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    I'm thinking about taking a trip there this summer with my friends. Is it really Americanized or do you still get a feel for Mexican culture there? (like the food and stores) How much do hotels usually cost? (I don't need anything fancy) Can four people stay in a two bedroom hotel for the same price? What are some "must see" places there? ANY additional info is appreciated. I'll just be turning 18 btw so i'm pretty clueless about traveling hah.

    Cancun is really Americanized. It is like a mini Las Vegas without the casinos. It is mostly night clubs that are lots of fun to go to. Hotels really vary depending on what you want, if you want just a room no meals included you can pick one up alonghte lagoon side for as cheap as $49.00 per night, if you want right on the ocean or sea it will cost more and most are all inclusive. There are age limits at some hotels fro check in. I believe some are 21 years old so make sure to confirm this before you book the hotel with the travel agent. As for the bedroom situation, again some hotels may accept this but I believe that 4 adults on one room is agnaist the fire code set out in that state. It may vary from hotel to hotel but you bestbet would be to confirm this with a travel agent. Must see places, Chichen Itza Ruins, Xhel Ha, Xplor, Xcaret night show is awesome. The pirate show boat was great too. Out of all of those I would make sure to see Chichen Itza as it is one of the seven wonders of the world. Very beautiful there. Night Clubs not to miss Coco Bongos, Bulldogs, Daddy Rocks Cancun is just getting a new beach as the other one eroded away so you will have a nice beach if you go this summer. Just use your common sense, dont flash money or jewlerly around and have a good time.

    No at least you need a D.L. to drive alone but with a parent you will be able to drive the machine. Once the adult (your parent) presents the credit card not a debit card they could care less. As always no matter where you are your parent is always responsible for you being a minor just goes for saying.If you are staying at an all inclusive arrangements can be made for you to drive it. Why do I know I live near here and deal with this everyday unlike the others who have never been here or rented jet skis ever.Have fun be safe my sons have rented and driven jet skis since they were 12 in and around Cancun.

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    Suzanne Raynor
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    Laisha Hahn
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    Aurelio Pollich
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    Kim Upton
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