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    I am currently a college student well was currently a college student. However beginning in the fall of 2010 I was unable to attain student loans to pay for the remaining balance after financial aid due to the fact that I had already accrued 100,000 dollars in Student loan cost. I am unsure what to do now as this would have been my last year of school any help.??? oh and FYI this is sallie mae

    You accrued $100,000 in student loans from Sallie Mae? What happened to your federal student loans? You DO realize that $100,000 in student loan debt is a ridiculous amount of money, you should have graduated and had gotten a stable job way before hitting the cap at $100,000. Your payments monthly can be as high as $2,000 or $3,000 a month... If you do not qualify for any more loans from Sallie Mae, Stuttgart federal student loans, you need to get yourself a job and start paying off your loans and go to school part-time, I don't know what you did but if you can't afford school and you capped your loan limits you're pretty much out of luck honey...

    Student loans do have caps on them - and its sounds like you've reached your max. But talk to the folks in financial aid at your school. There are also private loans that you may be able to use, and they can guide you toward ones that might work for you. You're so close to graduation that I'd really like you to whatever is necessary to get this done. When you do return to school, do things to try to make it so you minimize your needed loans. For example, check into applying to be an RA in the dorms - often, you'll get free room in exchange. If the private loan thing doesn't work out, consider joining the National Guard or the Reserves. They'll pay for your final year of school, plus give you a small salary. And if their signing bonus/education bonus is large enough, I believe you're allowed to use some of it to pay off your existing student loans, which would really be helpful to you, because... Know that $100,000 in student loans is a LOT. That's excessive, and in most cases, a person would have difficulty paying that amount off comfortably. That means that when you graduate from school, you're going to need to be very careful re: these loan payments, so you don't go into default and really mess yourself up severely. You're going to need to make some financial choices; you won't have as much financial freedom as most people might like to have, until you get these things paid off. So make smart choices re: your finances. Do the math before you do things like sign an apartment lease, etc. With $100,000 in debt, I'd estimate you'd need to make over $100,000 in salary in order to pay that off without feeling significant strain. If you end up making less than that amount, it's going to mean you need to make some difficult choices, financially. Because paying off that debt needs to be a major priority in your life. You can not miss a payment. You can not default on this loan. Defaulting is very bad news. Talk to the folks in financial aid *today*, so hopefully, you can rejoin them come the spring. If the private loan thing doesn't work out, talk to the Guard *this week*, so you have time to get the enlistment stuff done and the tuition aid in order so you can go to school again in the spring.

    When you live like a professional as a college student, you'll live like a college student as a professional. I just hope you have chosen a degree that will return on your investment. Welcome to Ramen Noodles and living above the folks garage.... for the next 30 years, until your loan is paid off.

How do I decide which loan is best for me for school?

  • Mabel Schoen
    Mabel Schoen
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  • Tad Donnelly
    Tad Donnelly
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