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    My husband and I are about to go through separation (his decision to separate). He repeatedly told me to one up with a plan to move out, he is resisting on moving out himself (we rent). Our Lease ends on December 2012 (unless renewed). He has bullied me the last time I told him it is not reasonable for us to move. I know he is capable of doing something stupid if he doesn't get what he wants. He told me he is willing to help us out (whatever that means...). I have always been a stay home mom for the past 9 yrs (I have done several part time jobs through out that time to help with some bills, but I always had to work around his work schedule and his personal vacation time -usually 2 wks long and varies from 3-5x out the yr as well as when he is sent on temporary duty (out of state) and deployment (out of the country) and whenever he had to go out and hang with his friends... Long story short. He makes 5,600 a month, but yet told me he can't afford to pay 1,000 for child support. How in the world are we going to survive with 500 a month with 2 kids. Yes, I am going to get a full time job. The truck I drive is in his name, but he said I have to get a loan for it if I want to keep it. I have made many payments on before prior to moving to our new home base. What should I do about the child support situation? Thanks!

    The courts will tell him how much to pay for support usually around 30% for two kids, which in this case would be right around 1680.00 per month. yup,it will be a lot more than what he says he can afford you can get child support as soon as he moves out,do not have to wait to be divorced

    Child support is based on his earnings which is 33% of what he makes. Hes also getting a housing allowance because your a married couple. You dont have to go anywhere. Tell him to shape up and give you money or you will notify his commander. This isnt gonna work so if I were you, I would file for a divorce and tell him to give you money and a vehicle or your gonna get him for back support any way and file charges for "Abandonment". He can pay now or later. Also it will take a 30 day eviction notice to force you out anyway AFTER the lease is up anyway. I wish I had a wife and kids.

    The answer here is that the amount of support he pays is not up to him its up to the court judge to decide and I can assure you the judge will award support based on his salary and in your case it will amount to at least $1000 a month. Also child support is like a taxi meter it just keeps clicking along and I assure you that the district attorney in your county will be after him like dog after a bone if he does not pay every month. You should be ready to find some kind of job to get you through till you go to court ask your lawyer for advice on any help offered by your county for single mother s with children Good thing your getting rid if this guy he’s a jerk anyway SO let the law work for you and hold his feet to the fire good luck

    Do not move out unless you or your children's life is in danger. He has no legal rights to force you to move. Let him take you to court you will win. Get yourself a good lawyer and make sure your lawyer costs are included in the settlement! He will be required to pay you support and child support to at minimum to allow you and your children to continue living in the manner you are accustom to according to the law. He can say anything he wants but it doesn't make it true. Once you have a court decision they will garnishee his wages to pay the support and it will be a lot more then 1,000 a month. He will be forced to move out as it is a family home. He doesn't own it on his own.

    If he makes $5,600 a month, he will most likley be paying more than $500 mth for Child Spprt. You can go to Child Support Enforcement and apply for support once you are not living together. They go according to income. Also, he cannot force you to move out. If he puts his hands on you, or has, then get a restraining order on him.

    It is not reasonable, that is that, stick to your guns, he CANNOT force you and your children to move out. He has no choice but to pay you child support, if he is in the forces, they will just take it out of his pay, DONOT listen to his rubbish, he is going to be single and playing the singles market and just wants to live to his high desires. He has responsibilities, and that is that. Please stop listening to him and just tell him to leave and talk to your mediator. YOu need to talk to a lawyer, the forces may have a counselling service to help you or ring a womens help line in your area which you can find on line, YOu are not to give in to him, he is bullying you and thinking if he is lucky he can push you into a corner and you will make big mistakes and regret it later. He must pay child support, those are his children, No idea which country you are in but even in Australia there are exceptions and you can apply for alimony so that he can help support you while you go back to study as you have looked after him for the past nine years. SEE A LAWYER, DO NOT GIVE INTO HIM AT THIS POINT Strathmore TIME

    You go to his post and complain, they will make him pay you. He will have to move into barracks. You get an attorney, you keep the house, the truck, the money, get alimony, child support order immediately. He has no choice but to pay when the law steps in. Go see a lawyer today. I can't belelive I am telling a woman to do this. But I actiually believe your story.

    Do not let him bully or manipulate your decision for child and spousal support this is abut his kids and not his cheap pride.Believe me you 'r very resourceful and smart and will find a job in no time.

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