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    Hi I'm 25yo and I just started working at a new company that offers a 401K plan. I have $2500 that I will rollover into my new account and I plan to contribute 15% of every check. Plus my company will match me up to 6%. My company option are as follows: COMPANY STOCK TOYOTA ADR FUND LARGE CAP DODGE & COX STOCK FID CONTRAFUND FID GROWTH COMPANY FID US EQ INDX CL 2 MID CAP FIDELITY LOW Berkeley STK SMALL CAP LD ABBETT SMCP BLD I INTERNATIONAL FID DIVERSIFIED INTL BLEND FUND FID BALANCED FID FREEDOM 2000 FID FREEDOM 2005 FID FREEDOM 2010 FID FREEDOM 2015 FID FREEDOM 2020 FID FREEDOM 2025 FID FREEDOM 2030 FID FREEDOM 2035 FID FREEDOM 2040 FID FREEDOM 2045 FID FREEDOM 2050 FID FREEDOM INCOME BOND INVESTMENT FIDELITY MIP II CL 3 PIM TOTAL RT INST IRight now I'm thinking 10% Company, 25% International, 48% Large Cap and 17% Small cap. Does what I have planned look reasonable? Any advice or ideas? Thanks

    Your allocation looks good... I will just add this little piece of info... Contrafund, Fidelity Low-Priced and Fid Diversfied Intl are all closed to new investors...IF your plan can get you in...jump at those least a little ( nice to have a foot in THOSE doors) Maybe split your large cap between Dodge& Cox and Contra...and tweak a little from small cap or company into FLPSX. Long time Fido investor and those three have been good to wife and friends... being a little heavier in Diversified you could easily average 18 or 19% with the combo...and that equals a double in four years...and THAT is how you end up with a NESTEGG !

    I think your percentages may be a bit aggressive (which is usually a good thing for a 25 year old). The Dodge and Cox stock fund has a tremendous reputation, so definitely put some of the 48% for your large cap into that one. I highly recommend that and the Diversified International fund. Fidelity Contrafund is also one I like a lot. Don't forget to put some into the midcaps as well. Be careful having too much in company stock, too. I would do 5% company, 31% large cap (with 12-13% in Dodge and Cox and at least 10-15% in the stock index fund for its cheap fees, rest in others if you like), 25% international, 13% small cap, 13% mid cap, and the last 13% in the bond funds. In down years, having some of that in the bond funds will make more sense (like this year). You can always change it up down the line. Be sure to watch things like which funds have high expense ratios that will hurt your return over time. Oh and congrats on being a responsible 25 year old. I can't tell you how often I prompt younger workers to start in the company 401k and they just ingore it or say they can't. Its very important to start early!

    You game plan sound reasonable, of course the will be some that will talk you out of it, and others will say it's great. You might want to think about putting a little bit more in your company's stock at the expense of large capital You can always change if you want, you're not lock in for the next 20 years, You can go to MSN money, and under the Mutual Fund tab, you can check the Morningstar rating for you funds, - they should be 4 or 5 star. Good luck, your allocation are good, you're on the right path. Without having more information about your personal information, current income and other data including risk tolerance, martial status, and demographics it would be very inappropriate for me or any other experience person to provide specific information in this type of media

    You want to stay diversified. You also should avoid more than 4% of your holdings in any one stock, including company stock. You can't afford to have at 10% exposure to one stock. I would consider indexed funds before managed funds; this will reduce your management fees, which come out of the fund. Even at your age, you should probably hold a small amount (maybe 10%) in bond funds or less volatile holdings. The targeted funds are often a good choice - but check out their track records. The advantage here is that they adjust your mix of investments automatically over time. I'd look at maybe putting 25% of your investments in this type of fund - remember that these count toward your large cap, small cap and bond investments

    It is reasonable. This is an "opinion question", of course. I would limit your company stock to 5%, decrease the small-cap portion to 12% and include 10% in an investment-grade bond fund. can just use the appropriate target-date fund.

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