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    Didn't anyone else notice Obama's comment to the woman last night who asked why we should believe either candidate when both parties are to blame? Obama said he knows it's tough on us. "You might not be able to go out to dinner as much. Maybe you can't buy that new car." EXCUSE ME????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are worried about whether or not they're going to be able to put gas in their cars, pay their bills, keep their jobs, or FIND jobs, we're in a recession very possibly facing the next Great Depression and Mr.-People's-Man says THIS!!!!! I'd like to punch that arrogant smirk right off his hypocritical face.

    To all the idiots who didn't understand the question the first time (you are obviously the people Obama is speaking to - you're biggest problem is not being able to go out to dinner). YES! I am angry! Why? Because people are working their butt's off just to be able to pay their bills and make it until the next pay check, my father, who has been a successful business man is entire life, has NO business coming in and the job he was supposed to get has fallen through because of a hiring freeze. Look for a job? HA! Yeah, he's been doing that for about a year. As for me, I graduated last year and with Bachelor's degree I haven't been able to find full-time job to pay the bills. I'm working, but I certainly can't support myself with what I'm making. So, it pretty much infuriates me when I hear the possible next president of the U.S., the one who professes to understand the "people," tell me that he understands how I feel because I "can't go out to dinner as much." Get it?

    Hey OBAMA/B 2008. What exactly was your point because by pasting the transcript you proved mine. He thinks we're hurting because we have to "cut back" - because we can't go out to dinner as much. NO - we're hurting because we can't pay our bills, people are losing jobs, and jobs are becoming more and more scarce by the day. Here in Carpinteria we have the highest unemployment rate in the country. When you grow up and have to be a big girl, you'll understand. Until then keep your mouth shut and for God's sake stay away from the voting booth.

    You may want to but guess what you won't punch in his face. Get a gripe. Finally someone is looking out for those of us who do work, but can't seem to still make ends meet. I for one, am very glad. The Republican Party, had a chance. 8 long years, and look at the mess our country is in. Thank God for Obama. He is That Man what will take us where we need to go. President Obama, I salute you.

    As opposed to McCain, whose 12 houses are fully staffed and who has 13 cars? He can relate? If we go out to dinner we are providing jobs for the servers, cooks, dishwashers, truck drivers and farmers behind it all. If we buy a new car we are providing jobs for the workers that build the cars, market and sell them. Disposable income in the hands of the middle class is a powerful economic tool.

    I think you dont understand. he wasnt saying that is what is going on, it was an example. much like a math problem, its an exaggeration to make a point, but you know its not reality. of course we are worried about gas, future, bills. most people do not buy new cars every day. most people do not go out to dinner every day. those are just things you cut back on bc you are having trouble with the important things. it is no secret that we have high gas problems, less jobs, no jobs, bills piling up. i live in michigan and we (my husband and i) cannot find a job for the life of us. we are living off savings and paying for our own healthcare. its draining us.

    Yes, and make sure you have the right air pressure in your tires. You can save so much money, and maybe one day, you can live the American dream. What an idiot. Obama makes me want to throw up. He is dumber then a box of rocks. If Obama wins, we won't have a pot to piss in, or a window o throw it out of. I can't wait, can you? Democrat for McCain/Palin 2008.

    Well it would be nice for some people if they could afford new cars im sure. Get rid of the old junkers and buy something more fuel efficient. Also who doesn't like a night out once in a while? You're making mountains of mole holes. You're pretty angry. Cool down then come back to talk with the adults.

    Thats kind of rude. no offence, but im trying to say that he did not mean it like that. he doesnt think we'rehurting, he thinks that people would ENJOY going out to dinner more, enjoy getting a new car, and not have to WORRY about the recession anymore, about the higher prices. hes saying that people dont go out to dinner anymore because of the high prices, and hed like to help!!! thats all ! arrogant smirk? hes so not arrogant. a person like that wouldnt be winning in the popular vote right now. and how is he hypocritical...? theres nothing in your statement that says that he is. and im really not trying to be mean or anything, im just trying to explain myself.

    Don't misconstrue answers dude - thinking concretely like that will cause you to miss big pictures. Obviously no one thinks that's why we are hurting. If you can't be objective in listening to an answer, because obviously you don't like Obama, then I can't help you. Listen to his speeches every other of the days' speeches. Or keep trying to attack him on little things - your choice.

    It's not the presiden't fault for everything, dear. The President is not the scapegoat for everything going on with the economy and your househould. Maybe somebody in your house needs to find a better job.

    Keep bashing Obama over things like "he said we can't go out to eat" ...think about what your argument is for the person who is going to lead our country...if you are basing you voting privilege on that, well...then I guess thats your decision...until you give me something McCain has to offer accept not liking Obama, I'll open my eyes, but as long you Republicans keep making smears about Obama talking about eating dinner you are only going to make people want to vote for Obama even more.

    Okay, miss know it all, here's a word for word transcript of last nights debate. Take a good long hard look..

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