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    My siamese/manx tom has an eye infection that I've fought tooth and nail. Finally, I saved what I was told over the phone by the vet assistant that would probably be the cost of the visit and any meds prescribed (I'm on a fixed income). When my baby was seen, the vet said that penicillin tabs would probably be enough to cure the eye infection. When I went to pay the bill, I had $120 to pay the bill. It turned out to be $279 for the bill! Unless I can come up with the rest of the money, I can't get the meds. I don't know anyone that could lend that amount to me. The town I'm in and the area doesn't have any animal charity organizations I can turn to. Is this an acceptable way to handle an animal in need (I'm talking about the witholding of the meds). Don't vets have similar oaths like M.D.'s to not cause any more harm to a sick animal?

    LawL,If he got hit by a car then the car would have to run into my house doing 35 mph!Gunnery Sargent(Sarge for short)is agoraphobic.He has never been out of the house except to go for shots and getting neutered.Even then,I use a carrier and have to open the top door and stroke him to calm him down.I am responsible!When we moved up from Citrus I had to get his records so I could keep his new vet informed.An update on Sarge's condition.I spoke to the vet that comes out to the no-kill shelter where I volunteer.He told me to not take my animals to that vet anymore.He charged on visits in the county.Dr Kimberley told me to go and get my baby,then follow him to his office.His office was only 2 miles from my danged house!He examined Sarge,took some blood samples,collected some of the discharge from his eye,then prescribed amoxicillin,Benadryl,and an antifungal.He also gave me a lubricant to place in Sarge's eyes so they wouldn't stay irritated.He refused payment!Sarge's eyes are clearing up!!

    Hi.. :) You should go to it is like a credit card that can be used for veterinarian costs and other medical things.. If you have good credit you should get approved or you can use a cosigner, usually you will know within minutes if you are approved and then all you need to do is print it until they send you a card and take the printed approval to your vet, you can call around and ask if they accept it, and your monthly payments wont be very expensive, about $25 a month or so depending on how much the cost is for your kitty to get treated.. I really do hope you get approved or find another way to help your baby.. :) Good Luck to you and your kitty!! I hope he/she gets better soon!!! :)

    It's YOUR responsiblity. I'm sorry, and vets do have an oath (not the Hypocratic, but a similar idea)- but you have to play your part too by only owning an animal if you have enough money for anything that happens. This is just an eye infection- what if it got hit by a car or get cancer? Surely this must have crossed your mind when you decided to get a cat despite being on fixed income? However, having said that, I'm sure there's a chariety in a local town that you can turn to help you out.

    Hi, its awful that your vet wont help your cat. But that aside, i have in the past visited a homeopathic vet, who has told me a great trick. and best of all it works! you have to go and make yourself a cup of tea, let it cool and with a clean swab or eye make up remover (not cotton balls as they can get stuck in the cats eye), clean the cats eye, do this 3 times daily. it works due to the tanine in the tea having antibacterial properties. (tea is also great on itchy bites and sun burn but that is another story). make sure you use a clean swab each time, and it may be an idea to clean both eyes (with different swabs). it may take a bit longer than anti biotics from the vet, but it should help. Good luck.

    He should have a payment pla. maybe you could go to a different vet so u cn strt the slate clean. pay off the old vet as soon as u can however. the most important thing is your cats health or it will surely get worse. even a visit to the rspca would suffice

    Its probly a cold....i found a kitten that had a really bad eye gunk.and the vet said it was from a get some pet wipes from the pet store and just clean the eyes best you can.

    He seriously won't do a payment plan? Call some other vets maybe they can help you out. Sorry hon. I def. would not go to them again.

Are there any grants I could apply for to re-pay student loans?

  • Nyasia Bruen
    Nyasia Bruen
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  • Caitlyn McGlynn
    Caitlyn McGlynn
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  • Eleanora Romaguera
    Eleanora Romaguera
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  • Lucinda Erdman
    Lucinda Erdman
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