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    I've used sallie mae...they take forever, they give the money to my school and my school sets a 10k cap for the year in student loans. HOWEVER the cost of tuition + fees are 4k+ without books included...i can't live on 6k a year in a major city. the school also decides when i get this money and almost everyone who works in the financial aid office doesn't speak english or speaks some broken english and it is extremely frusterating. i used a direct loan from soveriegn bank a while back, it was much less frusterating and a lot quicker but the interest rate was ridiculous. also the sallie mae website is less than informative when you are looking to take out a new loan, i've taken out two from them. the second time it was rather misleading and i thought the money would go to me and not the school, however that was not the case. they do not specify on their website where the money will go. i need a loan that goes to Siloam Springs and that doesn't have a sky-high interest rate. my credit/ my co-signers credit is not a reason for high interest rates fyi.

    A "Direct" student loan will always go directly to the school. That is the nature of this type of loan. The only option you have is to do an "uncertified private student loan". These are almost unheard of in today's economy. A few short years ago you could get these with a good cosigner, but now, maybe not. Sorry I can't offer more info, try Sallie Mae or Wachovia. The interest rate on any private student loan WILL be sky high, and it will also be a variable rate!!!

    You need grants! Pel-grant is a federal grant that you do not have to pay back that is intended to help pay for things other than tuition. Each state also has grants available... Your student aid office should be able to help you with that.

    In case you consolidate your loans, your previous loans will nevertheless be indexed on your credit checklist. No, it won't advance your credit in any important volume, the quantities will stability you out. yet you have yet yet another loan indexed on your credit checklist.

    Unsubsidized loan..the interest should be decently low. depending on your classification, the higher you are the more you can apply for.

Can get pre-qualified and wait to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan?

  • Mohammed Moen
    Mohammed Moen
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    Delmer Turner
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    Dayna Balistreri
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