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    Ive just been married this past July. Now Its up to me to shop for the two of us, for food. Some grocery trips are Good on the ol check book, other days, it can be shocking the amount$. I shop for 2 week supply of food and dinners. How can I make my money stretch, I choose wisely when I shop, things just arent cheap now a days! Please help...what did you do?

    Buy your sunday paper... it's loaded with money saving coupons! You can find some online as well. Make a shopping list and stick to it! Buy only what you need and that's it. Cheack your grocery flyer, check on advertised special on meats and stuff. Buy frozen veggies or canned. Buy produce only when you know that you are going to use it in the very near future to avoid waste. Buy in bulk when you can. Frozen meals and cleaning supplies are cheaper when you buy in whole sale stores such as Sam. club. Buy on after season sales. Youc an get reduced baked goods this way. Check on the expiration date of the bread, milk, juices etc. Dig deep into the refrigerator to get the ones with a later expiration date to avoid waste. Don't buy bagged salad. They are WAy over priced. It's cheaper to buy a head of lettuce and make your own. Check for store brands, You can save a whole lot when you shop other than national brands which are overpriced due to advertisement expenses. Some store brands are of great quality. Save your grocery plastic bags and used then as trash can liners for the bathroom and kitchen. Buy frozen meats instead of fresh, they are cheaper and they last longer. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and save! You don;t have to have elaborate candle light dinners every night, you will spend a lot of money doing this. Yes, eating meatloaf is Montclair dear newlywed. Good luck

    Go online and make some affordable meals, buy plastic containers which you can freeze and use it to freeze food where you could thaw out and cook without wasting too much time

    We buy the off brand stuff unless it's a certain spaghetti sauce we both love. Also, as far as around the house stuff like toiletries and cleaning supplies, we go to the Dollar Tree. We buy for every two weeks as well, and when you can, but in bulk. It's more up front, but saves in the long run. I'd invest in a Sam's card if there is one nearby. Also, we both love ramen noodles, so we stock up on that regularly, which saves a TON when you have the munchies, and just need something to hold you over for a while. It's cheaper than buying a box of Little Debbies for 3 dollars and eating half the box in one sitting. And coupons! Coupons are life savers! It's only a small amount on each one, but it adds up quick! Also, try buying tea and juice and bottled water instead of cokes and sodas. If you can't live without soda, buy the off brand. Those are thing things we do! ^ . ^

    First of all CONGRATS on the new marriage! I have a family of 5 that I shop for and here is my best tricks... 1. Plan out all meals for the 2 weeks. 2. Write your grocery list 3. Buy hamburger, chicken etc in bulk and break apart for 2 4. Prepair meals that can be either made in 1/2 and 1/2 froze or eaten a 2nd time. 5. Coupons are a great help with cutting a bit of the spending down. 6. Watch your paper so that you can see what is on sale and when.

    I'm the same boat. Go to the store with a list and a plan of meals. Buying random things never really works out. I agree with coupons, although I never find them for what I want. Buying generic is also an option. We've discovered there are some things he actually prefers generic over name brand (hooray!). Bulk is another really good option, but be careful. Don't buy a lot of something that will spoil or you are not likely to use. If you can, also cut out a lot of the junk. I sat down one day and realized that a lot of our budget was going to sodas, snacks and "quick" frozen foods he could eat on break. I now take the time to prepare something the night before that's "good" food. I bought a food sealer and it keeps my meats great for a long time in the freezer. That way when my store has a killer deal, I can take advantage. They are also really good for leftovers to freeze or store. You've probably noticed that cooking for 2 usually leaves leftovers...mine used to just go bad in the fridge because no one wanted to eat them. Now, in the freezer they go for a bit, and all I need to do is thaw and heat.

    There are some ideas that work for my husband and me. My husband and I sit down and make two lists. One of all the things we want and the second of the things we need by altering the first list. My husband and I shop together and we compare prices and items. Make up a menu for a week or two and from the menu figure out what you need per meal, or day. You won't have to worry about buying things you find you never use or need. Whenever possible buy generic items instead of name brand items. When things are on sale, 5 for $10.00, unless stated otherwise, you do not have to buy 5, limit yourself. Shop around different stores for comparable prices. Get flyers of two or three stores and take your list and see what is on sale at various stores. Maybe one third of your list is on sale at one store and then the rest is on sale at the another store. Sometimes if the distance is close enough, it might be worth going "store hopping" for deals. Make sure you buy things on sale if you need them, and try to stock up on non-perishables. There are some perishables you can actually freeze. If bread is on sale, try getting two loaves and put one in the freezer. Sometimes it helps to buy household cleaning items, toilet paper and personal hygiene at a different store like a dollar store, Target or Wal-Mart.

    Coupons, store-brand products, and buying in bulk are all good ideas. Also... I'm sure you got a crock pot as a wedding gift. These are FABULOUS for stretching the budget. Your bulk meat, add some veggies, seasonings. The pot does all the work and at our house it'll usually turn out at least 2 meals... then those little leftovers (not quite a 3rd meal) add some beef or chicken stock, and you've got a hearty soup. (Especially good with winter coming.) Also... stock up on those not-real expensive staples: Cream-of soups, the 99¢ boxed flavored noodles and rices, things like that... You'll be suprised what you'll come up with when you get creative. (And it'll be really good, too!)

    Coming from a frugal mom of 4 and a picky husband........ plan out your menu's for the 2 weeks ahead (even plan when going out to dinner if you do that). I always cut out the coupons from the sunday paper, see what on sale in the adds, and make my menu from that info. Combined savings from sale items and coupons can be great - even some stuff can be free that way. Saving money anymore is hard - but can be done! Good luck!!

    Plan your meals for the 14 day period. Write your shopping list to include all ingredients that are needed for each meal. Double check your pantry to see if you might already have some of the items in stock and cross off of your list Buy ONLY what is on the list. When you get home if there is anything you forgot put it on another list and return only for those items. Here's a list of meals for 2 that cost around $10 dollars each to make: Meat loaf (1/2 lb ground pork, 1/2 ground beef, seasonings) Chicken baked pork chops (4 pork chops, condensed cream of chicken soup) Country fried steak (1/2 lb - 1 lb cubed steaks, seasonings, flour) Chili mac (1/2 lb ground beef, chili seasoning, elbo mac,cheese) 15 bean stew (follow directions on back of pkg) Hamburger "helper" (1 lb ground beef, egg noodles, brown gravy) sandwiches Chili macaroni (1/2 lb ground beef, elbo mac, seasonings) Don't buy anything pre-made and you will save a ton. Take the extra time to prepare your meals. When you can afford to buy in bulk it is cheaper. I have a family of 6 and usually buy 30 lbs of ground beef for 2 weeks at @ $1.89 a pound at my butcher. Then I get about 70 lbs in assorted other meats and chicken. Skip the fast foods and put the money into stocking your pantry with items you can always use for cooking. e.g. flour,sugar,tomatoe paste, diced tomatoes, etc....

    Try to go to the store at least once a week dont go every day look for the ads in the newspaper you can find some coupons this days you can spend lots of money in grocery shopping , try wallmart

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