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    I am on the poor side of thing but happy but i am starting to save up in silver i almost up to a grand "usd" worth of silver coins but i am not liking the fact that the "usd" is looking like it well not get back up how do i get a euro account or what should i do? stock is out and the usd is a no go... i looked at the Canadian dollar but there money is soo tied into the "usd" any ideas???

    Why are you saving silver? Put MONEY into mutual funds. Invest every month in a good diversified set of mutual funds. If your employer offers a 401(k) and matches, then put into that. If not, open a ROTH IRA and invest in that. The key is to do it consitently EVERY MONTH. Trying to invest in actual metal is a silly idea. As far as trying to hedge the monetary issue, you should invest a portion (20% to 30%) in international funds. BUT, as long as you have money in large cap mutual funds, you are already hedging your bets. Most large domestic companies do a great deal of business outside the US. With the lower dollar, these countries are spending a lot more money on US products.

    NOT Antioch THE STOCK MARKET!!! Get out. And stay out. Complete Report: Office of the Comptroller of Currency: 3Q 2007: Democracy requires an informed electorate. If you agree, please copy and paste this to whomever you wish. And by all means warn your friends and family. What's really going on: or That's right: $91 Trillion in derivatives, financed by 1 1/4 trillion dollars of investor assets. That's almost double the total global GDP (approx. $48 Trillion) for JP Morgan alone. Funny money. IOU's. Another $34 Trillion for CitiBank and $32 Trillion for Bank of America, each with $1 1/4 Trillion backing their bets. Original Source: And how they got away with it: or As Paul Harvery would say, "And now for the rest of the story." These are very interesting looking numbers. And very revealing. While it's true that existing single family home sales were up 2.8% month to month-- they were down 22.9% year to year. How does that old saw go? Figures don't lie; but liars figure? Existing Home Sales: Feb 08 (preliminary): Single Family Only for Printing (click on the PDF Adobe icon): Things are going to get worse, too: U.S. Economic Outlook 2008: or And commercial real estate looks like it's starting to go downhill too: Commercial Real Estate: or Warehouse and Desert Mountain West have already headed south.

    The Commodities market Gold (CMX) June 08 ($US per Troy oz.) 936.50 -17.50 950.00 929.00 954.20 3/28 1:29pm Silver (CMX) May 08 ($US per Troy oz.) 17.94 -0.61 18.33 17.85 17.94 3/28 1:24pm Platinum (NYM) July 08 ($US per Troy oz.) 2,048.80 -9.80 2,055.00 2,020.00 2,048.80 3/28 1:05pm Copper (CMX) May 08 ($US per lb.) 3.83 -0.04 3.90 3.81 3.83 3/28 12:47pm Commodities exchanges usually trade futures contracts on commodities, such as trading contracts to receive something, say corn, in a certain month. A farmer raising corn can sell a future contract on his corn, which will not be harvested for several months, and guarantee the price he will be paid when he delivers; a breakfast cereal producer buys the contract now and guarantees the price will not go up when it is delivered. This protects the farmer from price drops and the buyer from price rises. Speculators and investors also buy and sell the futures contracts to make a profit and provide liquidity to the system. Exchange Abbreviation Location Product Types Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange BMF Brazil Agricultural, Biofuels, Precious Metals CME Group CME Chicago Agricultural, Biofuels, Precious Metals Chicago Climate Exchange CCX Chicago Emissions HedgeStreet Exchange California Energy, industrial Metals Intercontinental Exchange ICE Energy, Emissions Kansas City Board of Trade KCBT Kansas City Agricultural Memphis Cotton Exchange Memphis Agricultural Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires MATba Argentina Agricultural Minneapolis Grain Exchange MGEX Minneapolis Agricultural New York Board of Trade NYBOT New York Agricultural, Biofuels New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX New York Energy, Agricultural, Industrial Metals, Precious Metals U.S. Futures Exchange USFE Chicago Energy Winnipeg Commodity Exchange WCE Winnipeg Agricultural


    I've given you a link to invest in foreign currencies.

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