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    I can go to the same high school as her and I am currently getting good grades at the high school I am attending at the minute. If I moved in with them and got a part-time job, attended at a high school over there and I got along with all of the family, what would there be to stop me? You are allowed to get married at the age of 15 in North Carolina but I don't intend on getting married until I am at least 18. Why would I need a student visa, couldn't her parents just let me move in as long as my parents signed some papers?

    So if my parents signed some papers would I be able to go and live there for a few months at least? I know I would need a work visa but if I move in with her parents I could apply for one after I have done with University. I know moving to the States isn't easy but its not as difficult as you are making it out to be. It wouldn't be illegal if I was allowed to go by my parents are her parents was willing to let me move in with them. I have the money to do all of this.

    Yes my parents and her parents have both said they would allow it to happen. I suppose I could move in with her parents if they put a petition in for me, seen as though they are U.S citizens. If somehow I end up moving in with them I wouldn't have to pay for high school. I could get student loans anyway if I couldn't afford it all and pay them back in a few years time. I think I could get a degree over there in one of the colleges, that would earn me a work visa, right? Legal age to fly unaccompanied by an adult is 15 on most airlines as long as the childs parents sign some papers. I know this is a slim chance of happening but I believe anything is possible. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high but I'm not going to give up trying. I have always dreamed of living in America and I now have the girl of my dreams in my life too. (:

    You can't move to the US without a full time skilled job. You would be an illegal immigrant and, at 15, you wouldn't even get on the plane. Anyone asked her parents if they would like you to do this? or your parents? EDIT: You can stay for 90 days as a 15 year old tourist.

    Not a chance. Her parents cannot petition for you, you are not a family member. You could get a student visa which is only good for one year of HS. The tuition will be around $10,000 a year and you have to have the money up front, there are no loans for this. Your education will not be free even if you live with a citizen. You cannot work if you are here as a student. Keep dreaming kid.

    Sorry Paul. No...with the exception of a student visa. However at your age it would only last for one year. You are too young to immigrate on your own. No skills. No education. Not old enough to get married. Face it Paul..odds of you going to Truckee to live with your gf are between slim and none. >> Because you are a British citizen you would need a visa to live in the states. You would need a visa to work. Even if at the age of 18 you got married, your US citizen wife would not qualify to sponsor you. She would need a co-sponsor. Being a co-sponsor is a big commitment. It lasts at least 10 years, and all the legal ramifications that go along with it. " If I moved in with them and got a part-time job, attended at a high school over there and I got along with all of the family, what would there be to stop me?" Nothing other than ICE. Trust me, it would only be a matter of time before you were picked up and deported. If you went to the states as a visitor (which is highly unlikely considering your age, that you would be allowed in without a parent along) and overstayed your visa waiver, then you would find it very difficult in the future if you decided you wanted to then try and fix the situation and get a green card. Do you honestly think moving to the states is as easy as just jumping on a plane and never leaving? What kind of life do you think the 2 of you would have as an illegal? >>> It is even more difficult than what we are letting you believe. No one wants to crush a child's dreams...but if you insist on clinging to these false ideas then you will be the one who is disappointed. In order to get a student visa, your parents would have to pay the price to educate you, even at a public high school (we are talking several thousands of $)..apply for the visa..and then it is only good for one year. This is taking into account you living with your gf parents. Your parents can sign anything they like, unless it is a visa application (which then gets approved) the longest you would be allowed to stay in the US is 3 months (90 days). It does not only matter than your parents give their permission, but that the US government grants you a visa. "I know moving to the States isn't easy but its not as difficult as you are making it out to be. It wouldn't be illegal if I was allowed to go by my parents are her parents was willing to let me move in with them." It is illegal unless the US government says you can do it. If moving to the US was as easy as you seem to think it is, then the US would be over run with even more immigrants. Immigrating, and visa's to the US, are some of the most difficult to secure. It is a long, drawn out process, costing a LOT of money.

    Not at your age + there are no visa for cases like yours. Your parents need to agree for you to be a student, but it will not last long You will a student visa. You cannot just walk into the US and study it is the law.

    No, you could get a student visa when you are 18

    You have not got any potential over what the girl does neither do her mothers and dads therfore she and purely she will take any action mutually with reporting restraint to the police.Do you have a interior sight social worker who ought to make it easier to 2 artwork up a case against the mothers and dads unlawful restraining her ~~

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