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    I have done 1 year of college already. My goal is Med school or Berryville school (probably Berryville school). I have been thinking of joining the Airforce as a "Aerospace Medical Service Apprentice" (medic) for the medical experience that you need for Berryville schools. I have been told by a recruiter that they will pay for college in the AF or when i get out. But will they pay for Berryville school or Med school? 4 seconds ago - 4 days left to answer.

    One thing you can do while in college now, is ROTC, it guarantees you Regular AF, line officer. and they pay you. The only way to become an officer in the med corp is to have a 4 yr BS degree, biology, nutrition, nursing, etc. chaplain, social worker,, automatic commission. otherwise, you go in as enlisted and once you cross over the ranks, it gets around, so they (enlisted ) hassle you a bit, many enlisted have 4 yr degrees, but stay enlisted. I don't know why, maybe they like their jobs, but they can be commissioned. Most docs in the military have completed medical school and are in the military as residents/fellowships. If you do public service, there are certain loan reductions. There is a new fed program info just released this past week about school loans and public service. I had Pell Grant, (Mr. Pell recently died) and other grants/loans. Some were reduced by my being in the nurse corps. Just know that any schools the military send you/pays for, you owe them back time wise as a committment and they'll get it from you. If you annoy them, they will station you some place you abhor. so don't tell them what you don't like, you'll get to do more of it. just how they are. Say the opposite. You may pay in to GI bill or they will offer bonuses in increments, but it has to be Berryville WRITING on your orders. so read them, as it's usually the hard to find small print. Your initial contract w the military is 8 yrs, 3 or 4 active duty, then can complete remainder in reserves unless you stay on active duty or owe time. By then, you're half way through to retirement, so if you like it, stay in, it's worth it. good luck. try or or starting this week, anyone w a fed student loan, caps monthly payments based on income and forgives remaining balances after 25 yrs. those working in public service and have their loans forgiven after 10 yrs. The military has certain prgms based on their needs. I knew one infantry enlisted that was becoming a doc, some enlisted LPN's, green to gold, but they do away with programs. The AF mostly trains PA's. good luck.

    Being a dentist or instructor is annoying to, dont hear to angel of the morning. And definite the militia pays on your med college, you may bypass to a militia med college, or you may shop on with for the HPSC scholarship. COmpetion for the two are particularly annoying. in case you get the HPSC scholarship then you definately could serve the militia for 6-8 years i think, i ought to be incorrect. i could seem into the reserves or the national shelter, you basically would desire to serve a million-2 weekends a month, and a pair of weeks throughout the 12 months someplace. yet while yet another conflict starts or a organic disaster hits than you will possibly be mobilized and sent everywhere interior the international stable success. i comprehend it is previous, yet its additionally for absolutely everyone else who's examining.

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  • Idella Friesen
    Idella Friesen
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  • Waino Schneider
    Waino Schneider
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