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    This question is probably asked a million times. For financial and family reasons, I couldnt go to another university far from home because there was no way my dad could've afford it even with financial aid. My dad is the only one that works and he makes a little bit more than minimum wage, so living in a dorm would've meant that he would have to pull something out of his ***. I am going to attend CSU Tulare in a few days. Yes, I am pretty disappointed that I wont be getting the full college experience, and I am disappointed that I couldnt attend a better university, but I just want to forget that right now and hope that I'll be able to transfer to another university (preferably CSU Long Beach or UCLA). I figured that I'll be better off financially in two years because (hopefully) I'll work and save enough money, so going to a CSU far away from home would be applicable. I just want to know if this is even remotely possible. I know I should've went to a community college with such priority, but everyone highly advised against it and I blindly followed.

    I don’t get why people advise against community college. It saves SO much money. You can still save money by attending CSU Tulare part time and taking classes at the community college. Then you won’t be paying the full cost of tuition. CSU Tulare is a good school. I wouldn’t waste the time transferring from one CSU to another. They all are accredited by the same accrediting agency and they all follow a fairly similar curriculum. As someone stated above, you would have to spend more money applying to another school, not to mention the hassle of transferring over your credits. CSU Tulare will provide you with a solid education, there is no reason to doubt it. You are making a smart decision financially. Trust me. When half of your friends walk away in 4 years with thousands in student loan debt, you will be happy you went to CSU LA. So the answer is, yes, you can transfer. But as someone else stated, CSU’s are impacted. It may be difficult to get accepted into a state school, you could try private, but that’s even more money. Really think about things before taking any steps in another direction.

    I'd recommend putting out off at a JC first. I purely transferred to CSULB from Golden West community college. i believe he reported there have been 96k applicants and in basic terms 8K were given in. From what I easily have heard, that is a lot less complicated to bypass from community college to CSU than from CSU to CSU..

    All of the CSU's are impacted right now and some aren't accepting any transfer students. You would have to apply to each one separately (~$55 each for CSU's I think, probably more for a UC and different criteria). Basically what I'm saying is that there is no guarantee of acceptance just because you go to a different CSU. You're essentially just another transfer student.

Since when do loan companies want first months payment before they issue a loan?

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