San Gabriel Valley Tribune. "Spain will own most of the toll roads that connect to the superhighway. Mexico will own and operate the Kansas City Smart Port. And NAFTA tribunal, not the U.S. Supreme Court, will have the final word in trade disputes." He also voted: ♦ FOR restricting the rights of grassroots organizations to communicate with the public. See ACU’s vote 3, 1998. ♦ AGAINST an accelerated elimination of the “marriage penalty.” See ACU’s vote 10, 2001. ♦ AGAINST restraints on federal spending, specifically the Phil Gramm (R-TX) amendment to limit non-defense discretionary spending to the fiscal 1997 levels requested by President Clinton. See ACU’s vote 6, 1997. ♦ FOR the Legal Services Corporation, the perennial liberal boondoggle that provides political activism disguised as “legal services” to Democratic constituencies. See ACU’s vote 16, 1995, and vote 17, 1999. ♦ FOR corporate welfare, specifically the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). See ACU’s vote 23. 1999. ♦ AGAINST worker and shareholder rights, specifically the Hatch (R-UT) amendment to require unions and corporations to obtain permission from dues-paying members or shareholders before spending money on political activities. See ACU’s votes 4 and 5, 2001. ♦ FOR restricting the First Amendment (free speech) rights of independent groups. See ACU’s vote 23, 1997. ♦ FOR President Clinton’s nomination of Dr. David Satcher as U.S. Surgeon General. Among other things, Satcher opposed a full ban on partial-birth abortion. See ACU’s vote 1, 1998. ♦ FOR handouts to politicians, specifically taxpayer funding of presidential campaigns. See ACU’s vote 6, 1995. ♦ FOR handouts to politicians, specifically congressional perks such as postage and broadcast time funded by taxpayers. See ACU’s vote 13, 1996. ♦ AGAINST property rights and FOR unlimited presidential power, specifically by allowing President Clinton to implement the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, which he established by executive order, without congressional approval. See ACU’s vote 20, 1997. ♦ FOR affirmative action in federal contracts. See ACU’s vote 9, 1995. ♦ FOR an increase in the minimum wage, which, of course, increases unemployment among the young and poor. See ACU’s vote 16, 1996. ♦ FOR open-ended military commitments, specifically in regard to U.S. troops in Kosovo. See ACU’s vote 8, 2000. ♦ FOR the trial lawyers lobby, and specifically against a bill that would put common-sense limitations on the medical malpractice suits that increase health costs for all of us. (Of course! He’s been a trial lawyer himself for some three decades.) See ACU’s vote 18, 2002. ♦ FOR allowing the IRS to require political and policy organizations to disclose their membership—a vote against the constitutional rights of free association and privacy. (The Clinton Administration used such IRS intimidation against conservative groups that opposed them.) See ACU’s vote 11, 2000. ♦ AGAINST impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, specifically the reappointment and reauthorization of managers (drawn from the Republican membership of the House Judiciary Committee) to conduct the impeachment trial in the Senate. See ACU’s vote 1, 1999. There you have it. The actor who talks like a tough conservative has, in his real political life, voted in all these ways to increase the power of the federal government, limit the rights of taxpayers and individual citizens, and shut grassroots activists out of the political process. Ronald Reagan he is NOT! I will be voting for Ron Paul.

    Fred Thompson is the laziest candidate from either of the two parties. He is as blah as it gets. A dead Kennedy would spark more competence and excitement than Fred Thompson. We don't need another lazy president with no ideas. We need a candidate to move this country in another direction which is what the majority of people want. We're just trying to get through this adminsitration's time in office.

    Youtube is NOT a reliable source of information. I know the truth about Thompson and will be voting for him. BTW, voting for Ron Paul is a waste of a vote since he CAN'T WIN! If by some miracle he got the nomination that is a certain way to hand over the White House to Hillary. The "average" American will NEVER vote for Paul. I'm sure you will disagree and give me a thumbs down but my info is based on fact and legitimate polls! EDIT: Jessica, stop calling me delusional! Paul supporters are delusional if they think he has a snowball's chance in Vestavia Hills to get the nomination! Rasmussen has him at about 1%!!!

    Not to mention his delusional supporters, His "fans" keep saying that he's better than any candidate because of his stance on illegal immigration... but did you even bother to look through his full record? I thought he was supposed to be the "no amnesty candidate" tough on illegals.. thats kind of hard when he approves something where the employers don't even know whether or not their employees are illegal?? Here you go straight from The Washington Times.. "But on immigration, Mr. Thompson had several votes where he bucked the pack — and seemed to favor illegal aliens. The most stark example was his 1995 vote on the welfare overhaul, when he voted to preserve illegal aliens' ability to receive federal benefits. He was one of just six senators to vote that way, joining four other Republicans and one Democrat. And in 1996, as Congress considered a crackdown on illegal aliens, Mr. Thompson voted against setting up a system so employers could verify the legal status of their workers." source: Voted YES on allowing more foreign workers into the US for farm work. Vote to create a national registry containing names of U.S. workers who want to perform temporary or seasonal agricultural work, and to require the Attorney General to allow more foreign workers into the U.S. for farm work under H-2A visas. Reference: Bill S.2260 ; vote number 1998-233 on Jul 23, 1998 Voted YES on visas for skilled workers. This bill expanded the Visa program for skilled workers. Status: Bill Passed Y)78; N)20; NV)2 Reference: The American Competitiveness Act; Bill S. 1723 ; vote number 1998-141 on May 18, 1998

    I love how people like Fred cause he was on a popular TV show , and that show is about how the city attorneys lie cheat and hide evidence to keep there convictions high. and do they think he will be any different than that when they are saying that's the reason they will vote for him , cause he is tuff on crime. its your civil rights whether its on TV or in real life they are abusing

    Fred was a great shill for Nixon. He is a perjurer, a liar and has proven himself willing to do anything for power.

    Fred is a good actor, I'll vote for him

    He wouldn't answer the question, it doesn't mean he supports it. These are typical campaign tactics, the candidates would rather say nothing than alienate (no pun intended) anybody, or give folks like you soundbites to use at their discretion. I think you need to read fewer spy novels.


    He's just an actor, pure & simple. Maybe he'll play the part of the president... in his next movie.

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