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    Real estate would be Arkadelphia except all you could do with 20K is leverage it and if you can't get a loan that won't work. In that case I would invest in dividend paying large cap stocks. They tend to be fairly safe (not stock is totally safe) in down times and the dividend you get is more than interest you'd get anywhere. Some of the best bets are stocks like McDonalds, Nike, Johnson and Johnson, Deere and Company, Emerson Electric, Coca Cola, Procter and Gamble and Microsoft. They all pay over 2% per year (usually paid quarterly) and are solid companies. To be on the safe side I would do it like this: Open an account at Scottrade and deposit the money. Pick out 4 stocks you like and buy $2,000 into each. Wait for a month or two, then either put $2,000 more in those same stocks or choose 4 more and buy those. Then a few months later buy stock with the remaining $4,000.

    Fixed price bond. Interest premiums on financial savings bills are prime on the second (banks try to draw financial savings to shore up stability sheets). It is distinct to have premiums 2 complete facets bigger than the BOE base price and this surely would possibly not final. Inflationary pressures are decreasing and there might good be a base price reduce within the subsequent month or 2. I might lock in now - there are well premiums at Kaupthing Edge, ICICI Bank, Anglo Irish and Birmingham Midshires. There are others too, giving a go back of seven% or extra (gross). You do not say if you're a tax payer and what price - that might influence your determination.

    If your looking or thinking of a stock to dump it into that is a safe company with a good dividend that also has a history of increasing there dividend year over year and is a solid company with a good balance sheet, makes money no matter what and has a easy business model to understand, then I recommend Exxon-Mobil or Wall-Mart as pretty good stocks and companies.

    You should check out: I used their methods, and have invested like $100 so far and seen some good returns.

    Put everything you have in Beanie Babies, they are currently at an all time low and can go nowhere but up!

How come things always gets in my way of trying to be successful in life ?

  • Kathryne Roberts
    Kathryne Roberts
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    Noah Ward
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  • Ross Beer
    Ross Beer
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  • Jamil Moore
    Jamil Moore
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  • Ari Corwin
    Ari Corwin
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    Russ Armstrong
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    Maribel Runte
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    Janick DuBuque
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