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    I have a 1998 Camry 4 Cylinder that I loaned to my sister. Her boyfriend "tuned it up" and now it is running rough when it had been running well (yeah, I know). He changed the plugs, plug wires, oil, and air filter. My experience is that when the engine is running rough at speed or idle, the first place to look is the plugs and wires, so I thought I'd clear some possibilities before I make him pay for a shop repair. 1st- The plugs are not the recommended RDK platinum tipped, they are an AC/Delco set of the same dimensions. Does the gap have to be adjusted on this brand, and if so, what is the gap for this engine? AND/OR, could the fact that the brand is different from spec recommendation cause such a noticable difference? 2nd- The plug wires are a brand I've not used before (Xact) I know that the firing order is 1,3,4,2, and the distributor is labeled 1,4,2,3. Should the plugs mate to the identical number of cylinder/dist? Or does the cap number designate the firing order?

    Get rid of the crap AC Delco and get NGK. From my experience, Toyota's need NGK plugs to run properly. Also NEVER trust the gap on the plugs out of the box, always verify and gap with a gauge. The cap firing order designates which wire is fired to the plug. The number one cylinder is the one from the timing belt. Take the 1 plug wire from the cap, and put on first cylinder from timing belt side. Then take 4 wire from cap and put on last cylinder furthest away from timing belt side and so on.

    Forget the numbers on the cap. Start it up and take the #1 wire out of the cap; if it slows down or stops, put it back. If it runs the same, leave it out. Do that for all of them. You should have 2 wires left out. Touch one to one cap tower, then the other, till it runs. The other, goes into the other. Batesville far as I know, all 4 cyls are 1,3,4,2; but they don't all go in the same direction. Take the cap off and watch the rotor when some body cranks it.

    They probably got the wires on backwards. if the cap isnt marked, put number 1 cylinder all the way up and then turn the crank to top dead center(0), check before you do that and see which way your rotor turns, then after you get the number 1 all the way up, see wher the rotor is pointing, then start from there and go around the cap with your wires.

    You should always use plugs designed for your car ac/delco are mainly for gm cars. if you are sure about the correct firing order the just start at the #1 on the dist cap and go clock wise with the plug wires

Can a loan company have me arrested ?

  • Luz Dietrich
    Luz Dietrich
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    Bert Orn
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