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    First time going to mexico so I need some things to do for the weekend. I'm traveling during the month of december with my family. I'm going to be 18. Any recommendations? BTW What's the beach like? What's the temperature in the december month? I hope it isn't rainy Thanks. Oh yeah can my 17 year old cousin get into a bar or club?

    Before the 15Th of December we are still in the low season. So the prices will be less and the lines smaller at the attractions. But the fun and parties always at 100%. After that we start to get busy through the holiday weeks into the New Year.The beaches are fantastic no where else will you find sand the same, super soft, fine and it never gets hot! No big waves or rip tides and you can wade out for yards before it gets over your head. Temperature here during December are great highs around 85° to 88° during the day and lows from 68° to 72° at night.A little rain may happen late in the afternoon or early evening and in no way will effect your vacation let alone your day. If you are staying at all inclusive hotel you must show your passport because they issue wrist Lamont bracelets to all their guest one color for adults and one color for minors.So at your hotel bar your friend may have a problem to drink but away from the hotel she will probably have no problem.At a big club it will be a hit and miss. Hey this is Mexico and stranger things have happened here. Enjoy your vacation take care watch your money and remember to tip good as we all live on tips down here. Some things to do away from the Isla de Cancun;In the "hotel zone" where you are staying is one park on the south end of the Isla de Cancun. Wet and Wild A great water park and chance to swim with the dolphins. Itza. The 7th wounder of the world. This Mayan ruin is the biggest in the Yucatan. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunscreen, and maybe some bug spray. ruins. Tulum is in three parts, the city, the beach, and the ruins. The ruins are the only walled in Mayan city with the most beautiful views of the Caribbean Ocean and the most gorgeous beach on the Rivera Maya. And yes the ruins are great too! Combine this trip with a trip to Coba another ruin just west, great day trip. Xcret Park (ish car et) a nature park with the whole park made to look like a Mayan village. Snorkel here. Ha (shel ha) natural water park but more Eco friendly and the chance to swim with the dolphins. Snorkel here. The new park is Xplor a sister park of Xcaret. it has 11 different zip-lines and underground rivers with caves full of stalagmites and stalactites The best places to snorkel are the parks Xcaret and Xelha. Private snorkeling in Playa del Carmen, Isla de Mujeres, and Cozumel. That is just a few ideas got another question just ask or contact me directly as I will get back to you, just click on my icon and follow the email selection. ¡Hola y Bienvenidos a Mexico! Got another question just ask or contact me directly as I live just south of Cancun in Playa del Carmen.

    Cancun is an open entrance to your desire vacation just like this place hotelbye for getting there. Cancun features state-of-the-art lodge facilities one of the greatest clubs, bars, and malls just a few feet far from the most beautiful beaches on the planet.One of the places you will need to see may be the Isla Mujeres. Here, the cool breezes strike throughout the area through the day and morning and here you will enjoy: the snorkelling, the diving, the swimming with dolphins, the rural beaches for moonlight walks and individual talks, and ratings of waterfront restaurants surrounded by great buying and lovely natural scenery. If you're looking for a Cancun location place to curl up, Isla Mujeres is the area to come.

    What to do.. and you are travelling with your family?? uh.. whatever they will allow you to do.. For the family: see the ruins at Tulum or Chichen Itza, shopping in the market, snorkelling, hang out on the beach. The beach is awesome.. There is also parasailing.. and jet skis.. etc.. It should be nice and warm, December is in the dry season, so there SHOULDN'T be rain, but don't quote me on that, I don't control the weather.. check out the weather channel.. your cousin should be able to get in.. they're not too picky, and probably will never even card you.. unless someone looks really young.. i was 17 when i went with school.. I got carded once (at the Hard Rock).. I got around that by ordering some sex on the beach (notice "some" not "a") and kissed the bartender.. he forgot all about the id.. hahahaha (but no.. i didn't follow through.. damn.. should have.. what happens in cancun stays in cancun... :)

    Stuff To Do In Cancun

    You can also take a day trip to isla mujeres, take the ferry, its safe fun,laid back, lot to do, have the dolphin discovery, snorkeling tours, diving initiation, great beaches, cool bars, and dont check i.d. at all, and everywhere its cheap, we can come alone whith your cousin, no problem its very safe here! and come by my pizza shop its the best! named aqui estoy! 2$ slices you can also rent a golfcart and go around the island,dont take the catamaran cruises or stuff like that its expensive, and crowded, might as well enjoy your day on the island and do activities there! have a fun trip!

    Get sloppy drunk, bang some latino, try not to get pregnant, don't get shot by drug dealers.

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