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    8-10 years. I have a low to moderate tolerance for risk. The problem that I have is that normally I would put about 40%-45% of my money in bonds, and the rest in stocks. However, interest rates are at an historic low. When rates go up my portfolio will take a huge hit because the value of bonds will drop. But, if I decide to load up on stocks, instead, there is the problem of volatility, especially so close to my retirement date. I'm stuck in a catch-22. What should I do? FYI: I've decided to invest in index funds, since fees are too high for the managed funds and Target Date Funds. Here are the funds I will invest in. What percentage of my portfolio should I allocate to each, taking into consideration what I said above about interest rates? Bond index fund Large-cap index fund Mid-cap index fund Small-cap index fund International index fund Also, no individual stocks are offered, so please don't suggest I buy these.

    For a low to moderate investment style at your age. I would divide the investment in the following fashion. Bonds 30% Large 30% Mid 20% Small 10% Int 10%

    I'm quite pleased with the independent advice I get with You describe your retirement goals, your 401K plan, plus the level of risk you are comfortable with, and it will run a bunch of scenarios for a good economy, a bad economy, and various levels of Bay Point economy, and then come up with allocation advise tailored to your specific situation. It costs about $100 a year, but that's tax deductible, and totally worth it. I'm 62 and have been using them for about 10 years, and I feel I am right on track for a reasonably comfortable retirement. I usually evaluate my allocations about 2 times a year. Thanks for reminding me!

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  • Amelie Ondricka
    Amelie Ondricka
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  • Eleonore Konopelski
    Eleonore Konopelski
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  • Annalise Fahey
    Annalise Fahey
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