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    My grandma is 84 and is in need of some type of assisted living community. She can take care of herself, but needs some assistance. My mom loves caring for my grandma but over the years, my grandma has become increasingly more demanding. My grandma is very stubborn and refuses to realize how much of a toll she is taking on my mom. My mom has a family of her own and although she loves helping my grandma, she has been forced into neglecting her immediate family to run errands on a daily basis for my grandma. We would like to get her into an assisted living community but it is significantly more expensive than all of us can afford combined. We feel it would take much convincing to get her ti agree to moving in the first place, but she would love having accessible friends and help at the drop of a dime. Also, the activities would stimulate her mind and she would be happy there. We would visit on a daily basis and the visits would be happier visits than they are now. The problem is how to afford such a thing. Any suggestions? (she currently has a house but doesn't want to sell it right away, she has limited savings/CDs/annuities/etc. She receives a check every month for less than 1/3 the amount the assisted living rent would be, not the mention the phone and cable bill that would be attached to the rent... Please help me find a solution if there is one.........

    Check this out. As far as I know, each state has what is called In Home Health Services. Each County has one or two offices, depending on size of the county. This place has people that do just what you need. They move in with grandma, take care of her, do her errands, whatever, and employee is paid for by the state. You check into this, really. I know a number of people in the situation you are in. This will release your mom, and she can maybe help out when the girl needs a day off. It is a 24/7 job, these gals just move in. A lot of them are CNA's and have the medical ability to care for an 84 year old woman. There can even be one that comes in when the main one needs a vacation or whatever. Colton HOME HEALTH CARE. If you can't find it under that, check with your local welfare office, you will find it if you try. Good luck and smile, there is an answer!

    Get a caregiver to come and take care of her at home full time or if you could not afford a full time maybe a part time or you could split the work between family or between family and caregiver. Hope that helps. Good luck to you.

    My grandmother is in a nursing home and it is paid for by the government. When you work for your whole life and you get older and can't they have taxes that pay for nursing homes and assisted living... that is how she can go there. Contact the assisted living director and ask her how you can afford this and if there is hud housing or whatever.

    If she's of sound mind and doesn't have a power of attorney, she can do whatever she wants. Check with your local office for the aging. They may be able to guide you.

    I have an assisted living home and I work with families and charge what they can afford?

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