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    I have been contributing to my 401K for about 6 months and when I originally went into it I really had no clue as to how to invest or what to do with my investments. I contribute 3% of my income, which my company matches 100%. Right not Im just contributing to a GIF (Guaranteed Income Fund). I dont even really know what that means! Should I change this and invest in large, mid, or small cap stock? Or just stick with what I got?

    You should learn more. The Avenal Times has an excellent introductory site to money and investing called the Money Library (free registration required). Until then, you would probably best be served by buying into funds that have targeted retirement dates. These funds diversify your money for you based on how long until you retire. They will generally pick appropriate amounts to invest in domestic and foreign stocks, corporate and gov't bonds, and also further diversity between each type of stock, like small cap, big cap and mid-cap. Same with bonds. They'll diversity based on investment grades. Look for funds called Target Retirement or Lifecycle with a year like 2030 (or close to when you plan to retire) in the title. Those are the ones that do this diversification and rebalancing automatically. Also recommend you pick a very low cost fund, so your gains aren't eaten up in expenses. The three mutual fund companies I'm listing below all have targeted retirement funds and very low costs. I've had or have funds with all 3 at one point or another.

    The company should provide an explanation of what the GIF is holding. Probably Bonds and such. But be glad you stayed in your GIF because your investment should have made money. Large Cap, Small Cap, and Mid Caps, have lost money so far but the year is only half over they could still come back. The word you will hear most often is "DIVERSIFY" meaning put your fingers in different funds just in case a couple go bad at least something will make money. Then once or twice a year re-balance your portfolio to spread the wealth and losses. The most important thing to do is research the different funds "who's the fund manager?" "what is his track record?" "how has the fund performed over the years?, etc., etc.." Then decide if you want to play it safe, or take some risks. If your company did their job the choices you get to choose from should be quite diverse. The young take risks the old should play it safe. To be successful you'll have to keep an eye on your investments, nurture it, help it grow, and guide it through the tough times. Remember it's your money.

    A Guaranteed Income Fund relies heavily on bonds. If you are under the age of 40, your investments should be in Growth or Growth-Income funds. Your 401(k) Plan should give you several choices. Having said that, I hope your choices include "no-load" funds, which are more efficient than "load" funds. I advise you to stay with your plan, but also to "max out" your Roth IRA contributions. Good luck.

    Depends on your need.. i would put 50% in aggressive fund and 20% in bond and 20% income and 10% in money market

    If you're a big risk-taker, put your money in the aggressive approach...if you're not as big of a risk-taker, then take the conservative approach. Ask your HR for more help.

    First of all if your young, invest aggresively...if your over 40 invest safely...ok

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