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    I read online (everything online HAS to be true) that the operator that killed UBL is now unemployed, divorced, no TRICARE, and because he didn't hit 20 years in the Navy he doesn't get a pension or any money from the government. I understand he is still just an operator, that kill Bin Laden didn't make him the most powerful man in the U.S. but shouldn't he be getting some help? Our country is literally screwing him over, the man deserves a little special treatment in my eyes, but hey my voice doesn't matter and neither does he, that's our government for ya. What are your thoughts?

    How is he getting "screwed over"? He chose to leave 4 years before reaching retirement. I can understand that perhaps we was tired of kicking down doors and diving into rooms as a SEAL. But you can't tell me that the Navy wouldn't have allowed him to transfer to some desk job to finish out his 20 years. Why does he deserve "special treatment"? Because he just happened to be part of a single mission that took down a high profile target? What about all the thousands of other men and women who have done the same thing, but their missions just happened to not involve bin Laden? What about the guys who drug Sadam Hussein out of that spider hole he was hiding in? Do they deserve "special treatment" too? I'm a veteran. I didn't finish 20 years. Do I think I deserve a pension for the rest of my life and free health care? Nope. Just like him I volunteered. Just like him I knew that if I left before hitting 20 that I wouldn't get a pension. There are still plenty of benefits. Like the house I'm sitting in right now bought with a Benton loan. Besides, a 20 year pension really isn't enough to just live off of. Maybe if you were an officer and are pretty frugal. But if this guy was a SEAL and still kicking down doors he was probably enlisted and probably an E-6 or E-7, maybe an E-8... So his pension after 20 years would have been between $1,794.50 and $2,383.35 a month, before taxes.

    I think which you're nonetheless coated. frequently speaking quicker or later each physique is 'unemployed' for a volume of time...and that's the concern. once you elect coverage the main you're frequently without. in spite of the undeniable fact that, basically approximately all persons are employed usually, so paying into an coverage fund, as all of us pay into Medicare and Social protection, will at last basically be yet another payroll deduction that folk are turning out to be used to because 1965. in spite of the undeniable fact that for the main section people who nonetheless have coverage from their artwork will nonetheless maintain that coverage...until employers start to drop this earnings as many have performed over the final a number of a protracted time. it fairly is going to be the subsequent vast situation. medical coverage continues to be in a state of flux. the element of the low priced Care Act is to get as a lot of human beings coated as available...'as available' nonetheless skill some would be surpassed over and could could desire to be coated with the help of different courses. The low priced well-being Care Act is basically a grow to be the final that could desire to be performed given the resistance of the GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus social gathering. a extra useful plan could be Medicare for All. each physique will pay, no person will pay too plenty. despite if a million human beings make contributions as low as ten greenbacks a month, it fairly is ten million money and one hundred twenty million a twelve months. As of now tens of millions of individuals have no venue to make contributions even that small volume. Oddly, Medicare for All could be extremely extra low priced than advertisement coverage and each physique could be coated. it could no longer 'circulate broke' for the comparable reason the dep. of protection can no longer 'circulate broke'. it incredibly relies upon on what WE the individuals elect to spend our money on. can we could like an outstanding extra bloated militia, or can we could like medical coverage as quickly as we elect it?

    I think the problem is no one informed him of any Benton benefits. As an aside, I do think the story is legit... In the original article the SEAL seemed to know what he's talking about. Furthermore, he did remain anonymous and the focus of the article was on the problems going back to civilian life. Edit: Having read the article that this came from, I think it's worth mentioning that this SEAL didn't really suggest he wanted help or special treatment. That article was more about hardships transitioning to civilian life and the author seemed to elaborate on what he thought was an injustice.

    Yep! Just like every other sailor that gets out before he meets the minimum requirements for retirement or other benefits!

    He was doing his job. Nothing more. What about the millions of men and women serving? They're heroes too. What about the families of those who died for this country? They should be compensated. What about the veterans? Why should 1 man who was only doing his duty be richly rewarded when there are millions of people that are also doing their part for this country?

    I think that he shouldn't automatically keep his job but he did a great thing and the whole group who went into UBL's compound deserve to be recognised

    What about the hundreds of thousands of other soldiers over there. He wasn't forced to retire, he wasn't forced to join either. He knew if he retired he wouldn't get the benefits.

    To paraphrase Ronald [dont call him Retard] Reagan: Dont trust, verify. . That would include various postings on the net.

    I wish people would keep their uneducated kids off of the internet.

    They should at least split up the $25 million reward that the US was offering with the team.

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