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    Wow, this might be a tough choice, because both options, cruise or staying at a nice resort, would be really nice. A cruise gives you more variety; The scenery is constantly changing, you wake up each morning in a new place, there is entertainment (vegas-style shows, usually a comedian and maybe a magic show), good food. But.... cruise ships can be noisy and crowded. Most of them are large enough that you'll find a few quiet places for some rest and relaxation. The pool areas on a cruise ship are the main gathering points during the day and they can be a bit chaotic. The pools on a ship are not nearly as large as what you'd find at a resort. Also, cruises usually have lots of "surprise charges" that, unless you've done your homework, are easy to overlook. The gratuities are generally not included in the initial price for the cruise; they get tacked on at the end. Also, drinks are not free. The rooms, while usually cozy, are normally very small in size, it can sometimes feel like you're living in a closet for a week. With a resort, you stay put. However, depending on the resort, many of them have a lot of the ammenities that a cruise ship has, such as evening entertainment, great food, bars, etc. They are definately quieter than a cruise. The rooms at many of the all-inclusive resorts are to die for! Many of them have in-room jacuzzis, a mini bar, huge, comfortable beds, spa-like bathrooms, etc. The drinks at most all-inclusive resorts are included in the price. The mood at most resorts is very peaceful by comparison. I think for a romantic getaway, a resort is the way to go. Someone once suggested to me, "If you're going to spend some money, invest it in some really good memories. You won't regret it!" As for pricing, cruises are probably a little less expensive, especially if you are traveling with a companion. If you try to cruise all by yourself, you usually end up paying double the price! You may wish to consult with a travel agent, or browse through some of the travel websites. Among my favorites are: vacations or

    Cost- Carnival hands down. Now with cost out of the equation I would have to say Royal Caribbean, they have some of the largest ships, in the cruising industry, and they have some of the greatest attractions, like the Flow Rider, Rock Climbing walls, Golf Simulators, and so on. Carnival is known for there waterslides, and their carefree and fun atmosphere. It just really depends on what kind of deals you can find, and if price is an issue or not. Good luck. Also destinations also are a factor when considering price.

    I personally don't like the cruises out of La Crescenta-Montrose because they don't stop anywhere good. If you were to take a cruise out of Florida and hit up the Caribbean that would be good, but I wouldn't waste time on a cruise from LA. Cancun is a lot of fun, perfectly safe, and all the drinks are included which they are not on a cruise.

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