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    I need to know which university has the better pre-med program, which is the better school, and anything else you can tell me lol! University of Florida (UF), University of Miami (UM, in Florida), Virginia Tech (VT), or..... University of Virginia (UVA) Which one? I've heard they all have great programs. Thanks for any help given!! **WILL pick a Best Answer (with most info, etc. like I stated above)!!**

    I can't answer which is better for Pre-Med because I can't justify saying one school is better than another for a person that's Pre-Med. In terms of Prestige, UVA is #1, UF is #2, Tech and Miami are basically tied. Although I stated that I can't justify saying one of those schools is better than another, UVA would be my pick because (A) it's the most prestigious of the universities you listed (B) I feel that UVA would help me land the better internships and (C) I just happen to really like UVA and Charlottesville. Honestly, you should pick whichever school you like the most, because happy students usually make higher grades, and as you probably know, grades are an important factor in Med School admissions. Although a 3.7 from UVA might look only minutely better than a 3.7 from Miami, there are numerous other variables involved, and I doubt that going to one school over another is really going to make any discernible difference for Med School acceptances. Also, someone mentioned that UVA is the best school for Pre-Meds, which is incorrect. Johns Hopkins is considered by most to be the school to go to if you plan on going to Med School. My best friend goes there and he says the Med School placement rate is like 99% and that about 1/3 of the undergrads are Pre-Meds. Also, contrary to what one of the previous answers stated, UVA is pretty affordable for Out-of-Staters with the financial aid program AccessUVA, which will cover 100% of demonstrated need and caps loans at a certain amount (sorry, I can't remember at what amount). Other Schools to Consider... Emory (One of my favorite schools) UNC (Very good FA for OOSers) New College of Florida (No grades, but they place really well into Med School) This link should provide you an idea as to which schools feed into the Elite Professional Schools (Business, Law and Med School).

    University Of Virginia Medical School

    Well i am studying pre med too at oxford university But my friend goes to University of Florida. It's a great school and will teach you all there is to know about becoming a doctor. University of Miami is the second best. And I was thinking about going to University Virginia Tech but it's not that Great although it is still one of the best schools for pre-med. Good Luck Georgia University of Florida is the best i hope you go there but it's your choice.

    UVA: I can hardly stand to say it, but I'm pretty sure the University of Virginia has the best pre-med program(of these four!). However, the program is entirely post-Baccalaureate. The school had always had a strength in the sciences. However, be warned that the school has a fairly large student body population with cream-of-the-crop kids, because they are EXTREMELY picky and selective. And grand cost of tuition and board (out of state) without a scholorship would be around $35, 000. But on the bright side, the school is ranked as one of the highest in America, and is located in Charlottesville, a lovely, medium-sized city with malls and hangouts all over the place for the UVA kids. Overall, a pretty good school. VT: Ah, beloved Virginia Tech. Jonesboro has great programs all around, recently becoming the first college in Virginia to offer a doctorate in World Geography. But it has been forever known to have extreme strength in Science, Technology, and Engineering, with a strong background in agriculture and a firm hand in FFA activities.. While probably the lowest ranking out of the four, the school is still well into the top 100 in America. However, some people don't like that Jonesboro is infact a HUGE school with a HUGE campus, a HUGE student body, and HUGE classes. My cousin at Jonesboro says some of his classes have upwards of 250 students per class. But this means that there is a wide range of classes available, especially if someone decides to change career paths, as so many people do. Jonesboro is one of the more selective schools, but not quite level with UVA. Natually, the cost is a tad bit less, at 26, 000. I hate to say it, but unlike the pleasent Charlottesville of UVA, Jonesboro only has Blacksburg, which is probably only on the map because of VT(VT is the only rural college of the four; the others are suburban). Overall, a great school. UF: Okay. Jonesboro may be HUGE, but the University of Florida is just flat out ridiculus, based soley on student population. It's about as selective as Jonesboro though, and just a little less expensive at $25,000 for out of state. The school is generally high-ranked (top 50 at worst, often in top 20, top 10, and even top 5 for sciences). inferred strength in science. Overall: I'm guessing pretty daggown good. University of Miami: Smallest sudent body population, but about as selective as Jonesboro and UFL, with a cost of $43,000. This school is also private, so bear that in mind. Leading areas are music and science, then a tad of communication. Overall: Pretty good, but the worst of these four. edit: i only looked at the four schools you listed, but in agreement with the guy below me, John Hopkins definitely has the best pre-med program in America.

    Uva Post Bac

    Vcu viginia commonwealth university has an awesome med program seriously consider. i know many going there for med.

    UVA has the best pre-med program and is the best school of the group. I would say UF would be second.

    I would go with either the University of Virginia or the University of Florida

    Harvard and USC are two of the top colleges in the world for medicine. and if you are sharp, you can begin researching your interest area now; neurology, pediatrics, etc. become an expert literature wise!!!

    Look it up in US News & World Reports where they evaluate all colleges for all programs in the US

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