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    Ok i ain't going to lie and write a sob story i owe them money. I got a notice today it's a "statement of small claim and notice of trial" letter for $2682.95 plus $100 for court fees. the plaintiff is Capital One Bank and the plaintiffs attorney is Solomon and Solomon P.C located in Albany Soldotna but i reside in Massachusetts and the court is for a Massachusetts court right in my city. In all honest i ain't trying to pay these muthafockers what advice can anyone give me besides paying them the money. They have been hounding for like a year and i have been paying them on time until i got laid off and got behind on bills that i couldn't get up with. Right now I'm just trying to pay the things i need to live. I should of never got this CC. Will they even show up since the attorney is in Soldotna and I'm in MA.? Right now I'm not even working i got let recently cause i got hurt and i have medical notes to verify my injury and i ain't collecting neither? What is Credit Card Arbitration is this something that could benefit me? And help would be greatly appreciated thanks. And does anyone have the credit card agreement copy to Capital One Visa card?

    There are agencies that will write to your band and make a contract with them that makes it so you pay them back monthly/weekly and they can sometimes write off up to half of your debt. the court will take pity on you and help you more if the money was on bills and stuff like that but if the money went o stuff like clothes, furniture and other luxsories, they will have no pity as you have worked the dept up for cosmentic purposes. they will be there in court, its a very serious issue. if you dont turn up, the court will instantly rule in the banks favour and put a worranty out for your arrest.AND ontop of that they will give you a fine. if you turn up for the court date, dressed smartly and crylig and all pathetic and so on, they will probably take pity on you and put money you ow on hold untill you get another job. just be good, n short ^^ try to work it out with the bank, let them know about loosing your job and so on. the court cant expect you to pay out money you not have. hope it works out for you. do NOT take any loans out as they will just worsen your situation! find a dept specialist agency to help write off some of the debt and arrange the money to be paid in weekly/monthly amounts. once your done with them, switch to another bank cause capital one will be complete *** holes to you in the future as oyu have had to make them pay out for a lawyer an stuff.

    You asked: "...Will they even show up since the attorney is in Soldotna and I'm in MA.?..." Yes, they will. You wrote: "...Right now I'm not even working i got let recently cause i got hurt and i have medical notes to verify my injury and i ain't collecting neither?..." That is interesting, but the court will not take that into consideration. They will ask you if you owe the money, period. You asked: "...What is Credit Card Arbitration is this something that could benefit me?..." That is where you work a deal with Capital One to set up payments that are more affordable for you. It could have benefited you before they filed a lawsuit against you. That option is off the table now. You asked: "...And does anyone have the credit card agreement copy to Capital One Visa card?..." It is printed on the back of every Capital One bill you received. Here's my advice: when you go to court, leave the attitude at home. This is a business meeting, and you and the Capital One will be conducting business before the court. If you can hold it together and present your true financial picture, you may get off with small payments to repay the debt. You go in with the m/flockers and all that, you may find out how much the court dislikes being disrespected. Good luck to you. - Stuart

    Nice attitude. Maybe if you lost it and spoke with them to work out some sort of agreement, you'd be ok. What I mean is, have you tried speaking with them to explain your situation? Not paying them only hurts you now and in the long run...say goodbye to renting an apartment, buying a car or house, or getting any kind of credit in the future. Some collection agencies will work with you to get the money. Some will even take less than the amount owed....meaning if you act like an adult, they may even only ask you to pay half of what you owe...then again, maybe not. The thing is, they probably already know you don't have a job...or they will find out when they win the court case and start the process to garnish your wages. So either way, they'll get their money. And yes, it's really real court, and in the adult world, lawyers show up to court.

    You can count on them being there for court. Credit Card Arbitration is a chance to make some kind of settlement. Since you have no wages to garnish, they judge will issue a judgement against you which will stay on your credit a long time. If they offer arbitration, take it. You've got nothing to lose.

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    Anything you try to do against them will only work against yourself. There's nothing you can do besides go to court and do what the judge tells you.

    Oh, they will show. They will get a judgment so they can garnish your wages once you are working. It will add up quickly too, they are going to get a bunch of interest, plus the costs of their attorneys.

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