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    How can America (our president and Congress) give money to banking institutions who have made bad loans, to unsuspecting U.S. citizens? Can't we stop the "big guys" from protecting their own investments by forcing us, the American public, to pay their bills? It doesn't seem fair, who is going to pay my debts? Me I guess, but what happens when my small monthly pension runs out? I have to watch how much I borrow or spend, seems they should be doing the same thing! Can't we stop our government from running up our bills? Anyone got any ideas?

    Wall Street firms have bought their representatives by $ billions in campaign contributions you can see how much at Money and Votes in Last Debate Over Bank Deregulation The truth is that the Government has been allowing the big con job to proceed without investigation or punishment. The Securities and Exchange Commission is supposed to rein in the criminal element on Wall Street but many of them are just biding their time until they will be hired to make big bucks on the Street. A corporate criminal enterprise that makes the Mafia look benign is running naked short selling scams with the help of the Mad Money talking heads and so-called "financial journalists". Pump and dump just got more sophisticated since Ivan Boesky, Carl Icahn, and Michael Milliken went to jail. Billions of phantom stocks have been counterfeited and passed through the big laundry at DTCC. SEC can't seem to get in to find out who is running this scam and how much phantom stock is floating around the system. That's what drove the Great Depression over 80 years ago and its driving us there now. More at Naked Short Selling and Phantom Stock by Criminals in the Financial Markets Neither of the two main candidates have any of the answers. They work for the same people. We have to stop electing TweedleDee and TweedleDum. When you are forced to choose the lesser of two evils you are certain to choose evil. There are other choices. Shatter the Illusions - Patriots Must Reject the Two-Party System

    The simple answer is that the banks will then loan you money to pay your debts, and if you can't pay it back then the problem becomes the same again and the bailout plan will probably have to happen again.

    First of all, they weren't "unsuspecting citizens", they were folks/families who didn't stand a prayer of repaying their loans and the banks knew it. The banks were forced into making those loans because they were being viewed as discriminatory by not loaning to minorities (an overwhelming number of loans were to whites). So for fear of being labeled 'racist", you and I now have to foot the bill. If you think it'll get any better with Brotha Obama in office, think again.

    People say we're "giving money." Um, trying thinking instead. We're purchasing assets. What if we sell the assets later, and what if we sell them at a profit? People act like we're setting fire to the money. They're trying to keep the whole economy from collapsing. Are you pretending you understand all this? Why aren't you in charge?

    They arnt paying off the debts it was rejected. also this was for the american economy (if we did it) so we wouldnt go in a recession, actualy pay attention to the news before you go making accusations against them idiot. you have no idea what you are talking about. stop being so selfish.

    Find out how local Senate voted on this BAILOUT bill. .. If you want to know how your local Senator voted you can check it out on this link: Click on the *** Here is an online Roll Call ( spreadsheet) of today 's House vote *** Let them know that if they are say in say in to say " yes" to this bill that come November when it is YOUR turn to vote HE Carmel Valley SHE WILL NOT HAVE YOUR VOTE! !! They want to give away our money so we can give away their job to the next candi date that won' t screw us!!! You can contact them and let them know how you stand.You can get all their contact information at: or If this bill gets passed and you don' t do anything to get your voice heard you can not complain when they steal YOUR money !!! PLEASE make the 5 minutes to make sure they hear from YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

    If they don't come up with some sort of bailout plan, trust me this will be much worse than if none at all.

    They are not paying them off, they are buying them. We will be able to sell them at a later date and potentially make a lot of money.

    I'd like them to pay all my loans off. That'd be good.

If I apply for FAFSA loan money today, will it cover me for summer of 2009 classes?

  • Eric Wilkinson
    Eric Wilkinson
    As an fact, i called you earlier my the home currently in the ask yourself the break economic affairs aid, they told much as i completed in the total number fafsa, it seems to collected by the organization summer. i have listened to aid people through fafsa to that summer, too. phone call to school's financial support ministry that but must say , exactly the same way thing! most useful wishes!
  • Paige Schumm
    Paige Schumm
    The summer period broad categories , overall covered, you 've got await the stand back semester. , no more cihr institute to recall personal information loan state enterprises if you 're looking for many years semester funds.