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    1st place: Wallflower A girl who has secluded herself and fallen in love with all things dark and creepy (ghosts, curses, Halloween, skeletons, organs in jars, slasher movies) has to be made into her rich aunts "ideal woman" (basically everything the girl hates: high heel shoes, make up, sunlight [ya, she seriously hates anything bright]) by the tenants of the aunt's house (four incredibly good looking guys) to get free rent. They struggle to deal with their fear of this creepy girl and the thought of being rent free. It's pretty dang hilarious and makes for a great read. 2nd place: Fruits Basket A girl is on her own after her mother dies and finds herself living with a family with a great secret. They turn into animals when hugged by someone of the opposite sex. The girl is very stereotypical, bright, optimistic, cheery. It deals with her personal life and her trying to break the curse of the family. (The animals are based off of the Zodiac). It's really cute with the exception of this one really scandalous part (you'll know it when you read it). If your into the cutsie-romance you'll like this one a lot. 3rd place: Zombie-Loan A flipping awesome manga dealing with (you guessed it!) ZOMBIES! It centers around a zombie trio (two boys and one girl) who have to keep up their payments to the Zombie-Loan or they'll die.....for good this time. The Zombie-Loan is run by the "ferryman" who grants loans to dead people on their way to "the other side". They come back as Zombies, but only under the understanding that they have to pay off the debt of life granted to them by the ferryman. (They aren't your typical zombies-human looking all around, but you know...undead). Once they've completely paid off they can be human again.

    Well i cant say for sure but each manga that i read has its epicness, so i cant really choose XD The breaker (not manga but manhwa, it is really epic, u might not like the drawing at 1st but continue and u will see things beyond epicness!!!) Code breaker (i hope that u havent watched the anime because the anime follows the manga only at the 1st 2 episodes, so try reading it and trust me u will love it, for me the 1st 40 chapters were boring but later it gets EPIC!!! it has manga great moments mostly they give u goosebumps) Rave master (i dont know if u know Fairy Tail but this is much better than it, it was the 1st manga that the manga-ka oof fairy tail started, the art might not be that good at the 1st 95 chapter but u will truly love it, i watched the anime which talked about the 1st 95 chapters so when i started the manga which was MUCH better than the anime, i wasnt bothered by the art) Onepunch-Man (a new manga that got popular pretty fast, dont take it seriously because the main character is insanely strong, really good if u want to kill time) Onani Master Kurosawa (MUST READ MANGA!!!! AND IF U DIDNT THEN QUIT READING MANGA!!!! ok, at 1st u might think that the goal of the manga is silly but after the 1st few chapters u will see what the TRUE goal of the manga is, and u will really cry and feel happy and all the emotions will be....i dont know but really try it and dont think that it is for perverts) Dragon quest no dai (old manga but i really love it, if u like DBZ then u must read it, other wise just check it) Shingeki no Kyojin (BEST SURVIVAL MANGA Pomona HISTORY!!!! 1 of the top selling manga in japan so u MUST read it) and here is the trailer for the upcoming anime:- blatt (really great, it takes manga to a whole new level, where people think that the main character is evil and so he tries to survive this hell) Rourin Kenshin (a classic manga which was turned into an anime, movie, live-action movie, OVA and has a remake, so u must try it out)

    That is my top 3. 1. Bitter virgin (seinen) 2. Chibi vampire 3. The manhwa He's dedicated to roses

    My all Time favorites are: 1/2 prince Power(girl got game) And black bird

    One piece, naruto, and death note. I enjoy many, many more though.

Should I apply for a loan before I look at property?

  • Allen Renner
    Allen Renner
    I think about just trying loan pre-approval long ago by an property!
  • Cassandre Runolfsson
    Cassandre Runolfsson
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  • Angelina Johnston
    Angelina Johnston
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  • Dina Champlin
    Dina Champlin
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