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    I'm specifically looking for answers from parents, as we all know most kids over 10 think their parents owe them a cell phone; I don't need to be reminded of this. Here's my concern about getting a cell phone for a kid too early: You get your 12-year-old a cell phone, and they decide to download some $50 or more of ring tones and games or other junk that you can't afford and they can't either since they don't have a job. Your cell phone service gets suspended because you can't pay the bill thanks to your kid, and then when you finally pay your bill you've got restore fees, bringing up the next bill that you again can't afford so your service gets suspended again with restore fees the next month. Then you end up with this domino effect month after month and can't get caught up. By now, you've taken the cell phone away from the kid, but the damage has already been done. Would you put yourself in that situation? Or would you not allow them to have a cell phone until they're at least 15 or 16 and have a stable job and can pay their portion of the bill, as a cell phone is truly a luxury, not a necessity? Or would you have them wait until they're 18 and can put it in their own name so they're not screwing with your credit if they run up a high bill?

    My kids can have one when they are working, and they pay for it. We may buy them their first phone, but we will only allow them to have pre-paid. They will have to provide for their credit and everything else they want. No child of mine will have a bill phone, especially not on our account.


    Okay, so I'll admit that for the longest time I was not going to get my son a cell phone until he was in junior high (7th grade). This is the age when many kids start taking part in after school athletics, etc. HOWEVER, I caved and just got my 11-year-old (5th grader) a cell phone. I let him "practice" first on a cell phone that didn't have any service to prove he could be responsible with it. Besides, he liked it because even though it didn't have service, he could still take pictures with it. I liked it because even a cell phone without service can call 911. Anyway, my son does pay for his phone ($10 a month) AND I made him pay for the entire year up front with money he earns by mowing the lawn and with some of his birthday money.


    My kids are all in Athletics and have been for years, my Girls both have Cheer Practice and my youngest daughter has Softball Practice as well, my Son...Football Practice during F.B.Season and Wrestling Practice during Wrestling Season...and so on and so on, they have had Cell Phones since they were 10 years old so I could stay in touch with them and them with me in case a practice was cancelled or was running late or if I forgot to pick them up on the age a child gets a cell phone depends on their activity level from my point of kids have never once ran over on calls nor texts as they are on Unlimited for $58.00 a month.

    Im sorry but your kid should be old enough to realize not to spend $50 on ring tones... even if they are 12 years old or 16 whenever you feel that they are responsible and will be considerate about the money that is spent towards a phone. I wouldn't just assume that your kid would do that!

    My daughter got hers when she was eight (she is now 10). Most of the children in our neighborhood and her school have them by between 8 and 10. To the contrary, I've never heard of a child in my daughter's little 'group' that has done anything such as what you're afraid of- She knows how many messages she is allowed, she knows how many minutes of our plan she is allotted, and she knows not to download ANYTHING- I have actually forbid her from using the internet access on her phone and we've had no problem and I don't expect any. Why? Because she knows what is expected. SHE checks her minutes and her usage, SHE knows when her billing cycle ends so she won't go over, and she knows if we can't reach her but her friends can, the phone is gone. All that said, I still think it depends on the child. I don't foresee her younger sister getting a phone at eight, because she just isn't as organized and self-reliant by nature- she'd be one who would lose it. My child is a very responsible girl and I know I can trust her with it, there are other children who may not be mature enough for that responsibility until they are 12 or even 14; it depends on the child as well as the age. I know one of her friends has lost two phones- but that is a child who shouldn't have had the phone yet and I could have told you that before she ever had one! But children can't learn responsibility if we don't give them anything to learn it with. When she wanted a new phone which was an 'up grade' from the one we originally bought her, she saved money for eight months to get it. For her and us, it's a good tool. (But I should add, because we have a bit of a unique situation in that our family is spread all over the globe, we use only cell and internet phone services in order to control our bills- if we had a regular 'land line' she could use, who knows, I may have waited. But not until 15. I think the kids who go crazy with downloads etc, are the kids who think of it as a 'novelty'.)

    My parents got me a phone when I turned 16 and got my license so that if i had car trouble i would have the phone to contact someone so it was for emergencies only! kids under 16 do not need cell phones . every building has a phone So if they need to call you from school they can use the school phone.

    My friend's daughter had a cheap cell phone, a "pre-paid" that she used for emergencies (like when she missed the school bus). She was 12. That cheap phone did not have Internet Access, no photos and no other fancy things so she could not spend on it. It was clear it was for emergencies ONLY. Behave like a parent and try to make your kid responsible.

    I have told my kids that I will get them cell phones when they are 15 unless they have a job to pay the bill before that. xox

    Ok... this is a good question. im a parent and my 13 yearold daughter has just started highchool this year and you NEED a phone!! what happens if you miss their bus? if you get lost? you have to stay after school? all sorts of things. And teenagers go out alot so ... its really useful!! i never let my kids go out without a phone! Its too dangerous!! what if something happens!! So mi'll say deffinately buy a phone the year kid goes to highschool! if they're already in highschool, than get one now!!!! I know your worried about the downloading thing! me too but just tell them that your only alowed to use them for emergencies so it doesn't cost as much and u werent have to pay extra. Also tell them that if the bill is over $___ you won't get your phone back for a while and that also means that your grounded because they're not alowed out without their phone!!!!!!!!!! TRUST Castaic this WILL work!! goodluck!!

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